2014 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship Results

Tuesday 7 January Afternoon Session


Men’s first round (best of 5 sets)

Tony O’Shea (Eng) 0 v 3 Martin Adams (Eng)

Scott Mitchell (Eng) 3 v 2 Paul Hogan (Eng)

Stephen Bunting (Eng) 3 v 1 Jim Widmayer (USA)

Tuesday 7 January Evening Session

Men’s first round (best of 5 sets)

Jim Williams (Wal) 0 v 3 Dave Prins (Eng)

Glen Durrant (Eng) 3 v 0 Mike Day (NZ)

James Wilson (Eng) 3 v 1 Christian Kist (Ned)

Women’s first round (best of 3 sets)

Deta Hedman (Eng) 2 v 0 Lorraine Farlam (Eng)

Martin Adams whitewashed Tony O’Shea in the first round of the BDO World Championships, while top seed Stephen Bunting is also through to the last 16.

Three-time world champion Adams needed just 23 minutes to win all nine legs against O’Shea, three times a Lakeside runner-up.

“I can’t believe it,” said 57-year-old Adams, who is based near Peterborough. “You don’t do that to Tony.”

Bunting beat American Jim Widmayer 3-1 in round one. The 28-year-old from St Helens is the number one seed for the second consecutive year, having won eight BDO titles in 2013, but has never been beyond the last eight in six previous World Championship appearances.

Lakeside World Darts ChampionshipBunting won the first six legs without reply, and although Widmayer hit back to the take the third set, the world number one progressed safely through to the second round.

“I have played really well here over the past few years and it’s just a couple of doubles that have let me down,” Bunting told BBC Sport.

“I’m practising a lot more now than I have done previously, so hopefully that will pay dividends for me.”

Bunting’s second-round opponent will be Hartlepool’s Dave Prins, who beat Welshman Jim Williams 3-0.

Second seed James Wilson fought back from a set down to defeat 2012 champion Christian Kist 3-1 in a high-quality contest, while 10th seedGlen Durrant from Middlesbrough was a straight-sets winner over Kiwi qualifier Mike Day.

Scott Mitchell, the 15th seed from Dorset, came through in a deciding set against Paul Hogan.

Basingstoke’s Hogan had his moments, hitting a 161 checkout – the highest outshot of the tournament so far – but Mitchell held his nerve to land double 18 for the match.

Earlier, the Frimley Green crowd has been shocked by Adams’ demolition of O’Shea, who admitted afterwards that he had been “embarrassed” by his performance.

“It was probably my worst one ever, to be honest,” the 52-year-old from Stockport told BBC Sport.

“I don’t want to take anything away from Martin. He played really steady. I’m just gutted that I didn’t give him a game, that’s the frustrating thing.

“It would be brilliant if I had an excuse or a reason but I can’t put my finger on anything.”

In the ladies’ draw, number one seed Deta Hedman was very impressive in her 2-0 victory over Lorraine Farlam, posting an average of more than 83. – BBC Website

2014 Lakeside World Darts Championship BDO Match Reports

James Wilson (England) 3 – 1 Christian Kist (Netherlands)

Set 1

0:1 Christian holds his throw and takes first blood
0:2 2 100s helps Christian take the 2nd leg
1:2 James pulls one back with a maximum and 140 in thisleg
1:3 14 darts gives Christian this first set

Set 2

0:1 Christian breaks the throw in this leg when James missesthe double
1:1 180 from Christian is the first in this match, and with bothmissing doubles again James sneaks the leg
2:1 James starts with 180, follows with a ton and double 10 giveshim a 13 dart leg
3:1 13 is a lucky number as James takes the 2nd set

Set 3

0:1 Christian is pounding the board with 11 darts to winthe 3rd set having opened with 140 and James responding in kind
1:1 James hits 180 to help pull back a leg
2:1 2 140s and 100 pushes James ahead
3:1 A huge 112 out gives James the 3rd set

Set 4

1:0 James’ 4th consecutive leg win comes despiteChristian opening with a maximum
1:1 Another maximum from Christian in this leg helps himmaintain his throw with James hitting 100, 140 in reply
2:1 James takes 15 darts to finish this leg withChristian hitting yet another 180
3:1 4 perfect darts helps James reach the next round

Averages James Wilson: 32.11 Christian Kist: 31.92

Highest Outshot 143 (James Wilson)

Glen Durrant (England) 3 – 0 Mike Day (New Zealand)

Set 1

1:0 Mike has the throw in this first leg but strongscoring from Glen gives him a break of throw
1:1 Missed doubles by both players but Mike strikesto break straight back
1:2 Nervy darts again by both players but Mike takes the3rd leg
2:2 Set goes to a deciding 5th leg after Glen hitsdouble top to level the game
3:2 Glen takes the 3rd leg and the 1st set

Set 2

0:1 Mike breaks the throw at the start of the 2nd set
1:1 But Glen hits straight back breaking Mike’s throw to levelthe set
2:1 Steady darts with Glen taking the lead
2:2 180 from Mike with Glen on a bogie shot give him double topwhich he hits with one dart
3:2 This important leg goes to Glen who hits double top to give hima 2 set lead

Set 3

0:1 Even thought Mike busted his score he takes double10 to win this leg
1:1 Glen holds his throw and the set is level
1:2 Mike hits 100 and 180 in this leg to keep his hopes alive
2:2 Glen pushes on with 3 ton plus scores
3:2 Glen checks out double 16 to take the match
Averages Glen Durrant: 28.72 Mike Day: 25.29

Highest Outshot 120 (Glen Durrant)

Jim Williams (Wales) 0 – 3 Dave Prins (England)

