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Darts Player Profile

Brandon Walsh [ENG]

Right Handed 

DoB: 1993-01-01
Born: Doncaster
Lives: Doncaster

2011 UK Open Speedy Hire Qualifier



Current Year21801338.10  
Previous Year582902950.00  


CompYearRoundPlayer 1  Player 2
PDC World Youth Championship2014Last 32Brandon Walsh64George Killington
PDC World Youth Championship2014Last 16Dirk van Duijvenbode61Brandon Walsh
PDC World Youth Championship2014Last 64Brandon Walsh64Sean Ryan
PDC Challenge Tour2014Last 128Aden Kirk53Brandon Walsh
PDC Challenge Tour2014Last 128Steve Lippett51Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2014Last 128Brandon Walsh41Ben Songhurst
PDC Youth Tour2014Last 64Dirk van Duijvenbode43Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2014Last 128Adam Hunt42Brandon Walsh
PDC Challenge Tour2014Last 128Matthew Edgar50Brandon Walsh
PDC Challenge Tour2014Preliminary RoundJohn Brammeld54Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2014Last 128Keegan Brown40Brandon Walsh
UK Open Qualifier2014Last 128Kyle Anderson62Brandon Walsh
UK Open Qualifier2014Last 128Brandon Walsh65John Part
UK Open Qualifier2014Last 64Antonio Alcinas65Brandon Walsh
PDC Qualifying School2014Last 128Brandon Walsh53David Murphy
PDC Qualifying School2014Last 64Brandon Walsh52Joe Lacey
PDC Qualifying School2014Last 32Vernon Shepherd51Brandon Walsh
PDC Qualifying School2014Last 32Tony Newell52Brandon Walsh
PDC Qualifying School2014Last 64Brandon Walsh53Leon de Geus
PDC Qualifying School2014Last 128Brandon Walsh50Alex Low
PDC Qualifying School2014Last 128Colin Fowler54Brandon Walsh
PDC World Championship Qualifier2013Last 128Brandon Walsh52Darren Whittingham
PDC World Championship Qualifier2013Last 64Peter Hudson54Brandon Walsh
Players Championship UK2013Last 128Gary Anderson61Brandon Walsh
Players Championship UK2013Last 16Dave Chisnall63Brandon Walsh
Players Championship UK2013Last 32Brandon Walsh65Connie Finnan
Players Championship UK2013Last 64Brandon Walsh64Andy Hamilton
Players Championship UK2013Last 128Brandon Walsh64Bernd Roith
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Brandon Walsh41Billy Holmes
PDC Youth Tour2013Quarter FinalRoss Smith41Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 32Brandon Walsh43Lewis McGurn
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 16Brandon Walsh43Josh Payne
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Josh Payne42Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Dan Read40Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Ross Smith42Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Brandon Walsh42Gareth Thomas
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 32Sam Hewson40Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Arron Fairweather42Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Nick Adamson41Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Ben Songhurst41Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Jake Patchett41Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Lewis McGurn41Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Brandon Walsh40Sam Hamilton
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Brandon Walsh41Frankie Ansell
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 32Graham Hall41Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Brandon Walsh43Chris Aubrey
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 64Craig Simpson43Brandon Walsh
PDC Youth Tour2013Last 128Brandon Walsh41James Young
PDC European Tour UK Qualifier2013Round OneAndy Jenkins62Brandon Walsh
UK Open Qualifier2013Last 128Sam Hill63Brandon Walsh

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