Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship Results

Saturday 4th January Afternoon Session

Trina Gulliver (England) 0 v 2 Tamara Schuur (Netherlands)

Scott Waites (England) 0 v 3 Alan Norris (England)

David Cameron (Canada) 1 v 3 Martin Adams (England)

Wesley Harms (Netherlands) 3 v 0 Paul Jennings (England)

Saturday 4th January Evening Session

Madars Razma (Latvia) 3 – 2 John Michael (Greece)

Harley Kemp (Australia) 0 – 3 Michael Meaney (Republic of Ireland)

Jeffrey de Graaf (Netherlands) 0 – 3 Martin Atkins (England)

Rachel Brooks (England) 0 – 2 Ann Louise Peters (Denmark)

Defending BDO World Champion Scott Waites was dumped out in the first round of this year’s tournament by Alan ‘Chuck’ Norris. The Yorkshireman failed to win a set as Yeovil’s Norris blitzed him 3-0, securing the victory with a bullseye.

Following his humbling at the hands of the 41-year-old world number 31, carpenter Waites said he might consider taking up darts full-time.

“I’ve had a fair few mishaps coming up to Christmas but Alan played awesome on the day,” said the 36-year-old.

“I know what sort of game I’m going to get from Alan and I didn’t turn up.”

Meanwhile three-time world champion Martin Adams beat Canada’s David Cameron 3-1 in his preliminary-round encounter. Adams, who tumbled down the world rankings in 2013 now plays last year’s beaten finalist Tony O’Shea in the first round proper.

Adams, 57, raced into a two-set lead without losing a leg only for Cameron to rally, the man from Nova Scotia securing the third set with his ninth shot at a double.

But Adams, making his 21st appearance at the Lakeside, held his game together to win the final set 3-1.

“There was a hell of a lot of pressure because a lot of people are here to see me win,” said Adams.

“It was a massive game because when you’ve struggled, you never really know if it’s going to happen for you again. I’m happy.”

Two-time semi-finalist Wesley Harms is into the second round after the Dutchman beat England’s Paul Jennings 3-0. And England’s Martin Atkins beat eighth seed Jeffrey de Graaf of the Netherlands 3-0.

In the women’s tournament, nine-time champion Trina Gulliver was beaten 2-0 in the first round by Tamara Schuur of the Netherlands.  – BBC Website

Sunday 5th January 2014 Fixtures

Afternoon Session

Hiroaki Shimizu (Japan) v Christian Kist (Netherlands)

Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia) v Karin Krappen (Netherlands)

Robbie Green (England) v Richie George (England)

Gary Robson (England) v Ron Meulenkamp (Netherlands)

Evening Session

Mike Day (New Zealand) v Sam Head (England)

Jim Widmayer (USA) v Garry Thompson (England)

Fallon Sherrock (England) v Rilana Erades (Netherlands)

Remco van Eijden (Netherlands) v Rick Hofstra (Netherlands).

BBC Transmission Schedule

Sunday 5 January

BBC 2 13.00 – 17.00

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BBC 2 00.10 – 02.10 Extra

2014 Lakeside World Darts Championship BDO Match Reports

Harley Kemp V Michael Meaney

Set 1

0:1 Meaney takes the first leg of the match in 19 darts.
1:1 A 15-dart 101 kill levels things up for Kemp.
2:1 The first break of throw goes the way of the young Australian after his opponent misses 3 darts for the leg.
2:2 Meaney breaks back immediately in 18 darts to keep the set alive.
2:3 Kemp makes a mess of 57 and the Irishman cleans up on 16 to take the first set.

Set 2
0:1 Meaney kicks off with the first 180 of the game and takes out 100 in three to break throw.
0:2 Kemp misses two darts at the double and Meaney takes out 25 in two after initially missing the bull.
1:2 The 19-year old keeps the set alive after both players miss darts for the leg.
2:2 The set is still very much alive after Meaney again misses set darts and Kemp goes out in 16 darts.
2:3 Meaney finally lands tops to go one set away from the match.

Set 3
0:1 3 ton-plus scores put Meaney in a dominant position and he goes out in 13 darts.
0:2 An 18-darter puts the Irishman one leg away from the first round.
0:3 Meaney makes it a clean sweep of legs in the final set with a 56 finish , booking his place in the first round proper.

Madars Razma V John Michael

Set 1

0:1 Michael holds throw with a 58 finish.
0:2 A maximum from the Lithuanian falls foul as Michael breaks for the first time.
0:3 A maximum sets up a 13-dart leg for the Grecian to take the first set.

Set 2
1:0 Razma kicks off the second set with a 180 which sees him hold throw.
2:0 Razma puts clear daylight between him and his opponent in 18 darts.
2:1 Michael bounces back with a fourth 180 of the game and a break of throw with a 77 finish.
2:2 Another 180 sees Michael land a 15 darter to send the set into a decider.
3:2 The second set goes the way of Razma with a 101 kill and a 15-dart leg.

Set 3
0:1 Michael responds with a 15-dart leg of his own thanks to a 104 checkout.
1:1 Missed darts at Double 18 from Michael sees Razma breathe again to equalise the scores.
1:2 Michael holds for the first time in the set.
2:2 3 ton-plus scores from Razma sees the second consecutive set going to the deciding leg.
3:2 Razma secures a crucial break of throw with a 52 finish to move one set away from the match.

