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Darts Results - Winmau Winmau World Masters

Year:   Comp:   Leg:   Gender:    

Date: 04/12/1984
Rainbow Suite, Kensington

BDO status: Major
Televised by BBC

RNDChk %180s140s100sAvePlayer 1  Player 2Ave100s140s180sChk %H2H
F0.00000Eric Bristow10Keith Deller00000.0H2H
SF0.00000Keith Deller10John Walls00000.0H2H
SF0.00000Eric Bristow10Freddy Mcmullen00000.0H2H
QF0.00000Eric Bristow10Steve Brennan00000.0H2H
QF0.00000Fred McMullan10Alan Evans00000.0H2H
QF0.00000John Walls10Terry O Dea00000.0H2H
QF0.00000Keith Deller10Dave Lee00000.0H2H
L160.00000Eric Bristow10Ceri Morgan00000.0H2H
L160.00000Steve Brennan10Bob Anderson00000.0H2H
L160.00000Alan Evans10Dennis Hickling00000.0H2H
L160.00000Fred McMullan10Jocky Wilson00000.0H2H
L160.00000Terry O Dea10Robert MacKenzie00000.0H2H
L160.00000John Walls10Sven Arne hjelmeland00000.0H2H
L160.00000Keith Deller10John Lowe00000.0H2H
L160.00000Dave Lee10Nicky Virachkul00000.0H2H
L320.00000Ceri Morgan10Horrie Sedden00000.0H2H
L320.00000Eric Bristow10Gordon Bond00000.0H2H
L320.00000Bob Anderson10Gerry Haywood00000.0H2H
L320.00000Steve Brennan10Peter Locke00000.0H2H
L320.00000Alan Evans10Bobby George00000.0H2H
L320.00000Dennis Hickling10Dave Whitcombe00000.0H2H
L320.00000Fred McMullan10Nicky Skinner00000.0H2H
L320.00000Jocky Wilson10Dan Valletto00000.0H2H
L320.00000Keith Deller10John Joe O Shea00000.0H2H
L320.00000John Lowe10Steve Beaton00000.0H2H
L320.00000Nicky Virachkul10Brian Mckay00000.0H2H
L320.00000Dave Lee10Bob Sinnaeve00000.0H2H
L320.00000Terry O Dea10Tony Martin00000.0H2H
L320.00000Robert MacKenzie10Raymond Rodgers00000.0H2H
L320.00000John Walls10Lars Erik Karlsson00000.0H2H
L320.00000Svein Arne Hjelmeland10Mike Gregory00000.0H2H
L640.00000Frank Palko21Andy Hayfield00000.0H2H
L640.00000Lief orling10Dave Whitcombe00000.0H2H
L640.00000Bob Anderson20Christer Pilblad00000.0H2H
L640.00000Graham Short21Brian Lashbrook00000.0H2H
L640.00000Keith Deller21Rick Daniels00000.0H2H
L640.00000Owen Thomas21David Miller00000.0H2H
L640.00000Dave Lee20Malcolm Davies00000.0H2H
L640.00000David paterson21Russell Stewart00000.0H2H
L640.00000Steve Brennan20Colin Rice00000.0H2H
L640.00000Jeffrey Thomas20Stefan Lord00000.0H2H
L640.00000Richard Drolet10Dummy Player00000.0
L640.00000Terry O Dea10Dummy Player00000.0
L640.00000Jocky Wilson20Anders Janssen00000.0H2H
L640.00000Eugene McDermott20Erik Christiansen00000.0H2H
L640.00000Luc Marreel21Kexi Heinaharju00000.0H2H
L640.00000Mike Gregory20Jamie Harvey00000.0H2H
L640.00000Tom Mccrae21Cliff Lazarenko00000.0H2H
L640.00000Bob Sinnaeve21Seamus O Brien00000.0H2H
L640.00000Daniel Serie21Tim Stedman00000.0H2H
L640.00000Peter Chandler20Nicky Virachkul00000.0H2H
L640.00000John Lowe20Tony Genovese00000.0H2H
L640.00000Gustaff Demeulemeester20Gordon Bond00000.0H2H
L640.00000Ceri Morgan21Stuart Wilson00000.0H2H
L640.00000Davy Rock21Steve Hutchinson00000.0H2H
L640.00000Bobby George20Charles ghiller00000.0H2H
L640.00000Arnie Bunn20Akio Esaka00000.0H2H
L640.00000Roy Baillie21Tony Brown00000.0H2H
L640.00000Alex Mackinnon21Paul Lim00000.0H2H
L640.00000Eric Bristow20Sean Crowley00000.0H2H
L640.00000Alan Towe20Peter Wilson00000.0H2H
L640.00000Kenneth Crook21David Kelly00000.0H2H
L640.00000John Joe O Shea10Danny O Neill00000.0H2H
R10.00000Frank Palko20Jean Marc gaupier00000.0H2H
