Andre Carman took victory in the second North American ProTour event held in London, Ontario on Sunday, defeating Darin Young in the final.

The Canadian took the $2,200 first prize on home soil, enjoying a 6-3 win in the final against top US left-hander Young. Carman won a total of eight matches on the day as a bumper field competed in the tournament, dropping only three legs in his first three games, as he defeated Jason Stanley, Jim Newton and Joe Clements.

He then saw off Brian Ross 6-4 and enjoyed 6-3 wins over Christian Haggmark and Ross Snook to reach the semi-finals, where he was a 6-1 winner against Dan Olson. Young’s run saw him reach the final for the second successive NAPT event, having also lost out to John Part in the inaugural event in Chicago in July.

Three-time World Champion Part was defeated by Ross Snook in the third round of the event, with Snook also seeing off his Canadian World Cup team-mate Ken MacNeil before losing out to Carman.

The year’s final NAPT event will be held in Atlantic City on September 9, with the NAPT Order of Merit winner then being invited to play in the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship.

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PDC North American ProTour Event Two
Hilton London Ontario, August 26 2012

Preliminary Round
Chris White 6-1 Gus Collins
Duncan Sagriff 6-4 Richard Cuerrier
Ben Garner 6-3 Pete Sawatzky
Andre Carman 6-0 Jason Stanley
Dan Olson 6-0 Darin Tucker
Dan Lauby Jnr 6-4 James Hind
Efren Fadas 6-3 Scott Lemoine
Preston Noonan 6-3 Kenny Lawrence
Terry Hayhurst 6-1 Mike Mainville
Guy Connelly 6-2 Terry O’Connell
Shaun Narain 6-0 Ray Howick
Bill Neilson 6-1 Sean Boussen
Wayne Fick 6-3 Glen Smith
Joe Chaney 6-1 Todd Harrington
Ron Schmidt 6-5 John Kramer
Dawson Murschell 6-1 Chris Caldwell

First Round
John Part 6-2 Chris White
Al Moskwyn 6-1 Terry Rantala
Ian Fogarty 6-2 Theo Van Tassel
Ross Snook 6-1 Mark Neilsen
Kory Nicholson 6-3 Duncan Sagriff
Karsten Larsen 6-2 Visa LeBlanc
Ken MacNeil 6-0 Mark Onsdorff
Ryan Tkach 6-3 Jason Roker
John Kuczynski 6-3 Ben Garner
Christian Haggmark 6-2 Nick Brownrigg
Kevin Hawkins 6-5 Scott Jacques
Ritchell Penalosa 6-2 Mark Willis
Andre Carman 6-1 Jim Newton
Joe Clements 6-3 Al Earl
Doug Mead 6-0 Ed Lewanick
Brian Ross 6-0 Mike Stanton
Dan Olson 6-0 Jennifer Briggs
Ray Carver 6-2 Ryan Barnette
Scott Henning 6-0 Brad Boylan
Ken Townsend 6-1 Stan Minogue
Dan Lauby Jnr 6-2 Corey Tung
Goby Logan 6-2 Mark Chua
Dave Cameron 6-2 William St Crois
Jim Doohan 6-2 Mark Comerford
Larry Butler 6-1 Efren Fadas
Steven Warnock 6-2 Jim Long
Nick Holmes 6-3 Garnet DeRoche
Mike Smith 6-3 Rick Tressler
Dave Watson 6-4 Preston Noonan
John Briggs 6-2 Andrew McDonald
Glenn Fraser 6-1 Greg Wright
Jerry Dooling 6-0 David Kerr
Darin Young 6-2 Terry Hayhurst
Jay Barlow 6-2 Kevin Thompson
Jim Widmayer 6-2 Phil Sroka
Bruce Davey 6-0 Sylvain Vachon
Guy Connelly 6-5 Jeff Smith
DJ Sayre 6-5 David Corrieau
Jason Linfield 6-3 Adam Bernard
Dan Lauby 6-0 Lynn Marshall
Shaun Narain 6-3 Al MacKay
Bob Miske 6-1 Jarvis Payne
Michael Craig 6-5 Mike Mills
Victor DeWilde 6-1 Daniel Mailloux
Gary Broomhead 6-4 Bill Neilson
Bill Gibson 6-2 Dennis Latimer
David Kendall 6-0 Mike Magee
John Verwey 6-2 Austin Martin
Sean Smyth 6-3 Wayne Fick
Trish Grzesik 6-3 Gordon Dixon
Kiley Edmunds 6-2 Doug Boehm
Oliver Jones 6-3 David Munro
Joe Chaney 6-0 Danny Sutherland
Scott Gilmour 6-4 Peter Hewetson
Dave Hack 6-2 Adam Sinnaeve
Bob Sinnaeve 6-1 Chris Ruby
Ron Schmidt 6-0 Jeremy Gan
Mike Griffin 6-2 Edwin Martin
Norm Tremblay 6-0 Michael Findlay
Steve Hill 6-2 Berriman
Dawson Murschell 6-0 Adrien St Peter
Andrew McDonald 6-4 Lanny DaSilva
Gary Mawson 6-2 Rod Smith
Tom Smith 6-2 Ryan Van Der Weit

