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Jamie Atkins





Current Year210150.00  
Previous Year321301940.63  


CompYearRoundPlayer 1  Player 2
PDC Qualifying School2014Last 64Lewis McGurn53Jamie Atkins
PDC Qualifying School2014Round TwoJamie Atkins54Mark Frost
Grand Slam of Darts Wild Card Qualifier2013Preliminary RoundJamie Atkins40Andrew Howarth
Grand Slam of Darts Wild Card Qualifier2013Last 128Ricky Sudale43Jamie Atkins
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Shaun Griffiths42Jamie Atkins
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Jamie Atkins41Chris Millward
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Ricky Evans43Jamie Atkins
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Nathan Derry42Jamie Atkins
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Jamie Atkins41Sam Hill
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 32Max Hopp40Jamie Atkins
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Jamie Atkins42Luis Barberan
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Jamie Atkins40Brandonn Monk
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Jamie Atkins41Cain Unwin
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Alan Bell41Jamie Atkins
UK Open Qualifier2013Preliminary RoundJamie Atkins65Par Riihonen
UK Open Qualifier2013Last 128Andy Parsons62Jamie Atkins
UK Open Qualifier2013Preliminary RoundColin Lloyd62Jamie Atkins
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Jamie Atkins43Luke Cheevers
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Shaun Griffiths43Jamie Atkins
PDC Youth Tour2013Preliminary RoundJamie Atkins40Joe Harrison
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 32Chris Aubrey43Jamie Atkins
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Jamie Atkins41John Bryan
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 32Sam Hewson43Jamie Atkins
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Jamie Atkins42Ben Songhurst
UK Open Qualifier2013Preliminary RoundMervyn King65Jamie Atkins
UK Open Qualifier2013Preliminary RoundCo Stompe63Jamie Atkins
UK Open Qualifier2013Preliminary RoundJamie Atkins61Jerry Hendriks
UK Open Qualifier2013Last 128Darren Webster63Jamie Atkins
UK Open Qualifier2013Preliminary RoundStephen Hardy64Jamie Atkins
UK Open Qualifier2013Preliminary RoundJamie Lewis64Jamie Atkins
UK Open Qualifier2013Last 128John Part62Jamie Atkins
UK Open Qualifier2013Preliminary RoundJamie Atkins61Toon Greebe
PDC Qualifying School2013Last 64Martyn Turner64Jamie Atkins
PDC Qualifying School2013Last 64Mick Taylor65Jamie Atkins
PDC World Championship Qualifier2012Last 16Roland Scholten54Jamie Atkins
PDC World Championship Qualifier2012Last 32Jamie Atkins53Tony West
PDC World Championship Qualifier2012Last 64Jamie Atkins52Daniel Day
PDC World Championship Qualifier2012Last 128Jamie Atkins50Matthew Tedstone
Players Championship UK2012Last 128Joe Palfreyman64Jamie Atkins
Players Championship UK2012Last 128Scott Coleman65Jamie Atkins
Winmau World Masters2012Round FourPaul Brown32Jamie Atkins
Winmau World Masters2012Round ThreeJamie Atkins32Jay Foreman
Winmau World Masters2012Round TwoJamie Atkins31Joe Chaney
Winmau World Masters2012Round OneJamie Atkins30Andrew Dempsey
Lakeside World Pro International Play-offs2012Last 128Jamie Atkins21Jay Foreman
Lakeside World Pro International Play-offs2012Last 64Bob Phillips21Jamie Atkins
PDC Qualifying School2012Preliminary RoundJamie Atkins60Steven Degville
PDC Qualifying School2012Last 64Matthew Dicken63Jamie Atkins
PDC Qualifying School2012Last 128Jamie Atkins64James Thompson
PDC Qualifying School2012Preliminary RoundJamie Atkins63Gary Eastwood

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