Gary Stone, Matt Padgett, Robert Owen and Tony Newell were the four PDC Tour Card winners on Day Three of the 2014 PDC Q- School in Wigan, as Christian Kist missed out on an automatic Tour Card in the day’s deciding games.

q-schoolScottish ace Stone, 32, secured his place on the PDC ProTour with some superb darts on the day in Wigan, showing his experience as he won a Tour Card.

An amateur qualifier for the 2013 UK Open – where he lost out to veteran Dennis Smith in the second round – Stone has also previously played in the Lakeside Championship and World Masters, but described securing a Tour Card as the greatest moment of his career.

The Lanarkshire thrower opened Friday’s play with a whitewash of Mark Pritchard before defeating fellow Scot Joe Bata 5-3, and then saw off Ireland’s Keith Rooney and Holland’s Ron Meulenkamp to reach the last 16.

There, he defeated recent World Championship qualifier Ian Moss 5-1 before defeating Somerset’s Steve Grubb 5-2 to secure his Tour Card.

“I’m very proud, and this is the highlight of my career,” said Stone. “Winning through the Lakeside Championship qualifiers was a big moment for me, bit this is a possible life-changer.

“I probably felt I’d let myself down in the first two days but there was a lot of pressure back home, from both the family and in the media, and that’s not something I’m used to because it’s not as easy as just turning up here to win a Tour Card.

“I relaxed today and tried to concentrate on my own game and not worry about everyone else, and it feels so good to get over the line.

“To have a two-year Tour Card is massive. People don’t realise how big this is because of the amount of prize money there is to play for in the PDC now.”

Stone added: “I really enjoyed playing in the UK Open last year, and I learned a lot from playing Dennis Smith, who is a seasoned professional. That spurred me on and I want to experience more of that now.”

Stone’s achievement in winning a Tour Card on Friday was matched by another player with recent professional experience, the Ilkeston left-hander Matt Padgett.

The 31-year-old qualified for the 2011 World Championship and has played in three UK Opens since 2010, reaching the last 32 in Bolton last June, and regained his full Tour Card status with a 5-2 win over Dutch star Kist in their decider.

Padgett enjoyed wins over Jaron Esteve, Jake Patchett, Robert Turner, Nigel Heydon and Stuart White as he reached the penultimate stage of the day, where he edged out Isle of Wight youngster Keegan Brown 5-4 to set up his clash with Kist.

“I’d played Christian on the first day and although it was nip and tuck, he won 5-2 and he was the better player on the day,” said Padgett. “We joked as we were warming up for the game today that this was Round Two, and I’m delighted it went my way.

“I didn’t feel I played that well in the first two days, but I’ve got better as the days have gone on and my game was good today.

“This is a chance for me to have a fresh start on the ProTour now and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m hoping to get some more sponsorship which will help me to travel everywhere, and I want to make a big impact.”

The day’s two other Tour Card winners are newcomers to the professional circuit, with Welsh ace Robert Owen’s success coming only 24 hours after his friend Gerwyn Price had achieved the same feat.

Owen enjoyed wins over Michael Rasztovits, Damien Sherwood, Liam Fox, Doug Thompson, Mark Barilli and Pete Dyos on the day, dropping only one leg in each of his last three games as he secured professional status.

The 29-year-old from Bridgend has previously competed in the Welsh Open and played some County darts in Wales, but said: “This is the greatest day of my darts career by far!

“I’m so happy right now. I was delighted to see Gerwyn win a Tour Card yesterday and we were joking that if I could win one too we can travel together this year.

“It’s going to be a big learning curve for me but I’ve got two uears to establish myself and I want to try and qualify for the World Championship in that time.

“I came here wanting to win a Tour Card and though I was good enough, and Barrie Bates has encouraged me and a few of the Welsh lads to give it a go, and I’m glad he did!”

Cumbrian newcomer Newell, a 31-year-old caretaker from Windermere School, sealed his Tour Card with a 5-0 whitewash of experienced Dave Ladley in their decider – just 24 hours after being laid in bed recovering from a bout of ‘flu.

He had dropped only two legs in early wins over Geoff Whitworth and Marcel Hirzel before edging out Jason Lovett in a deciding leg, and he also defeated Brandon Walsh and Philip Wathen on his way to securing his full-time spot on the PDC ProTour.