Set 4
0:1 A maximum from Michael sees him break early at the start of the fourth.
1:1 The second leg sees the seventh and eight maximums of the match but missed darts from Michael sees Razma respond immediately.
2:1 Razma’s best leg of the match sees a 14 dart-leg and take him one leg away from the match.
2:2 Michael saves the match in 15 to see the third consecutive set go to a deciding leg.
2:3 Two darts at tops for the match slip away for Razma as the Grecian lands Double 1 to take the match to a deciding set.

Set 5
1:0 A 126 finish on the bull breaks Michael’s throw in 18 darts.
1:1 Michael breaks straight back with a two-dart 80 kill for a 14-dart leg.
2:1 A third straight leg goes against the darts as Michael misses the bull and Razma pins Double 12.
3:1 Michael misses the bullseye again as Razma clinches the match with an 82 finish on Double 8.

Wesley Harms v Paul Jennings

Set 11:0 A 180 from Jennings is in vain as Harms takes out 116 to break

1:1 Jennings breaks back after Harms misses two darts at the double
1:2 Harms holds his throw with a stunning 101 out shot
1:3 Double 8 gives Harms the first set

Set 2
1:0 134 and 180 help Harms win the first leg of the second set
2:0 A break of throw put Harms 2-0 in the lead
2:1 Jennings hits straight back in 15 darts including a 180
2:2 Double top gives Jennings the fourth leg
3:2 2 tons and a 40 finish give Harms the fifth leg and the second set

Set 3
1:0 Jennings holds his throw in the first leg
1:1 Harms hits 171 in this leg along with 137 to take this leg in 16 darts
1:2 15 darts gives Harms the third leg and includes a 131 score
1:3 Harms takes the set scoring 140, 100, 100 to take the game 3 sets to 0
AveragesWesley Harms: 27.92
Paul Jennings: 27.15Highest Outshot
116 (Wesley Harms)
David Cameron v Martin AdamsSet 11:0 Adams wins the first leg with a clinical 68 finish

2:0 Adams breaks throw to move one leg away from the set
3:0 Adams wins the first set with a 15 dart leg

Set 2
1:0 Adams wins the opening leg with a 180 and 97 finish on double 12
2:0 A second maximum sees Adams win his 5th consecutive leg
3:0 Adams hits a 12 dart finish with a 121 check out to move one set away from the match

Set 3
1:0 Adams takes out his second consecutive ton plus finish courtesy of a 107 check out on double 18
1:1 Cameron wins his first leg to stop the rot on double 10
1:2 Cameron hits his first 180 which aids him to the third leg of the set
2:2 Adams sets up double 16 and pins it in one to move one leg away from the match
2:3 Cameron wins a nervy leg to break the throw and get back in the match
Set 4
1:0 Adams breaks in the first leg with a maximum and finish on double 16
1:1 Cameron breaks back immediately courtesy on 3 ton plus scoring visits
2:1 A third consecutive break of throw on double 16 sees Adams throw for the match
3:1 Double top sees Adams progress to a first round meeting with Tony O’Shea3 Dart AverageDavid Cameron: 25.69
Martin Adams: 29.09Highest Outshot
121 (Martin Adams)

Scott Waites (England) v Alan Norris (England)

Set 1

1:0 Alan wins the first leg with a 72 finish

1:1 Scott hits straight back with a 74 finish including 2 ton + scores
2:1 Alan continues to move forward taking the third leg with throw in 13 darts
2:2 Scott pulls back again
3:2 Alan takes the set hitting 140; 126 and 136 before taking out 5 to finish

Set 2
0:1 Scott starts the first leg but a break from Alan puts him in front
1:1 Scott hits straight back with another break of throw taking out 32
1:2 Yet another break on throw sees Alan back in the lead again
1:3 Alan hits 180 in this leg to help him win the 2nd set

Set 3
1:0 Scott breaks in this first leg in 15 darts with 112 finish
1:1 Alan breaks back in similar fashion with 180 and 103 finish
1:2 A third consecutive 15 darter courtesy of an 81 finish on the bull
2:2 Scott keeps his championship hopes alive on double 8 aided with a maximum
2:3 Alan dumps out the reigning champion with a 15 darter on the bull
3 Dart AverageScott Waites: 29.18
Alan Norris: 31.09Highest Outshot
112 (Scott Waites)
Trina Gulliver (England) v Tamara Schuur (Netherlands)

Set 1
1:0 Double ten for Trina Gulliver secures an edgy first leg.

1:1 17 darter for Tamara Schuur levels up the first set

1:2 Break for Tamara, she takes out 68 to give her the advantage in the first set.

1:3 Trina had her chance to break back but misses 3 at double 8. Tamara also needs 16 and hits it first go, first set to Tamara Schuur

Set 2

1:0 Tamara takes out her favourite double 8 to take the first leg of the second set.

2:0 A fantastic 147 checkout for Tamara has the Golden Girl Rocking.

3:0 Game over, a convincing and classy performance by Tamara Schuur. A convincing two sets to nil victory.

3 Dart Average

Trina Gulliver: 65.37
Tamara Schuur: 72.9

Highest Outshot

147 (Tamara Schuur)