Second Round
John Part 6-0 Al Moskwyn
Ross Snook 6-2 Ian Fogarty
Karsten Larsen 6-2 Kory Nichols
Ken MacNeil 6-2 Ryan Tkach
Christian Haggmark 6-4 John Kuczynski
Ritchell Penalosa 6-2 Kevin Hawkins
Andre Carman 6-2 Joe Clements
Brian Ross 6-1 Doug Mead
Dan Olson 6-2 Ray Carver
Ken Townsend 6-5 Scott Henning
Dan Lauby Jnr 6-0 Goby Logan
Dave Cameron 6-0 Mark Comerford
Steven Warnock 6-5 Larry Butler
Mike Smith 6-4 Nick Holmes
Dave Watson 6-5 John Briggs
Glenn Fraser 6-4 Jerry Dooling
Darin Young 6-3 Jay Barlow
Jim Widmayer 6-2 Bruce Davey
DJ Sayre 6-4 Guy Connelly
Jason Linfield 6-4 Dan Lauby
Bob Miske 6-4 Shaun Narain
Victor DeWilde 6-1 Michael Craig
Gary Broomhead 6-1 Bill Gibson
David Kendall 6-3 John Verwey
Sean Smyth 6-3 Trish Grzesik
Oliver Jones 6-4 Kiley Edmunds
Joe Chaney 6-0 Scott Gilmour
Bob Sinnaeve 6-0 Dave Hack
Ron Schmidt 6-0 Mike Griffin
Norm Tremblay 6-0 Steve Hill
Dawson Murschell 6-1 Andrew McDonald
Gary Mawson 6-4 Tom Smith

Third Round
Ross Snook 6-3 John Part
Ken MacNeil 6-1 Karsten Larsen
Christian Haggmark 6-0 Ritchell Penalosa
Andre Carman 6-4 Brian Ross
Dan Olson 6-2 Ken Townsend
Dave Cameron 6-4 Dan Lauby Jnr
Steven Warnock 6-4 Mike Smith
Dave Watson 6-3 Glenn Fraser
Darin Young 6-1 Jim Widmayer
DJ Sayre 6-2 Jason Linfield
Bob Miske 6-4 Victor DeWilde
Gary Broomhead 6-5 David Kendall
Oliver Jones 6-5 Sean Smyth
Joe Chaney 6-4 Bob Sinnaeve
Norm Tremblay 6-0 Ron Schmidt
Gary Mawson 6-2 Dawson Murschell
Losers $100 

Fourth Round
Ross Snook 6-5 Ken MacNeil
Andre Carman 6-3 Christian Haggmark
Dan Olson 6-2 Dave Cameron
Steve Warnock 6-2 Dave Watson
Darin Young 6-1 DJ Sayre
Gary Broomhead 6-3 Bob Miske
Joe Chaney 6-2 Oliver Jones
Gary Mawson 6-2 Norm Tremblay
Losers $200 

Andre Carman 6-3 Ross Snook
Dan Olson 6-0 Steve Warnock
Darin Young 6-2 Gary Broomhead
Gary Mawson 6-0 Joe Chaney
Losers $400 

Andre Carman 6-1 Dan Olson
Darin Young 6-4 Gary Mawson
Losers $800 

Andre Carman 6-3 Darin Young
Winner $2,200
Runner-Up $1,400

Source  – PDC

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