It feels like the darts season is in full swing! The last few weeks have been packed with tournaments, exhibitions and league darts.

We have been lucky enough to attend several exhibitions recently, mainly thanks to MDA Promotions and Pro-Am Darts, two fantastic companies who you’re guaranteed to have a great night with. One of Pro-Am’s exhibitions was the first for darts player James Richardson. It’s incredible to see people come together to support a darts player with such potential, to help them on their way. Since the exhibition, James has performed well, winning the Darts for Heroes singles tournament and playing well at the PDC Players Championship in Derby.

With the seasons changing now, it feels like everything is geared towards the World Championships in December with a good bit of excitement in the meantime. We’ve got the Grand Prix, the Grand Slam and the Players Championship Finals to look forward to over the next couple of months!

A little closer to home it’s all going on too. The men’s league season has finished and started again. We kicked off with a win, but haven’t been so fortunate since! It’ll be our team’s second season and new teams have entered this year. It’s great to see. Nothing gets stale, there are always new people to meet and hopefully it means the leagues get bigger. I’ve heard people talk about days when towns and counties had more darts teams than could be counted and cliques weren’t so concentrated.

The Ladies League finished on a great note and presentation night is coming up soon which I’m looking forward to. I’ve also heard that ladies darts teams have a fantastic reputation for Christmas parties!

Friday night blind doubles league has been replaced with Super league. It’s daunting being faced with a new challenge, but Friday nights are so much fun and we have a fantastic team. There’s definitely something to be said for the adrenaline buzz. I was surprisingly chilled out on my first game and couldn’t hit a thing! Come the following Friday, I couldn’t stop my supporting leg shaking but my average improved (slightly) and I won!

The team is a great laugh and all very supportive of each other. It’s fantastic to see the standard of women’s darts in the county. After the slating women’s darts usually gets, it feels good to know that women can hold their own on the oche.

Occasionally, after we have had a particularly successful darting day or night, my Husband and I will look at each other in such a way that says; “How the hell did we end up here?!”. It’s amazing how much can change in a little over a year.

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