2014 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship Results

Wednesday 8 January Afternoon Session

Men’s second round (best of 7 sets)

Gary Robson (Eng) 1 v 4 Robbie Green (Eng)

Dave Prins (Eng) 0 v 4 Stephen Bunting (Eng)

Wesley Harms (Ned) 3 v 4 Tony Eccles (Eng)


Wednesday 8 January Evening Session

Women’s first round (best of 3 sets)

Irina Armstrong (Ger) 2 v 0 Sharon Prins (Ned)

Men’s second round (best of 7 sets)

Rick Hofstra (Ned) v Martin Atkins (Eng) – Atkins unable to compete due to arm injury, Hofstra awarded match

Glen Durrant (Eng) 1 v 4 Alan Norris (Eng)

Scott Mitchell (Eng) 2 v4 James Wilson (Eng)

Number one seed Stephen Bunting put in an imperious display to reach the quarter-finals of the BDO World Darts Championships at the Lakeside.The 28-year-old from St Helens dropped only one leg in his 4-0 win against Dave Prins, averaging 100.64.

It is only the second time in seven Lakeside appearances that Bunting has made it through to the last eight. Second seed James Wilson also advanced in Wednesday’s evening session with a 4-2 win over Scott Mitchell.

Lakeside World Darts ChampionshipWilson will meet Alan Norris – conqueror of defending champion Scott Waites – who progressed with a 4-1 victory against 10th seed Glen Durrant.

Dutchman Rick Hofstra, who will meet Bunting in the next round, also went through in the evening’s opening game after opponent Martin Atkins retired through injury with the Yorkshireman 2-0 down.

Englishmen Robbie Green and Tony Eccles also booked last-eight spots in afternoon session. Fourth seed Green came through 4-1 against Gary Robson, while Eccles celebrated his 44th birthday by knocking out 12th seed Wesley Harms 4-3.

But Bunting was the star of the show on the fifth day at Frimley Green, producing the form that saw him win eight BDO titles in 2013 and posting the highest three-dart average of the tournament so far.

He broke the throw in the first leg of the match, and although Hartlepool left-hander Prins responded with a 12-darter, the world number one went on to claim the first set and needed just 39 darts in total to win the second.

Despite a slight dip late on, Bunting closed out the match in style with a maximum 180 and a successful shot at double top.

“I know how good my form’s been,” he told BBC Sport. “I wanted to get that 100 average and make myself the player to beat.

“There are a lot of good players still left in the tournament that are capable of hitting that sort of average and beating me. I’ve got to keep myself mentally right and hopefully I can go all the way.”

Prins said: “I tried my best but Stephen never let up at all. He was amazing. That’s why he’s world number one.”

In the day’s first encounter, Green hit a magnificent 167 checkout – the highest outshot of the week so far – to take the first set with a 12-dart leg.

It was a lead that the 39-year-old did not relinquish against Northumberland’s Robson, who missed an excellent chance to level at 2-2. With 25 points left to win the fourth set, Robson hit treble nine instead of the single with his first dart to bust his score.

“That was a killer,” said Green, who will face Hartlepool’s Eccles in the last eight. “I’ve done it many times and I felt for Gary.

“It was frustrating because I didn’t feel like I played as well as I can. I’m just grateful I’m through.”

Harms, a semi-finalist in 2012 and 2013, and Eccles shared the first four sets. The 29-year-old Dutchman took a crucial fifth set and looked certain for victory, only for Eccles to land a stunning 122 checkout to send it into a decider. And the birthday boy maintained the momentum to reach the last eight for the second time in his career.

2014 Lakeside World Darts Championship BDO Match Reports

Rick Hofstra (Netherlands) v Martin Atkins (England)

Martin Atkins unfortunately had to pull out of his 2nd round match against Rick Hofstra at tonight’s Lakeside World Darts Championship.

‘The Assassin’ from Leeds had sustained an elbow injury over the New Year period. Despite battling on through his first round match he was unable to see this game to its conclusion despite taking a 5 minute break from the stage.

Martin explained:

“I felt a click in my elbow over New Year and had been resting it. During my first round match it was OK but it began to hurt the next day. I had taken painkillers to help with the pain but it was too bad tonight to carry on.

“I am really sorry to have to leave the tournament at this stage and apologise to all my supporters, my partner Liz, my daughters Stacey and Choloe and the fans here this evening for not being able to continue.”

Sue Williams, Chairperson of the BDO said:

“It was obvious that Martin was struggling whilst he was playing and felt he could not play through pain. We all hope that he makes a very speedy recovery and we see him back playing as soon as possible.”

Irina Armstrong (Germany) 2 – 0 Sharon Prins (Netherlands) 

Set 1

1:0    Irina takes an early lead in this first match of the night breaking Sharon’s throw
2:0    135, 125 and 135 help Irina hold her throw
3:0    Irina hits the first maximum of the game and a 110 outshot to take the first set

Set 2 

1:0    Another big scoring game from Irina sees her move further ahead
2:0    Even though Sharon is hitting big scores Irinas second 180 helps her take this leg
3:0    Irina finishes off the game with a very impressive 16 dart leg

Average Irina Armstrong: 26.60 Sharon Prins: 22.71

Highest Outshout 110 (Irina Armstrong)

Wesley Harms (Netherlands) 3 – 4 Tony Eccles (England)

