2014 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship Results

Friday 10 January Evening Session

Men’s quarter-finals (best of 9 sets)

Jan Dekker (Ned) 5-2 Martin Adams (Eng)

James Wilson (Eng) 2-5 Alan Norris (Eng)

Women’s quarter-finals (best of 3 sets)

Tamara Schuur (Ned) 0-2 Lisa Ashton (Eng)

Fallon Sherrock (Eng) 1-2 Anastasia Dobromyslova (Rus)

Lakeside World Darts ChampionshipThree-time champion Martin Adams was knocked out of the BDO World Darts quarter-finals as Jan Dekker produced a thrilling 5-2 win.

Dekker led 3-0 but after Adams won the next two sets the Dutchman held his nerve to secure a memorable victory at Frimley Green.

He will now face Alan Norris, who beat fellow second seed James Wilson 5-2 in Friday’s other quarter-final.

Top seed Stephen Bunting faces Robbie Green in the other semi-final.

Dekker surged into a 3-0 lead but Adams checked out with a 161 to pull a set back before closing the gap to one set.

But the Dutchman responded after falling two legs down in the sixth set to move 4-2 ahead.

After missing five match darts, Dekker held his nerve to win the seventh set and reach his second semi-final.

Norris and fellow Englishman Wilson produced a high quality game and were level at 2-2 at the interval but Norris then pulled away to reach the last four.

In the women’s tournament, England’s Lisa Ashton reached the last four with a 2-0 win over Tamara Schuur of the Netherlands.

She will face Russian Anastasia Dobromyslova, who beat England’s Fallon Sherrock 2-1. - BBC Website

2014 Lakeside World Darts Championship BDO Match Reports

Fallon Sherrock (England) 1 – 2 Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia)

Set 1

0:1    Early break of throw for Ana against the debutant Fallon Sherrock
1:1    But the 19 yr old hits straight back
1:2    Ana uses 16 darts to go back into the lead
2:2    Fallon only needs 15 darts in this leg to level the set
3:2    Fallon holds her throw and takes the 1st set

Set 2

0:1    Ana takes out 60 for the leg
1:1    A huge 103 out for Fallon levels the set
2:1    171 in this leg and 13 darts sees Fallon move to one leg of the match
2:2    Missed doubles by Fallon gives Ana the opportunity to level the set
2:3    A crucial and nervy leg sees Ana step up a gear and take the set

Set 3 

0:1    Ana has found her lie and takes the first leg of the last set
0:2    Another fantastic leg by Ana now puts her within one leg of victory
0:3    80 gives Ana the match in 14 darts.

Averages Fallon Sherrock: 25.37 Anastasia Dobromyslova: 24.57
Highest Outshot 109 (Fallon Sherrock)

Jan Dekker (Netherlands) 5 – 2 Martin Adams (England)

Set 1

0:1    Martin holds his throw with a bull finish for the early lead
1:1   134 from Jan in this leg helps him level the leg
1:2    Martin loses this throw as well with Jan hitting an impressive 14 dart leg
1:3    140 for Jan is responded to by Martin who hits a maximum the first in this match but Jan takes the set

Set 2 

1:0    Jan has the throw and hits 134, 140, 102 taking out 40 to go further ahead
1:1    Martin levels the set
2:1    3 ton+ scores puts Jan ahead
3:1    180 and 140 scoring gives Jan the set

Set 3 

1:0    Leg to Wolfie
1:1    Jan hits back with 18 dart leg taking out double top
1:2    Big scores from both men and the game could go either way but Jan takes the 2nd consecutive leg
2:2    Wolfie levels in 13 darts – magnificent scoring
3:2    Huge 117 outshot gives Jan the set to lead 3-0

Set 4 

0:1    Martin breaks in this leg with 4 ton + scores
1:1    Back to all level
1:2    133 shot to Martin gives him the lead
2:2   Jan is fighting back with a maximum and in 12 darts
2:3    Martin picks the right time to knock in 12 darts to take his first set of the game

Set 5

1:0    Jan hits his own 13 dart leg including a massive 177 to break Martins throw
1:1    13 darts again from Martin scoring 123, 140, 140 to level up the set
1:2    15 darts takes him into the lead
1:3    Second 15 dart leg gives Martin his second set

Set 6

0:1    Steady darts and Martin gets to the finish line first
0:2    Another leg on the board for Martin
1:2    Standard of darts is incredible with yet another 15 dart leg from Jan
2:2    He only needs 14 on this occasion
3:2   Only 60 for Jan at the start of this leg but a double 6 gives him a 126 out shot to win the set

Set 7

0:1    Adams has this throw in the set and both open with 140 and checks out double top for the leg
1:1    But Jan breaks straight back
2:1    Again 6 perfect darts in this leg from Jan and only needs 5 more darts to take out the leg
2:2    Martin is still fighting and wins this vital leg
3:2    Game, shot and the match to Jan Dekker

Averages Jan Dekker: 30.47 Martin Adams: 30.06
Highest Outshot 161 (Martin Adams)

Tamara Schuur (Netherlands) 0 – 2 Lisa Ashton (England)

Set 1

0:1 Ashton holds her throw in this tentative first leg
0:2 Three 140s from Ashton helped her win the second leg
1:2 Schuur won her first leg in this game with a break of throw
2:2 Schuur checked out on double tops as Lisa failed to check out on 26 following a 180
2:3 Ashton won the set with 24 darts, finishing on 44

Set 2

0:1 Ashton opens with a 180 and breaks Schuur to finish on double four
0:2 Ashton held her throw and took a 2-0 leg lead for the second time in the match.
0:3 Schuur threw 361 in nine darts while Ashton returned with 386 an equal amount of darts to win the match in 13 darts.

Tamara Schuur: Average 22.99

Lisa Ashton: 24.73

Highest out shot: 60 (Ashton)