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Last year prolific darts writer Patrick Chaplin (aka Dr Darts) collaborated with Bobby George to bring us ‘Scoring for Show, Doubles for Dough’, a glossary of darts terms based on the King of Bling’s own lingo.

If you are not familiar with this piece of literature you can read the DartsMad review of the ‘dartictionary’ here.

The good news is Dr Darts is back again in 2012; only this time it is a solo outing which promises to present us with ‘180 Fascinating Darts Facts’ and and features a foreword by the late, great Sid Waddell.

Our review copy is currently negotiating its way through the royal mail postal system; so for now see below for the blurb from the publishers website.

Based on Patrick’s pedigree and previous offerings we have no reason to doubt that it will be anything other than (as Phil Taylor might say) ‘a cracking little read’.

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180 Fascinating Darts Facts

Taken from the History Press website

In 180 Fascinating Darts Facts Patrick Chaplin delves deep into his mind-boggling archive to present a plethora of nuggets of darting trivia never before gathered together in book form. Find out . . .

  • Why are darts matches usually played as -01 games (1,001, 501, 301, etc) and not 1,000, 500 or 300?
  • Were early dartboards really made of pig-bristle?
  • Who was the first darts player to endorse a darts product?
  • Why did a Bolton darts team go ‘topless’ in the 1990s?

The answers to these and many other darts questions can be found in this book. From the big guns of yesteryear to the stars of the modern game and from the sport’s history and origins to fans drinking a world darts venue dry, it’s all here in 180! Fascinating Darts Facts.

Patrick Chaplin (aka Dr Darts) has been researching darts for over 25 years and is the sport’s acknowledged expert. He has been the co-author of a number of autobiographies for darting legends, including world champions
John Lowe, Bobby George and Trina Gulliver. What Patrick Chaplin doesn’t know about darts is not worth knowing.

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