A while ago we looked at the history of the televised perfect leg, since that article numerous 9 darters have been achieved both on the floor and on TV, full details of which can be found in our 9 dart club.

The second round of the World Matchplay has just concluded, and already we have witnessed two 9 dart legs in successive nights of darts, firstly young Michael van Gerwen against Steve Beaton, and again by Wes Newton in his Thursday night thriller with Justin Pipe. 9 dart legs are now a regular occurrence, and as we stated prior to the tournament, 10 of the field of 32 had hit one in competitive play in 2012.

The question is, can the Blackpool tournament now offer up a record breaking third or even a fourth 9 darter? With many legs of darts left to play and such a high standard being displayed, you have to say yes, quite probably! Interestingly the two players will share the measly £5k prize for perfection, which will be further watered down if another play does join the party…..

In the meantime, if you missed them, enjoy both recent efforts in the videos below:

The first – Michael van Gerwen 25/07/2012; 180, 180, (T20 T19 D12)




The Second – Wes Newton 26/07/2012; 180, 177, (T20 T20 D12)



And finally here is The Warrior’s post match reaction to his game with Justin Pipe and 9 Darter in front of his home crowd.


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  1. Peter

    Great website, I’ve only just started visiting in the past week as I’m reviewing a darts betting system on my website and your site is my favourite source for results.

    The 9 darter actually brought in a bet for the system under review as the bookies still underestimate how likely 9 darters are nowadays.  If you can get above evens in a long format televised event then it’s a great bet