“I’m absolutely elated,” said Kendal-based Newell. “I’d struggled on Wednesday and decided not to play on Thursday to get myself right and have a good crack at the final two days – and it’s brilliant that I only needed one day!

“I know I have the game for this level but you need to play well on the day, and it clicked for me today. Winning the Tour Card has changed everything for me and I’m really looking forward to the next two years.

“My boss has really backed me and given me the time off to come to Q School and it’s paid off for me so far and I’m excited about playing the circuit now.”

Runs to the last eight on the day for Kist, Dyos, Ladley and Grubb improves their chances of winning a Tour Card from the Q School Order of Merit – should they not go all the way in Saturday’s final day of competition in Wigan.

Brian Woods, who had reached the last eight on the first two days, reached the last 32 on Friday to maintain his position at the head of the Q School Order of Merit on 21 points, ahead of Keegan Brown (16) and Stuart White (15).

Dyos and Kist are locked on 14 points, with Austrian teenager Rowby-John Rodriguez on 13 points.

2014 PDC Qualifying School
Day Three – January 17 2014
Preliminary Round (Last 512)
Liam Fox 5-1 Stephen Gallimore
Kenatro Suzuki 5-3 Manuel Croskery
Matthew Dennant 5-1 Steve Rumble
Stuart Anderson 5-0 Paul Palmer
Andrew Johnson 5-2 Jeremy Morgan
Mark Barilli 5-1 Lee Grimshaw
Jason Wilson 5-3 Paul Barham
Matt Clark 5-4 Karl Merchant
Mike Norton 5-1 Lance Hackett
Barry Tyler 5-4 Dan Read
Jamie Bain 5-3 Sandy Stephen
Jim Walker 5-0 Raymond Balbach
Andy Pearson 5-1 Karsten Kornath
Mark Frost 5-2 Nicholas Bloor
Ricky Sudale 5-1 Michael Stevens
Kurt Parry 5-4 John Brammeld
Peter Walford 5-2 Tony Tasker
Rowby-John Rodriguez 5-1 Martin Perring
Ben Gaiter 5-1 Stuart Gilmour
Wayne Pepper 5-1 John Burgess
Dick van Dijk 5-3 Garry Spedding
Craig Pope 5-2 Trevor Williams
Matthew Dicken 5-2 Keith J Stephen
Peter Evison 5-4 Mark Forman
Vernon Sheppard 5-2 Krit Middleton
Joe Murnan 5-1 David Murphy
Stephen Hardy 5-3 Lee Frost
Dave Weston 5-2 Tony Richardson
Scott Coleman 5-1 Michael Wilson
Sam Hill 5-3 Kevin Lane
Philip Wathen 5-1 Vincent Tipple
Ben Songhurst 5-2 Laurie Selby
Matthew Edgar 5-2 Alan Tabern Jnr
Luke Woodhouse 5-2 Joey ten Berge
Damien Fyffe 5-0 John Trembeth
John Crossley 5-2 Alan Tabern
Steve Grubb 5-2 Curtis Bagley
Dave Kelly 5-0 Rob Commerford
Shaun Narain 5-1 Scott Johnson
John Scott 5-1 Gavin Baker
Keith Rooney 5-3 Nathan Richards
Par Riihonen 5-0 Kevin Bambrick
Shane Edwards 5-1 Tom Morley
Aden Kirk 5-4 Arron Wike
Lewis McGurn 5-0 Mark Wilson
Max Hopp 5-0 Frank Kirkwood
Joe Lacey 5-4 Colin Rice
Alan Reilly 5-0 Joshua Priestley
Richard Baillie 5-4 Steve Hine
Jason Murphy 5-4 Andy Relf
Stuart Bousfield 5-2 Anthony Wort
Luke Kennedy 5-0 Mike Harris
Mick Bushby 5-3 Nick Paenen
Sam Hamilton 5-3 Lee Cushworth
Ian McFarlane 5-2 Richard Denis
Nigel Birch 5-2 Danny Summers
Matt Padgett 5-2 Jaron Esteve
Jake Patchett 5-0 Peter Nightingale
Eduardo Sales Lopez 5-0 Mark Breakspear
Mark Hylton 5-2 Nathan Derry
Robert Fuller 5-3 Jay Walford
Jamie Landon 5-0 Frankie Ansell
Sion Thomas 5-4 Michael Bushby

