So. The last year has been packed full of firsts. I’ve had firsts of meeting the likes of Phil Taylor, Colin Osborne, Adrian Lewis, Eric Bristow to name just a few.

My first darts set (ok, so that sounds like it should be available at all good toy stores), the first time i’ve been part of a darts team, my first 180, first ton-plus finish, the first time i’ve been mildly good at anything and I’m sharing anther first with you right now; my first darts blog post!

I guess the best place to start is at the beginning. It took a while to recover the memory, but I can just about recall the first time I threw a dart. It was at my local Community Centre when I was about 6 years old. I was with my Dad and brother, trying to butt in on what the boys were doing – as girls do. I can’t say I showed a natural aptitude for the sport at the time. However, a few years later I would find that I had a knack for throwing stuff.

I have no idea whether this echo’s many other darting enthusiasts’ background, but between the ages of 7 and 10, I attended a school which looked favourably on sporting ability – particularly when there wasn’t much ability elsewhere. As it turned out, I wasn’t academic or athletic.

However, I could throw and hit stuff like there was no tomorrow. I tagged along on athletics meetings against other schools around the country. That is, to say, I got on the coach, got off, threw a Rounders ball/discus/javelin, got a certificate, got on the bus and went home. I was a productive member of society. Sort of. Well, with that sort of background, you can’t imagine me not becoming a world class darts player, can you? …No, probably not.

Well that brings me to last year, when I had my first real taste of the heroine that is darts. If I’m honest, I think the reason my local started making use of the dart board was a result of a disagreement over the pool table. Regardless, we started having a chuck, and with a decent amount of practice time on the boards, one friend in particular was truly excelling. My Husband and I told him he would hit a wall, playing in the confines of the safety of our modest social club and that perhaps we should start up a team and join the local league.

A few weeks into the league (our only win was against a team who later pulled out, voiding that small achievement), I had uncomfortably received a few complements on my darts, and in particular my throw. The way I saw it, I had only watched men’s darts and played against men, therefore I was subconsciously emanating them – yes, apparently I throw like a man. I don’t mind though. It makes a lot of sense if I’m honest, and it helps me figure out why my darts fly as they do.

It’s a bit like finding a missing piece of a puzzle. That’s the funny thing about darts. There’s always something to learn… Whether it’s how to control your emotions, or why your darts can be awesome one day and rubbish the next (answers on a postcard please).

So, it’s nearing the end of the season and it’s been the craziest few months of my life. I first picked up a set of darts about a year ago, a complete beginner, uncovering a world that I had no idea existed. I knew absolutely nothing of darts, or the people, the skill, or politics involved.

Now, my Husband and I usually play darts 4 or 5 times a week, we are both actively involved in local darts, I’m in contact with some awesome darts Tweeters, I play for 2 teams – though I’m signed on to 2 others (more on that later) and I’m learning more and more every day!

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