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Darts Results - Players Championship Ireland

Year:   Comp:   Leg:   Gender:    

Date: 03/10/2010

PDC status: ProEuro

RNDChk %180s140s100sAvePlayer 1  Player 2Ave100s140s180sChk %H2H
F0.00000Jamie Caven65Ronnie Baxter00000.0H2H
SF0.00000Ronnie Baxter62Steve Beaton00000.0H2H
SF0.00000Jamie Caven64Michael Mansell00000.0H2H
QF0.00000Ronnie Baxter62Tony Eccles00000.0H2H
QF0.00000Steve Beaton64Wayne Jones00000.0H2H
QF0.00000Jamie Caven61Jelle Klaasen00000.0H2H
QF0.00000Michael Mansell61Dennis Smith00000.0H2H
L160.00000Ronnie Baxter65Robert Thornton00000.0H2H
L160.00000Tony Eccles61Barrie Bates00000.0H2H
L160.00000Wayne Jones64Mark Webster00000.0H2H
L160.00000Steve Beaton65Mark Hylton00000.0H2H
L160.00000Jelle Klaasen62Mervyn King00000.0H2H
L160.00000Jamie Caven61Paul Nicholson00000.0H2H
L160.00000Michael Mansell61Denis Ovens00000.0H2H
L160.00000Dennis Smith62Ian White00000.0H2H
L320.00000Robert Thornton65Simon Whitlock00000.0H2H
L320.00000Ronnie Baxter65Alan Tabern00000.0H2H
L320.00000Tony Eccles64Adrian Lewis00000.0H2H
L320.00000Barrie Bates61Mark Walsh00000.0H2H
L320.00000Mark Webster63James Wade00000.0H2H
L320.00000Wayne Jones65Kevin Painter00000.0H2H
L320.00000Mark Hylton65Gary Anderson00000.0H2H
L320.00000Steve Beaton65Co Stompe00000.0H2H
L320.00000Jelle Klaasen65Colin Lloyd00000.0H2H
L320.00000Mervyn King63Andy Smith00000.0H2H
L320.00000Jamie Caven65Terry Jenkins00000.0H2H
L320.00000Paul Nicholson63Peter Hudson00000.0H2H
L320.00000Michael Mansell64Vincent van der Voort00000.0H2H
L320.00000Denis Ovens62Dennis Priestley00000.0H2H
L320.00000Ian White64Wes Newton00000.0H2H
L320.00000Dennis Smith63Colin Osborne00000.0H2H
L640.00000Simon Whitlock65Justin Pipe00000.0H2H
L640.00000Robert Thornton61Aodhagan O Neill00000.0H2H
L640.00000Ronnie Baxter65Peter Manley00000.0H2H
L640.00000Alan Tabern61Paul Rowley00000.0H2H
L640.00000Adrian Lewis64Nigel Heydon00000.0H2H
L640.00000Tony Eccles61Martyn Turner00000.0H2H
L640.00000Mark Walsh62Nick Fullwell00000.0H2H
L640.00000Barrie Bates60Ian McFarlane00000.0H2H
L640.00000James Wade61Matt Clark00000.0H2H
L640.00000Mark Webster61Dave Ladley00000.0H2H
L640.00000Wayne Jones61Wayne Mardle00000.0H2H
L640.00000Kevin Painter63Dennis McCarthy00000.0H2H
L640.00000Gary Anderson60Dylan Duo00000.0H2H
L640.00000Mark Hylton65Alex Roy00000.0H2H
L640.00000Steve Beaton62Andy Jenkins00000.0H2H
L640.00000Co Stompe62Andy Relf00000.0H2H
L640.00000Colin Lloyd61Darren Johnson00000.0H2H
L640.00000Jelle Klaasen64Gary Eastwood00000.0H2H
L640.00000Mervyn King61Kevin Dowling00000.0H2H
L640.00000Andy Smith65Kirk Shepherd00000.0H2H
L640.00000Jamie Caven62Colin Monk00000.0H2H
L640.00000Terry Jenkins63William O Connor00000.0H2H
L640.00000Peter Hudson62Andy Hamilton00000.0H2H
L640.00000Paul Nicholson62David Coyne00000.0H2H
L640.00000Vincent van der Voort61Tony Randell00000.0H2H
L640.00000Michael Mansell64Brendan Dolan00000.0H2H
L640.00000Denis Ovens62Mick McGowan00000.0H2H
L640.00000Dennis Priestley64Mark Jodrill00000.0H2H
L640.00000Wes Newton62John Magowan00000.0H2H
L640.00000Ian White65Steve Farmer00000.0H2H
L640.00000Colin Osborne63John Part00000.0H2H
L640.00000Dennis Smith60Mark Dudbridge00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Simon Whitlock10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Justin Pipe62Stephen Hardy00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Robert Thornton65Steve Maish00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Aodhagan O Neill63Adrian Gray00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Ronnie Baxter10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Peter Manley60Jim McKevitt00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Alan Tabern10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Paul Rowley63Geoff Whitworth00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Adrian Lewis10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Nigel Heydon65Kevin McDine00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Martyn Turner64Steve Brown00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Tony Eccles63Tony Ayres00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Mark Walsh10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Nick Fullwell64Chris Thompson00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Barrie Bates60Matt Padgett00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Ian McFarlane64Joe Cullen00000.0H2H
L1280.00000James Wade10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Matt Clark63Steve Evans00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Mark Webster64Roland Scholten00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Dave Ladley60Michael Roberts00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Wayne Jones10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Wayne Mardle63Peter Wright00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Kevin Painter10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Dennis McCarthy65Louis Blundell00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Gary Anderson10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Dylan Duo61Jon Archer00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Mark Hylton62Michael van Gerwen00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Alex Roy61Thomas McGrath00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Steve Beaton10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Andy Jenkins61Steve Hine00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Co Stompe10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Andy Relf64Robbie Newland00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Colin Lloyd10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Darren Johnson63Richie Burnett00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Jelle Klaasen65Chris Iedema00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Gary Eastwood65Paul Williams00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Mervyn King10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Kevin Dowling60Henry Zapata00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Andy Smith10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Kirk Shepherd65Arron Monk00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Jamie Caven10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Colin Monk63Michael Rosenauer00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Terry Jenkins62Mark Lawrence00000.0H2H
L1280.00000William O Connor63Simon Burt00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Andy Hamilton10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Peter Hudson62Wayne Atwood00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Paul Nicholson10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000David Coyne65Mareno Michels00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Vincent van der Voort10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Tony Randell64Andy Pearce00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Brendan Dolan65Michael Barnard00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Michael Mansell63Mark Frost00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Denis Ovens10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Mick McGowan62Glen Fitzpatrick00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Dennis Priestley10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Mark Jodrill62Par Riihonen00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Wes Newton10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000John Magowan65Nigel Birch00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Steve Farmer62Felix McBrearty00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Ian White63Steve Grubb00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Colin Osborne10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000John Part60Ali Powell00000.0H2H
L1280.00000Mark Dudbridge10Dummy Player00000.0
L1280.00000Dennis Smith64Scott Rand00000.0H2H

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