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Darts Player Profile

Phil 'The Power' Taylor [ENG]

Right Handed  26g Unicorn

DoB: 1960-08-13
Born: Burslem
Lives: Stoke on Trent

Needs no introduction. Perennial World Champion and greatest ever player



Current Year0000   
Previous Year0000   

PDC World Championship2015Runner UpIndividual
World Matchplay2014WinnerIndividual
World Series of Darts2014WinnerIndividual
World Series of Darts2014WinnerIndividual
Grand Slam of Darts2014WinnerIndividual
PDC European Tour2014WinnerIndividual
Players Championship2014Runner UpIndividual
Players Championship2014WinnerIndividual
UK Open Qualifier2014WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship2013WinnerIndividual
Championship League Darts Finals2013WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2013WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Finals2013Runner UpIndividual
UK Open Finals2013WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix2013WinnerIndividual
Grand Slam of Darts2013WinnerIndividual
PDC European Tour2013WinnerIndividual
Championship League Darts Finals2012WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2012WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Finals2012WinnerIndividual
UK Open Finals2012Runner UpIndividual
PDC European Tour2012WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK2012WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK2012Runner UpIndividual
Players Championship UK2012Runner UpIndividual
Players Championship UK2012Runner UpIndividual
UK Open Qualifier2012WinnerIndividual
UK Open Qualifier2012WinnerIndividual
Championship League Darts Finals2011WinnerIndividual
European Championship2011WinnerIndividual
International Masters2011WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2011WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix2011WinnerIndividual
Grand Slam of Darts2011WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Austria2011Runner UpIndividual
Players Championship Ireland2011WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Ireland2011Runner UpIndividual
Players Championship UK2011WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK2011WinnerIndividual
UK Open Qualifier2011Runner UpIndividual
UK Open Qualifier2011WinnerIndividual
UK Open Qualifier2011Runner UpIndividual
UK Open Qualifier2011WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship2010WinnerIndividual
Championship League Darts Finals2010Runner UpIndividual
European Championship2010WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2010WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Finals2010WinnerIndividual
UK Open Finals2010WinnerIndividual
World Cricket Championship2010WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Austria2010WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK2010WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK2010WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK2010WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK2010Runner UpIndividual
US Open Players Championship2010WinnerIndividual
UK Open Qualifier2010WinnerIndividual
UK Open Qualifier2010WinnerIndividual
UK Open Qualifier2010Runner UpIndividual
PDC World Championship2009WinnerIndividual
Championship League Darts Finals2009Runner UpIndividual
Las Vegas Desert Classic2009WinnerIndividual
European Championship2009WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2009WinnerIndividual
UK Open Finals2009WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix2009WinnerIndividual
Grand Slam of Darts2009WinnerIndividual
German Darts Championship2009WinnerIndividual
Irish Masters2009WinnerIndividual
John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic2009WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Germany2009WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Germany2009WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Gibraltar2009WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Gibraltar2009WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Ireland2009WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK Midlands2009Runner UpIndividual
Players Championship Holland2009WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Holland2009WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK South2009WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Las Vegas2009Runner UpIndividual
UK Open Midlands Regional Final2009WinnerIndividual
UK Open Southern Regional Final2009WinnerIndividual
UK Open South-West Regional Final2009WinnerIndividual
Championship League Darts Finals2008WinnerIndividual
Las Vegas Desert Classic2008WinnerIndividual
European Championship2008WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2008WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Finals2008WinnerIndividual
US Open2008WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix2008WinnerIndividual
Grand Slam of Darts2008WinnerIndividual
German Darts Championship2008Runner UpIndividual
Antwerp Darts Trophy2008WinnerIndividual