First Round (Last 256)
Damien Sherwood 5-2 Ben Davies
Robert Owen 5-2 Michael Rasztovits
Andrew Howarth 5-1 Jack Hill
Liam Fox 5-4 Kentaro Suzuki
Barry Lynn 5-3 Scott Hudson
Doug Thompson 5-0 Paul Lennon
Dave Honey 5-0 Peter Roebuck
Stuart Anderson 5-4 Matthew Dennant
Adrian Daniels 5-1 Paul Harsant
Daniel Day 5-4 Colin Fowler
Darren Williams 5-3 Steve Perkins
Mark Barilli 5-0 Andrew Johnson
Steve Cupitt 5-3 Karl Brooks
Richard Ludlow 5-3 Mark Stephenson
Shaun Littler 5-4 Lee Whitworth
Matt Clark 5-1 Jason Wilson
Wilfried Hoberg 5-2 Darren Burksfield
Steve Douglas 5-0 Dan Dean
William O’Connor 5-4 Nathan Aspinall
Mike Norton 5-1 Barry Tyler
Richard van Zijtveld 5-4 Barrie Bates
Colin Feeley 5-4 Richie Winpenny
Jeff Batham 5-3 Jack Tweddell
Jamie Bain 5-2 Jim Walker
Pete Dyos 5-0 Carl Sparrow
Mark Jones (W Mids) 5-4 Mark Jodrill
Ian Lever 5-4 Peter Gallacher
Andy Pearson 5-1 Mark Frost
Conan Whitehead 5-1 Simon Pratt
David Dodds 5-2 Steve West
John Newland 5-4 Jay Foreman
Kurt Parry 5-3 Ricky Sudale
Michael Beal 5-3 Phil Henshaw
Kevin Voornhout 5-2 Dimitri van den Bergh
Steve Maish 5-2 Ad Verhoeks
Rowby-John Rodriguez 5-3 Peter Walford
Martin Homer 5-1 Dave Harper
Roy Lowe 5-4 Kristen Bircher
Daniel Astbury 5-2 Curtis Hammond
Wayne Pepper 5-2 Ben Gaiter
Jamie Robinson 5-1 Michael Waterworth
Dave Ladley 5-1 Steven Mead
Reece Robinson 5-1 Gavin Howard
Dick van Dijk 5-1 Craig Pope
Mick Todd 5-1 Andy Bless
Dyson Parody 5-2 Hermie van Orsouw
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-4 Eric van Meel
Peter Evison 5-3 Matthew Dicken
Brandon Walsh 5-2 Brett Claydon
Alex Low 5-1 Darren Mawer
Leon De Geus 5-0 Andrew Halls
Joe Murnan 5-3 Vernon Sheppard
Marcel Hirzel 5-2 Peter Manley
Tony Newell 5-1 Geoff Whitworth
Jason Lovett 5-3 Steven Lippett
Stephen Hardy 5-2 Dave Weston
Rees Hall 5-0 Carlos Rodriguez
Greg Dickinson 5-3 Geoff Heath
Philip Milburn 5-4 Martin Bowley
Scott Coleman 5-0 Sam Hill
Gaz Cousins 5-0 Lawrence Dixon
Mareno Michels 5-0 David Copley
Ryan Palmer 5-4 Jamie Atkins
Philip Wathen 5-1 Ben Songhurst
Danny Pinhorne 5-2 Paul Anthony
Ashley Holgate 5-2 Jeffrey Bekema
Danny De Haas 5-3 Harry Lane
Matthew Edgar 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Darron Brown 5-2 Brian Lewis
Michael Harrison 5-1 Peter Lock
Tim Martin 5-1 Ewan Hyslop
John Crossley 5-3 Damien Fyffe
Jonathan Worsley 5-4 Paul Carter
Dylan Duo 5-0 James Bevan
Michael Blake Bye (Lee Rose timed out)
Steve Grubb 5-2 Dave Kelly
Jason Hogg 5-3 Bernd Roith
Kevin Thomas 5-1 Ian Dargan
Wayne Thomas 5-4 Trevor Burkhill
Shaun Narain 5-3 John Scott
Joe Bata 5-2 Tony Cole
Gary Stone 5-0 Mark Pritchard
Adrian Gray 5-1 Mike Nott
Keith Rooney 5-4 Par Riihonen
Mark Flawn 5-0 Lee Moffat
Prakash Jiwa 5-3 Rocco Maes
Ron Meulenkamp 5-0 Lee Hunter
Aden Kirk 5-2 Shane Edwards
Gary Eastwood 5-1 Jordan Johnston
Michael Barnard 5-1 Jamie Guilfoyle
Martin Carvill 5-1 Joshua Tunnicliffe
Lewis McGurn 5-4 Max Hopp
Tony Baker 5-2 Steve Randall
Ian Moss 5-4 Glenn Spearing
Jon Jukes 5-1 Bradley Williams
Joe Lacey 5-1 Alan Reilly
Dave Place 5-2 Adam Smith-Neale
Mark Cox 5-0 Wayne Dunn
Christian Kist 5-0 Stuart Stubbs
Richard Baillie 5-0 Jason Murphy
Andy Pearce 5-3 Simon Burt
Darren Weaver 5-2 Michael Burgoine
John Goldie 5-0 Craig Mansell
Stuart Bousfield 5-2 Luke Kennedy
Brian Woods 5-2 Alex Roy
Joe Heywood 5-3 Sean Ryan
Shaun Griffiths 5-1 Jamie Gemmell
Mick Bushby 5-2 Sam Hamilton
John Ferrell 5-3 Terry Roach
Simon Cassidy 5-1 Paul Hodkin
Paul Smith 5-1 Lee Hayes
Nigel Birch 5-3 Ian McFarlane
Darren Whittingham 5-3 Ryan Herrington
Nigel Heydon 5-2 Michael Symes
Robert Turner 5-3 Robbie Parker
Matt Padgett 5-3 Jake Patchett
Stuart White 5-0 Andy Hutchings
Ross Twell 5-4 Mike Gorst
Steve Haggerty 5-4 Oliver Stell
Mark Hylton 5-4 Eduardo Sales Lopez
Adam Thomas 5-1 Michael Uxa
Richie Howson 5-0 Paul Redfern
Lee Palfreyman 5-0 Glyn Thomas
Jamie Landon 5-4 Robert Fuller
Keegan Brown 5-3 Scott MacKenzie
Ryan Harrington 5-2 Leo Hendriks
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-2 Alan Derrett
Terry Temple 5-1 Sion Thomas

