Phil Taylor is odds on favourite to regain his crown with the rest of the field trailing in his wake according to Ladbrokes. Ladies debutant, and recent PDC defector, Anastasia Dobromyslova is a 1000/1 shot.

Defending champion John Part can be taken at 50/1 while Part’s surprise opponent last year, Kirk Shepherd is a huge 300/1 to go one better this year.

P Taylor 1/2
R van Barneveld 6/1
J Wade 7/1
A Lewis 33/1
T Jenkins 33/1
M King 40/1
R Thornton 40/1
A Hamilton 50/1
A Tabern 50/1
J Part 50/1
C Osborne 66/1
K McDine 66/1
M Walsh 66/1
D Priestley 80/1
Kevin Painter 80/1
V van der Voort 80/1
W Mardle 80/1
C Lloyd 100/1
C Stompe 100/1
J Klaasen 100/1
M Dudbridge 100/1
M van Gerwen 100/1
P Manley 100/1
R Baxter 100/1
T Eccles 150/1
A Jenkins 200/1
C Mason 200/1
C Rodríguez 200/1
D Ovens 200/1
Andy Smith 250/1
B Bates 250/1
J Caven 250/1
M Clark 250/1
P Nicholson 250/1
S Beaton 250/1
S Maish 250/1
W Newton 250/1
A Gray 300/1
A Roy 300/1
B Dolan 300/1
D Young 300/1
J MaGowan 300/1
J Van der Rassel 300/1
K Shepherd 300/1
M Suljovic 300/1
R Scholten 300/1
R Van Eijden 300/1
W Jones 300/1
B Davis 500/1
F McBrearty 500/1
M Barnard 500/1
M Kantele 500/1
P Laursen 500/1
D Fatum 750/1
Dennis Smith 750/1
H Schnier 750/1
N Bezzeg 750/1
N Fullwell 750/1
R Stewart 750/1
S O’Connor 750/1
T Ayres 750/1
A Dobromyslova 1000/1
C Losper 1000/1
M Stephenson 1000/1
S Grubb 1000/1
W French 1000/1
L Ilagan 1500/1
S Fitzgerald 1500/1
A Nakagawa 2500/1
S Yongsheng 2500/1

Odds are accurate at time of press but may be subject to change.

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6 Responses

  1. charlie nixon

    although tayler iz the fav..i think terry jenkins is the man too give the rest of the field a run for the title…and a wee outsider bet.. how about a 50p eachway bet on my man ronnie baxter(go on you it makes sense,,lol)anyhow…love the darts..the end of the year woodnt be the same without them..thank god a live on me wife too give me headache a headache…180!!!!

  2. ralf

    Did you not mean “iliterate thickhead” you iliterate thickhead.
    Good luck with your 50p each way charlie.
    As for you Philippa why dont you make yourself useful and philippa glass with beer and give it to a man so that he may enjoy it when watching the darts while you wash the dishes or do some upholstery on your scrawny head.
    It is apparent the only intelligent life above your neck level is your head lice.
    Have a nice day.


  3. DartingDamo

    Ouch! Harsh words there – no, better not get involved. Go on Carlos Rodrigez – my e.w. holiday fund at 200/1. If not, McDine at 66/1. They maybe both in the same half of the draw as Taylor, but if your’e going to win it, you have to face him sooner or later!
    Oh and do you agree with me ralf that Anastasia should play topless? No lice on her!

  4. ralf

    Yes i agee that she should and to increase the womens
    tennis coverage i think a few stockings wouldnt go amiss.

    Philippa ,you should have realised by now that 2 is a number and not to be confused with a letter ,a number is for counting you bonehead and a letter is for spelling words that you understand,even for a female your grasp on academic skills is really quite limited ,next time your arrested for soliciting ask the police how many clients you have been seen with and they will reply with a number ,there are only ten to remember including zero and i suspect you might reach into double figures on a regular basis,on the otherhand they might reply with “the muscular arms rugby team” which is in fact literal and not numerical ,it is not difficult for most people to understand by the age of six.there are remedial schooling classes available ,even at your age,pick up a free leaflet somewhere (if you can read it)
    Do have a nice day

    James Wade for me ,taylors price is ridiculous.