Bobby Bourn Memorial Trophy2008WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Germany2008WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Germany2008WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Ireland2008WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK Midlands2008WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Holland2008WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Holland2008WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK South2008WinnerIndividual
Players Championship UK South West2008WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Las Vegas2008WinnerIndividual
UK Open Midlands Regional Final2008WinnerIndividual
UK Open North-West Regional Final2008WinnerIndividual
UK Open Southern Regional Final2008Runner UpIndividual
PDC World Championship2007Runner UpIndividual
US Open2007WinnerIndividual
World Darts Trophy2007Runner UpIndividual
Grand Slam of Darts2007WinnerIndividual
German Darts Championship2007WinnerIndividual
Bobby Bourn Memorial Trophy2007WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Ireland2007WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Holland2007WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Holland2007WinnerIndividual
UK Open Southern Regional Final2007WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship2006WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2006WinnerIndividual
World Darts Trophy2006WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix2006WinnerIndividual
World Series of Darts2006WinnerIndividual
Bobby Bourn Memorial Trophy2006WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Ireland2006WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Holland2006Runner UpIndividual
Players Championship Wales2006WinnerIndividual
UK Open Welsh Regional Final2006WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship2005WinnerIndividual
Las Vegas Desert Classic2005WinnerIndividual
Masters of Darts2005WinnerIndividual
UK Open Finals2005WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix2005WinnerIndividual
Bobby Bourn Memorial Trophy2005WinnerIndividual
Ireland Open Classic2005WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Ireland2005WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Holland2005WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Holland2005WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Wales2005WinnerIndividual
UK Open Welsh Regional Final2005Runner UpIndividual
PDC World Championship2004WinnerIndividual
Las Vegas Desert Classic2004WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2004WinnerIndividual
Bobby Bourn Memorial Trophy2004WinnerIndividual
Ireland Open Classic2004WinnerIndividual
Players Championship Ireland2004Runner UpIndividual
UK Open Irish Regional Final2004WinnerIndividual
UK Open Welsh Regional Final2004WinnerIndividual
China Telecom Cup2004WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship2003Runner UpIndividual
World Matchplay2003WinnerIndividual
UK Open Finals2003WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix2003WinnerIndividual
Bobby Bourn Memorial Trophy2003WinnerIndividual
UK Open North-East Regional Final2003Runner UpIndividual
UK Open Southern Regional Final2003WinnerIndividual
North American Cup2003WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship2002WinnerIndividual
Las Vegas Desert Classic2002WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2002WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix2002WinnerIndividual
UK Open Irish Regional Final2002WinnerIndividual
UK Open Welsh Regional Final2002WinnerIndividual
North American Cup2002WinnerIndividual
Montreal Open2002WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship2001WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2001WinnerIndividual
North American Cup2001WinnerIndividual
Montreal Open2001WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship2000WinnerIndividual
World Matchplay2000WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix2000WinnerIndividual
North American Cup2000WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship1999WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix1999WinnerIndividual
Scania Open1999Runner UpIndividual
Jersey Festival of Darts1999WinnerIndividual
North American Cup1999Runner UpIndividual
PDC World Championship1998WinnerIndividual
World Grand Prix1998WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship1997WinnerIndividual
News Of The World1997WinnerIndividual
Antwerp Open1997WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship1996WinnerIndividual
News Of The World1996WinnerIndividual
WDC UK Matchplay1996WinnerIndividual
Sun Parcs Masters1996WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship1995WinnerIndividual
PDC World Championship1994Runner UpIndividual
Samson Darts Classic1993Runner UpIndividual
Berlin Open1993WinnerIndividual
BDO World Championship1992WinnerIndividual
Europe Cup1992WinnerIndividual
British Matchplay1991Runner UpIndividual
Winmau World Masters1991Runner UpIndividual
British Pentathlon1991WinnerIndividual
BDO World Championship1990WinnerIndividual
Europe Cup1990WinnerIndividual
Winmau World Masters1990WinnerIndividual
British Pentathlon1990WinnerIndividual
Jersey Open1990WinnerIndividual
Finland Open1990WinnerIndividual