Second Round (Last 128)
Robert Owen 5-4 Damien Sherwood
Liam Fox 5-3 Andrew Howarth
Doug Thompson 5-3 Barry Lynn
Dave Honey 5-3 Stuart Anderson
Daniel Day 5-2 Adrian Daniels
Mark Barilli 5-2 Darren Williams
Steve Cupitt 5-3 Richard Ludlow
Matt Clark 5-3 Shaun Littler
Steve Douglas 5-0 Wilfried Hoberg
William O’Connor 5-1 Mike Norton
Colin Feeley 5-3 Richard van Zijtveld
Jeff Batham 5-4 Jamie Bain
Pete Dyos 5-1 Mark Jones (W Mids)
Ian Lever 5-2 Andy Pearson
Conan Whitehead 5-4 David Dodds
John Newland 5-4 Kurt Parry
Kevin Voornhout 5-2 Michael Beal
Rowby-John Rodriguez 5-2 Steve Maish
Martin Homer 5-1 Roy Lowe
Wayne Pepper 5-2 Daniel Astbury
Dave Ladley 5-3 Jamie Robinson
Dick van Dijk 5-2 Reece Robinson
Dyson Parody 5-3 Mick Todd
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-0 Peter Evison
Brandon Walsh 5-0 Alex Low
Leon de Geus 5-2 Joe Murnan
Tony Newell 5-1 Marcel Hirzel
Jason Lovett 5-3 Stephen Hardy
Rees Hall 5-4 Greg Dickinson
Philip Milburn 5-4 Scott Coleman
Gaz Cousins 5-2 Mareno Michels
Philip Wathen 5-1 Ryan Palmer
Danny Pinhorne 5-1 Ashley Holgate
Matthew Edgar 5-4 Danny de Haas
Darron Brown 5-0 Michael Harrison
John Crossley 5-2 Tim Martin
Jonathan Worsley 5-0 Dylan Duo
Steve Grubb 5-0 Michael Blake
Kevin Thomas 5-3 Jason Hogg
Wayne Thomas 5-0 Shaun Narain
Gary Stone 5-3 Joe Bata
Keith Rooney 5-3 Adrian Gray
Prakash Jiwa 5-1 Mark Flawn
Ron Meulenkamp 5-1 Aden Kirk
Michael Barnard 5-0 Gary Eastwood
Lewis McGurn 5-3 Martin Carvill
Ian Moss 5-4 Tony Baker
Jon Jukes 5-4 Joe Lacey
Mark Cox 5-2 Dave Place
Christian Kist 5-3 Richard Baillie
Darren Weaver 5-1 Andy Pearce
Stuart Bousfield 5-1 John Goldie
Brian Woods 5-3 Joe Heywood
Shaun Griffiths 5-2 Mick Bushby
John Ferrell 5-2 Simon Cassidy
Paul Smith 5-1 Nigel Birch
Nigel Heydon 5-1 Darren Whittingham
Matt Padgett 5-2 Robert Turner
Stuart White 5-1 Ross Twell
Steve Haggerty 5-4 Mark Hylton
Richie Howson 5-0 Adam Thomas
Jamie Landon 5-3 Lee Palfreyman
Keegan Brown 5-3 Ryan Harrington
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-3 Terry Temple

