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Darts Roll of Honour


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Year WinnerRunner UpScoreFormat
2014Winmau World MastersMartin PhillipsJamie Hughes7-3legs
2013Winmau World MastersStephen BuntingJames Wilson7-0sets
2012Winmau World MastersStephen BuntingTony O Shea7-4sets
2011Winmau World MastersScott WaitesDean Winstanley7-2sets
2010Winmau World MastersMartin AdamsStuart Kellett7-3sets
2009Winmau World MastersMartin AdamsRobbie Green7-6sets
2008Winmau World MastersMartin AdamsScott Waites7-6sets
2007Winmau World MastersRobert ThorntonDarryl Fitton7-5sets
2006Winmau World MastersMichael van GerwenMartin Adams7-5legs
2005Winmau World MastersRaymond van BarneveldGoran Klemme7-3sets
2004Winmau World MastersMervyn KingTony O Shea7-6sets
2003Winmau World MastersTony WestRaymond van Barneveld7-6sets
2002Winmau World MastersMark DudbridgeTony West7-4sets
2001Winmau World MastersRaymond van BarneveldJarkko Komula4-2sets
2000Winmau World MastersJohn WaltonMervyn King3-2sets
1999Winmau World MastersAndy FordhamWayne Jones3-1sets
1998Winmau World MastersLes WallaceAlan Warriner-Little3-2sets
1997Winmau World MastersGraham HuntRonnie Baxter3-2sets
1996Winmau World MastersColin MonkRichie Burnett1-0sets
1995Winmau World MastersErik ClarysRichie Burnett1-0sets
1994Winmau World MastersRichie BurnettSteve Beaton1-0sets
1993Winmau World MastersSteve BeatonLes Wallace1-0sets
1992Winmau World MastersDennis PriestleyMike Gregory1-0sets
1991Winmau World MastersRod HarringtonPhil Taylor1-0sets
1990Winmau World MastersPhil TaylorJocky Wilson1-0sets
1989Winmau World MastersPeter EvisonEric Bristow1-0sets
1988Winmau World MastersBob AndersonJohn Lowe1-0sets
1987Winmau World MastersBob AndersonJohn Lowe1-0sets
1986Winmau World MastersBob AndersonBob Sinnaeve1-0sets
1985Winmau World MastersDave WhitcombeRay Farrell1-0sets
1984Winmau World MastersEric BristowKeith Deller1-0sets
1983Winmau World MastersEric BristowMike Gregory1-0sets
1982Winmau World MastersDave WhitcombeJocky Wilson1-0sets
1981Winmau World MastersEric BristowJohn Lowe1-0sets
1980Winmau World MastersJohn LoweRab Smith1-0sets
1979Winmau World MastersEric BristowAllan Hogg1-0sets
1978Winmau World MastersRonnie DavisTony Brown1-0sets
1977Winmau World MastersEric BristowPaul Reynolds3-1sets
1976Winmau World MastersJohn LowePhil Obbard1-0sets
1975Winmau World MastersAlan EvansRocky Jones1-0sets
1974Winmau World MastersCliff InglisHarry Heenan3-2sets

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2015BDO World Championship
2014World MatchplayPhil Taylor
2014German OpenDarryl Fitton
2014British OpenScott Mitchell
2014World Series of DartsMichael van Gerwen
2014Welsh OpenMartin Adams
2014Europe CupDavid Concanon
2014World Grand PrixMichael van Gerwen
2014BDO International Open
2014Winmau World MastersMartin Phillips
2014European Championship
2014England OpenWesley Harms
2014World Series of DartsPhil Taylor
2014Dutch OpenRoss Montgomery
2014Belgium OpenMartin Phillips
2014World Series of DartsPhil Taylor
2014BDO World TrophyJames Wilson
2014British ClassicAlan Norris
2014PDC World ChampionshipMichael van Gerwen
2014Scottish OpenRobbie Green
2014Antwerp OpenJamie Hughes
2014World Series of DartsMichael van Gerwen
2014Isle of Man OpenRobbie Green
2014England ClassicMark McGeeney
2013World CupWesley Harms
2013Championship League Darts FinalsPhil Taylor
2013Grand Slam of DartsPhil Taylor
2013Sun Parcs MastersScott Mitchell
2013Players Championship FinalsMichael van Gerwen
2013Zuiderduin MastersJames Wilson
2013PDC World Youth Championship
2013UK Open FinalsPhil Taylor
2013Granite City OpenGary Robson
2012Asia Pacific CupKenichi Ajiki
2010World Cricket ChampionshipPhil Taylor
2009Las Vegas Desert ClassicPhil Taylor
2009US OpenDennis Priestley
2008British PentathlonMartin Adams
2007Masters of DartsRaymond van Barneveld
2007International Darts LeagueGary Anderson
2007World Darts TrophyGary Anderson
2002PDC Nations CupJohn Part
1997Websters OpenRod Harrington
1997News Of The WorldPhil Taylor
1996WDC UK MatchplayPhil Taylor
1995Samson Darts ClassicPeter Evison
1995European MastersMike Gregory
1993UK MastersMike Gregory
1992British MatchplayRonnie Baxter
1989Dry Blackthorn Cider MastersBob Anderson
1988Unipart British ProfessionalJocky Wilson
1988Flowers DartsathlonJohn Goves
1987Autumn Gold Cider MastersJohn Lowe
1986Butlins Grand MastersEric Bristow
1985Winners Pub And Club OpenEric Bristow
1984Double Diamond MastersDave Lee
1982Embassy LVJoe Dodd
1981Bullseye Darts ChampionshipJocky Wilson
1981British MastersEric Bristow
1981Tennants Golden ArrowJohn Lowe
1980Youngers OpenPhil Carter
1980Westward TV IndividualMike Westlake
1979Camerons Fiesta OpenEric Bristow
1978Marlboro MastersCliff Lazarenko
1977Indoor LeagueTony Brown

Our huge darts database has the complete darts roll of honour going all the way back to the 1930s.

From the iconic News of the World tournament through to the modern day World Darts Championships, we have all the major winners (and losers) whether it be a PDC Major, BDO Invitational, or WDF World Ranking event.

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