CompYearRoundPlayer 1  Player 2
PDC World Championship2015FinalGary Anderson76Phil Taylor
PDC World Championship2015Semi FinalPhil Taylor62Raymond van Barneveld
PDC World Championship2015Quarter FinalPhil Taylor53Vincent van der Voort
PDC World Championship2015Last 16Phil Taylor43Kim Huybrechts
PDC World Championship2015Last 32Phil Taylor40Mark Webster
PDC World Championship2015Last 64Phil Taylor30Jyhan Artut
Players Championship Finals2014Quarter FinalGary Anderson106Phil Taylor
Players Championship Finals2014Last 16Mervyn King710Phil Taylor
Players Championship Finals2014Last 32Phil Taylor62Ronnie Baxter
Grand Slam of Darts2014FinalDave Chisnall1316Phil Taylor
Grand Slam of Darts2014Semi FinalPhil Taylor169Mervyn King
Grand Slam of Darts2014Quarter FinalPhil Taylor163Michael Smith
Grand Slam of Darts2014Last 16Phil Taylor104Peter Wright
Grand Slam of Darts2014Group StagePhil Taylor53Andy Hamilton
Grand Slam of Darts2014Group StagePhil Taylor51Christian Kist
Grand Slam of Darts2014Group StagePhil Taylor50Richie George
European Championship2014Last 16Phil Taylor910Stephen Bunting
European Championship2014Last 32Phil Taylor62Steve Beaton
World Grand Prix2014Quarter FinalPhil Taylor13James Wade
World Grand Prix2014Last 16Phil Taylor31Andrew Gilding
World Grand Prix2014Last 32Phil Taylor20Steve Beaton
Players Championship2014Last 128Phil Taylor61Jay Foreman
Players Championship2014Last 64Phil Taylor61Brian Woods
Players Championship2014Last 32Phil Taylor65Mark Webster
Players Championship2014Last 16Darren Webster60Phil Taylor
World Series of Darts2014Last 16Phil Taylor62Paul Nicholson
World Series of Darts2014Quarter FinalPhil Taylor82Dave Chisnall
World Series of Darts2014Semi FinalPhil Taylor104Kyle Anderson
World Series of Darts2014FinalPhil Taylor113Stephen Bunting
World Series of Darts2014Last 16Phil Taylor64David Platt
World Series of Darts2014Quarter FinalPhil Taylor84Raymond van Barneveld
World Series of Darts2014Semi FinalPhil Taylor104Dave Chisnall
World Series of Darts2014FinalPhil Taylor119Michael van Gerwen
World Series of Darts2014Quarter FinalDave Chisnall106Phil Taylor
World Matchplay2014FinalMichael van Gerwen918Phil Taylor
World Matchplay2014Semi FinalPhil Taylor1715Gary Anderson
World Matchplay2014Quarter FinalPhil Taylor166Wes Newton
World Matchplay2014Last 16Phil Taylor136Michael Smith
World Matchplay2014Last 32Phil Taylor104Darren Webster
PDC European Tour2014Last 32Michael Smith64Phil Taylor
PDC European Tour2014Last 32Phil Taylor63Alex Roy
PDC European Tour2014Last 16Phil Taylor63Simon Whitlock
PDC European Tour2014Quarter FinalJamie Caven65Phil Taylor
PDC World Cup of Darts2014Semi Final SubPhil Taylor41Simon Whitlock
PDC World Cup of Darts2014Final SubMichael van Gerwen40Phil Taylor
PDC World Cup of Darts2014Last 16 SubPhil Taylor41Larry Butler
PDC World Cup of Darts2014Quarter Final SubPhil Taylor43Devon Petersen
World Series of Darts2014Quarter FinalPeter Wright105Phil Taylor
Premier League Darts2014Semi FinalRaymond van Barneveld85Phil Taylor
Premier League Darts2014Group StageRobert Thornton57Phil Taylor

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