Set 1

0:1    Wesley has the darts in the first leg which Tony breaks with a huge 107 out
1:1    135, 100 and 123 out sees Wesley hit straight back
2:1    Even though Tony hits 180 Wesley takes the leg in 12 darts
3:1    Wesley takes the set with 2 100, 140 and 64 out

Set 2

1:0    Tony has the throw in the 1st leg but Wesley takes the 4th consecutive leg
2:0    Both players hit 100 and 140 in this leg and Wesley sneaks it with 38 out
2:1    Tony hits straights back with a 14 dart leg
2:2    180 from Tony is the start of another 14 dart leg to level the set
2:3    Tony takes the 2nd set with 64 out shot

Set 3 

1:0    Wesley takes command in this 1st leg with a 174 shot and out on double 16
1:1    91 out by Tony sees the set level
2:1    A few missed doubles but Wesley edges ahead
2:2    Tony however levels the game again
3:2    Wesley though takes the set with 99 out

Set 4 

0:1    This high hitting leg sees Tony come out on top
1:1    3 consecutive 100 scores and 140 sees Wesley come straight back
2:1    Another maximum for Wesley who goes on to win the leg
2:2    15 dart leg for Tony sees the set all level again
3:2    Even Wesley hit high in the leg Tony takes the set

Set 5

1:0    Wesley holds his throw to take the early lead
1:1    Despite another maximum to Wesley Tony hits double top to level yet again
2:1    Another leg with throw with a 56 outshot for Wesley
2:2    Leg to Tony – topsy turvy game this one
2:3    It is Tony’s turn for a maximum in this leg but Wesley just pips him to the finish

Set 6

0:1    Tony takes the lead holding his throw
1:1    Sparky Harms only takes 14 darts to level the set
2:1    Ton+ scores in this leg puts Wesley back in front
2:2    Tony comes back again to level the game
2:3    Tony pushes forward again with a big 122 out to take the set and level the match 3 sets all

Set 7 

1:0    14 darts sees Wesley in the lead again
1:1    Big hitting from Tony levels the game again
1:2    Both players begin to miss doubles in this tense leg but Tony takes the lead to moves to within one leg of the match 1:3    Big scores from Wesley can’t stop Tony take this set and the match

Average Wesley Harms: 29.20 Tony Eccles: 29.29

Highest Outshot 123 (Wesley Harms)

Dave Prins (England)1  v 3 Stephen Bunting (England)

Set 1 

0:1    Stephen takes first blood in our second match of the day
0:2    Another leg for Stephen despite Dave hitting 180
1:2    Two maximums in this leg for Dave and takes out 41 in 12 darts to pull a leg back
1:3    An impressive 32 average wins Stephen the first set

Set 2

0:1   Stephen hits 171 in this leg taking out 16 to take another leg
0:2   Maximum to open for Stephen, followed by 140 and takes out 84 to break the throw
0:3   75% check out rate for Stephen at the moment and he takes the 2nd set in 39 darts for the whole set

Set 3

0:1   Dave opens with 140 and Stephen responds with 180 and takes the leg with 73 outshot
0:2   Stephen holds his throw to move ahead again despite Dave playing really well
0:3   Steady darts again from both players, Dave misses doubles and Stephen pounces for 8 legs in a row

Set 4

0:1    Maximum number 4 for Prins in this leg and he can’t finish and Stephen takes double 12 to hold throw
0:2 Clinical darts by Bunting puts him within one leg of the match
0:3    Double tops gives Stephen the match in an exceptional match

Averages Dave Prins: 29.93 Stephen Bunting: 33.55 Highest Outshot 84 (Stephen Bunting)

Gary Robson (England) 1 – 4 Robbie Green (England)

Set 1

1:0 Gary breaks throw in the first set of this second round match
1:1 Robbie breaks straight back with double 18
1:2 First hold of the game puts Robbie 2:1 up
2:2 Double 4 for Gary moves the game into a deciding leg
2:3 The crowd gets to its feet has Kong hits a huge 167 to take the first set

Set 2

1:0 Not to be outdone Gary takes a 120 finish to take this 1st leg of the 2nd set
1:1 Robbie in 15 darts levels the set
2:1 Gary edges ahead
2:2 All level again as Robbie hits double 4
2:3 High scoring leg again for Robbie to take the set again

Set 3

0:1 120 from Gary is replied in kind with Robbie hitting maximum – double 16 to win the fourth leg in a row
1:1 Gary takes this set after some tidy darts from both players
2:1 Gary hits an impressive 106 to take the fourth leg
2:2 Exceptional leg of darts with both players hitting 100 + scores. Both miss doubles but Robbie hits double 8 to level the set
3:2 Edgy paly in this vital leg and Gary saves it with double top

Set 4

1:0 Gary wins again to get back into the game
1:1 A 5th maximum in the match for Robbie and another 13 dart leg
2:1 Gary hits a maximum in the leg and just wires double 16 before he takes out double 4 to edge in front
2:2 All level again as Robbie wins – you can’t split these two players
2:3 A busted score from Gary gives Robbie the chance to take the 4th set which he takes in 2 darts

Set 5

0:1 High scoring again from Robbie to take a further lead
0:2 Both players hitting well but Robbie edges it with a 15 dart leg
0:3 Another cracking leg sees Robbie over the finish line and into the 1/4 finals

Averages Gary Robson: 28.62 Robbie Green: 30.07

Highest Outshot 167 (Robbie Green)