Set 1

0:1 Both players go off like a train in the beginning ofthis set but Dave hitting 180 takes advantage to lead 1-0
0:2 Another high scoring leg sees Dave build his lead
0:3 180 in the first visit of this leg gives Dave theadvantage checking out in 18 darts

Set 2

0:1 32 out gives Dave another leg on the board
0:2 Double top and Dave has now won 5 consecutive legs
1:2 Jim comes back with some high scores and wins histhrow
1:3 But Dave keeps on with a 12 dart leg to take thesecond set
Set 3

0:1 Ton + from Dave puts him in command of thisgame
0:2 Dave breaks throw again to move one leg away fromthe 2nd round
0:3 His 3rd maximum helps Dave win the match 3 setsto 0
Averages Jim Williams: 26.23 Dave Prins: 28.85

Highest Outshot 121 Dave Prins

Deta Hedman (England) 2 – 0 Lorraine Farlam (England)

Set 1
1:0 Deta, the BDO No 1 starts this ladies match in styleincluding 140 and takes the leg
1:1 177 from Deta can’t stop Lorraine holding her throw
2:1 2 high scores from Deta at the beginning in thefourth leg moves her to a step closer to the end of the set
3:1 Deta wins the last leg of this set

Set 2
1:0 101 out for Deta gives her a third consecutive leg
2:0 Another 3 ton plus scores from Deta moves her towithin one leg of the matc
3:0 Lorraine on her throw hits 3 100s and a 109 butcan’t stop Deta winning the match 2-0

Averages Deta Hedman: 27.90 Lorraine Farlam: 23.40

Highest Outshot 101 (Deta Hedman)

Stephen Bunting (England) 3 – 1 Jim Widmayer (USA)

Set 1
1:0 Impressive darts (100, 140, 121, 100) from Stephensees him take an early lead
2:0 17 darts from Stephen win him the 2nd leg despitethe American hitting his own high scores
3:0 Stephen continues on to win the first leg in a totalof 54 darts
Set 2
1:0 Stephen lives up to his nickname with a 15 dart legand 80 outshot to hold his throw
2:0 Jim has now found his rhythm and hits 135, 100, 100but Stephen capitalises to take a further lead
3:0 The first 180 of the match comes in this leg andpushes Stephen to a set winning leg

Set 3
0:1 Jim holds his throw with both players hittingtrebles and high scores
1:1 Stephen holds his throw to level the set
1:2 15 darts sees Jim move ahead with an impressive 15dart leg
1:3 An impressive high scoring 16 dart leg sees Jim takethe third set

Set 4
1:0 The second 180 of the game from Stephen helps himhold his throw despite Jim hitting ton + scores
2:0 And the second leg to Stephen who inches to one legof the next round
3:0 137 and 134 sees Stephen take the match 3 sets to 1

Averages Stephen Bunting: 30.53 Jim Widmayer: 27.53

Highest Outshot 80 (Stephen Bunting)

Scott Mitchell (England) 3 – 2 Paul Hogan (England)

Set 1
0:1 Paul with the throw in this match and he hits a 180before taking out 74 for the first leg
0:2 Scott comes back opening the 2nd with 180 with Paulresponding with 3 100 scores and 32 out to take the second leg
0:3 No stopping Paul in this set – 100, 100, 100,140 and a check out of 61 sees the first set go to Paul

Set 2
1:0 Scott holds throw with a 100 and 180 with Paul alsohitting high scores
2:0 Scott breaks the throw in 17 darts
2:1 Stunning leg with Paul using 12 darts – 100, 100,140 and a massive 161 outshot
3:2 But Scott responds with a 14 dart leg to level thegame

Set 3
0:1 Scott comes close to breaking the throw at thebeginning of this 3rd set but Paul edges ahead
1:1 Another 14 dart leg and Scott is level
1:2 2 140s sees Paul edge again in this see saw match
2:2 Scott hits 137 at the beginning of this set to movethrough the set at a blistering pace
3:2 Another high scoring leg (137, 140, 132) sees Scotttake the set

Set 4
0:1 Paul breaks the throw with both players hittington plus scores
0:2 A 180 helps Paul get the second leg
0:3 4th set to Paul as he takes out 56 to level the game

Set 5
1:0 Scott edges ahead hitting 2 100s and 180 for another14 dart leg against the throw
1:1 He looses the throw in the 2nd leg
2:1 The see saw goes back to Scott’s advantage takinghim ahead again
2:2 All square again and it’s tie break time
2:3 15 darts see Paul inch ahead
3:3 15 darts for Scott this time and we are all level -this match could go either way
4:3 Scott inches one leg closer as this fantastic matchnears it’s conclusion
5:3 Game, shot and the match to Scott Mitchell – what aclassic

Averages Scott Mitchell: 29.42 Paul Hogan: 29.01

Highest Outshot 161 (Paul Hogan)
Tony O’Shea (England) 0 v 3 Martin Adams (England)

Set 1
0:1 Martin opens the 4th day with a 13 dart leg hitting 121, 140 and 137
0:2 Tony hits a couple of tons but this does not stop Martin breaking throw to increase his lead
0:3 Martin again hits tons and 140 to move further ahead

Set 2
0:1 Martin continues to push forward with more 100 scores
0:2 Steady darts again from both players but Martin gets to the finish first again
0:3 3 more 100+ scores and Martin wins his 6th leg in a row

Set 3
0:1 Martin has the throw in the 3rd set and goes off 140, 140, 100 and a 7th leg win
0:2 The first 180 of the game comes in this leg and Martin hits 11 dart leg to move within one leg
0:3 Double 8 sees Martin take the game winning 9 straight legs

Averages:Tony O’Shea: 24.99 Martin Adams: 29.09

Highest Outshot 81 (Tony O’Shea)