R10.00000Andy Hayfield20Siegfried Vogel00000.0H2H
R10.00000Dave Whitcombe20Kieran Matthews00000.0H2H
R10.00000Lief orling20Jack McKenna00000.0H2H
R10.00000Graham Short20Patrick Cochepin00000.0H2H
R10.00000Brian Lashbrook21Jorgen Rasmussen00000.0H2H
R10.00000Bob Anderson20Felix Degen00000.0H2H
R10.00000Christer Pilblad20William Kikubaire00000.0H2H
R10.00000Owen Thomas21Arto limunen00000.0H2H
R10.00000David Miller20Ron Bayliss00000.0H2H
R10.00000Keith Deller20Jean-Luc Leclerq00000.0H2H
R10.00000Rick Daniels20Antonia Jose ordone00000.0H2H
R10.00000Dave Lee20Dave Stockman00000.0H2H
R10.00000Malcolm Davies20Taisto Piiroinen00000.0H2H
R10.00000Russell Stewart20Seppo Saarinen00000.0H2H
R10.00000David paterson20Pieter Kessels00000.0H2H
R10.00000Steve Brennan20S.k. Krisnan00000.0H2H
R10.00000Colin Rice20William Hanley00000.0H2H
R10.00000Stefan Lord20t. Scehnderlein00000.0H2H
R10.00000Jeffrey Thomas20John Opio00000.0H2H
R10.00000Richard Drolet21Ronald Beach00000.0H2H
R10.00000Jimmy Duncan20Klaus bucher00000.0H2H
R10.00000Terry O Dea20Uffe Broner00000.0H2H
R10.00000Erik Christiansen21Tony Holyoake00000.0H2H
R10.00000Anders jansson20Sabina Orrit-alcaraz00000.0H2H
R10.00000Jocky Wilson20Ellis Elsevyf00000.0H2H
R10.00000Eugene McDermott20Claude Solioz00000.0H2H
R10.00000Mike Gregory20Andreas Theodorou00000.0H2H
R10.00000Jamie Harvey20Leo De-dude00000.0H2H
R10.00000Luc Marreel20Bruno Voght00000.0H2H
R10.00000Kexi Heinaharju20Bobby George00000.0H2H
R10.00000Bob Sinnaeve20Michael Ogier00000.0H2H
R10.00000Tom Mccrae20qd lujum langol00000.0H2H
R10.00000Cliff Lazarenko20John Buckley00000.0H2H
R10.00000Seamus O Brien20boerre kirstiansen00000.0H2H
R10.00000Tim Stedman20Freddy Duarte00000.0H2H
R10.00000Peter Chandler20Peter McDonald00000.0H2H
R10.00000Nicky Virachkul20Frederick Frampton00000.0H2H
R10.00000Daniel Serie20Paul Azzopardi00000.0H2H
R10.00000John Lowe20Colin Latham00000.0H2H
R10.00000Gordon Bond20Joseph Bell00000.0H2H
R10.00000Gustaff Demeulemeester20Dummy Player00000.0
R10.00000Tony Genovese20Sven Arne hjelmeland00000.0H2H
R10.00000Stuart Wilson20Johnny Neale00000.0H2H
R10.00000Ceri Morgan20Gerry Haywood00000.0H2H
R10.00000Steve Hutchinson20Willy Logie00000.0H2H
R10.00000Davy Rock21Arne Lindvall00000.0H2H
R10.00000Charles ghiller21Antonia martin-diaz00000.0H2H
R10.00000Bobby George21Bobby George00000.0H2H
R10.00000Akio Esaka20Willy Sonneville00000.0H2H
R10.00000Arnie Bunn21Dominic Cachia00000.0H2H
R10.00000Roy Baillie20Tapani Uitos00000.0H2H
R10.00000Tony Brown20Barry Templeton00000.0H2H
R10.00000Paul Lim20Lawrence Harrison00000.0H2H
R10.00000Alex Mackinnon20Allan Robson00000.0H2H
R10.00000Peter Wilson20Alan Walker00000.0H2H
R10.00000Eric Bristow20john skilltt00000.0H2H
R10.00000Sean Crowley20Bernd Hebecker00000.0H2H
R10.00000Alan Towe21Duncan swift00000.0H2H
R10.00000David Kelly20Dave Babb00000.0H2H
R10.00000Kenneth Crook20Kjell Jorgensen00000.0H2H
R10.00000John Joe O Shea21John Bentley00000.0H2H
R10.00000Danny O Neill20Rune Kvassheim00000.0H2H
PRE0.00000Gustaff Demeulemeester21Ken Russell00000.0H2H
PRE0.00000Davy Rock20Gerard Kerouantan00000.0H2H
PRE0.00000Allan Robson20Arthur Oxley00000.0H2H
PRE0.00000Alan Towe20Finn Jensen00000.0H2H
PRE0.00000Danny O Neill20Martyn Andrews00000.0H2H

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