Third Round (Last 64)
Robert Owen 5-2 Liam Fox
Doug Thompson 5-1 Dave Honey
Mark Barilli 5-2 Daniel Day
Matt Clark 5-1 Steve Cupitt
William O’Connor 5-3 Steve Douglas
Jeff Batham 5-0 Colin Feeley
Pete Dyos 5-1 Ian Lever
John Newland 5-4 Conan Whitehead
Rowby-John Rodriguez 5-3 Kevin Voornhout
Wayne Pepper 5-4 Martin Homer
Dave Ladley 5-0 Dick van Dijk
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-4 Dyson Parody
Brandon Walsh 5-3 Leon De Geus
Tony Newell 5-4 Jason Lovett
Philip Milburn 5-2 Rees Hall
Philip Wathen 5-4 Gaz Cousins
Matthew Edgar 5-4 Danny Pinhorne
Darron Brown 5-4 John Crossley
Steve Grubb 5-3 Jonathan Worsley
Kevin Thomas 5-4 Wayne Thomas
Gary Stone 5-2 Keith Rooney
Ron Meulenkamp 5-2 Prakash Jiwa
Michael Barnard 5-3 Lewis McGurn
Ian Moss 5-2 Jon Jukes
Christian Kist 5-2 Mark Cox
Stuart Bousfield 5-4 Darren Weaver
Brian Woods 5-0 Shaun Griffiths
John Ferrell 5-0 Paul Smith
Matt Padgett 5-3 Nigel Heydon
Stuart White 5-4 Steve Haggerty
Richie Howson 5-0 Jamie Landon
Keegan Brown 5-1 Dirk van Duijvenbode

Fourth Round (Last 32)
Robert Owen 5-1 Doug Thompson
Mark Barilli 5-3 Matt Clark
William O’Connor 5-4 Jeff Batham
Pete Dyos 5-1 John Newland
Wayne Pepper 5-1 Rowby-John Rodriguez
Dave Ladley 5-2 Zoran Lerchbacher
Tony Newell 5-2 Brandon Walsh
Philip Wathen 5-2 Philip Milburn
Darron Brown 5-2 Matthew Edgar
Steve Grubb 5-4 Kevin Thomas
Gary Stone 5-2 Ron Meulenkamp
Ian Moss 5-2 Michael Barnard
Christian Kist 5-2 Stuart Bousfield
John Ferrell 5-3 Brian Woods
Matt Padgett 5-3 Stuart White
Keegan Brown 5-4 Richie Howson

Fifth Round (Last 16)
Robert Owen 5-1 Mark Barilli
Pete Dyos 5-0 William O’Connor
Dave Ladley 5-3 Wayne Pepper
Tony Newell 5-4 Philip Wathen
Steve Grubb 5-1 Darron Brown
Gary Stone 5-1 Ian Moss
Christian Kist 5-1 John Ferrell
Matt Padgett 5-4 Keegan Brown

Sixth Round (Last Eight)
Robert Owen 5-1 Pete Dyos
Tony Newell 5-0 Dave Ladley
Gary Stone 5-2 Steve Grubb
Matt Padgett 5-2 Christian Kist

2014 PDC Q-School Day Three Tour Card Winners

Robert Owen
Tony Newell
Gary Stone
Matt Padgett

Q School Order of Merit Ranking Points Allocation
Last 128 Losers – One Point
Last 64 Losers – Two Points
Last 32 Losers – Three Points
Last 16 Losers – Five Points
Last Eight Losers – Nine Points