The England men and women took their respective titles at the BDO British Internationals played at Parc – y – Scarlets Llanelli over last weekend.

England Men beat Scotland 10-2 and Wales 8-4, in the other mens fixture Wales managed a 9-3 victory over Scotland.

England Ladies beat Scotland 6-0 and Wales 4-2, meanwhile the Scotland and Wales ladies drew 3-3.

Ladies captain Trina Gulliver created darts history by becoming the first ever female player to win 50 International caps, and was presented with an award from England Manager, Peter Melton pictured.

As a nine times Lakeside Women’s World Professional Champion and a five times Winmau World Masters Women’s Champion, Trina has been setting records for many years and it is very fitting that she now becomes the first female player to achieve this outstanding achievement.

In the Youth event England Girls became the first British International Youth Champions by beating both Scotland and Wales 2-0.

Wales Boys celebrated on home soil by becoming first ever winners of the BDO British Internationals Boys Youth title.

Mens British International Results

England 8 v 4 Wales

Jamie Robinson 2-3 Martin Phillips

Martin Atkins 3-0 Dafydd Evans

Scott Mitchell 2-3 David Smith-Hayes

David Pallett 3-1 Martyn Freeman

Martins Adams 3-2 Chris Jones

Garry Thompson 1-3 Jonny Clayton

James Wilson 3-2 Wayne Warren

Robbie Green 1-3 Tony Bradley

Scott Waites 3-0 Wayne Davies

Tony O’Shea 3-0 Stephen Cake

Glen Durrant 3-2 Mark Layton

Mark McGeeney 3-1 Kevin Thomas

Scotland 2 v 10 England

Harry Todman 1-3 Robbie Green

Steve Taylor 3-1 John Walton

Colin Feeley 2-3 Tony O’Shea

Gary Stone 1-3 Mark McGeeney

Ross Montgomery 0-3 James Wilson

Ewan Hyslop 0-3 Martin Atkins

Craig Baxter 2-3 Scott Waites

Stewart Rattray 2-3 David Pallett

Evan Callander 3-1 Scott Mitchell

Alan Soutar 1-3 Garry Thompson

Duncan Hastings 0-3 Martin Adams

Ernest Brown 0-3 Glen Durrant

Wales 9 v 3  Scotland

Wayne Warren 3-1 Colin Feeley

Johnny Clayton 3-2 Craig Baxter

David Smith-Hayes 3-1 Harry Todman

Dafydd Edwards 3-2 Alan Soutar

Kevin Thomas 3-2 Gary Stone

Tony Bradley 2-3 Ernest Brown

Carwyn Moss Jones 1-3 Ross Montgomery

Martin Phillips 3-1 Stewart Rattray

Mark Layton 3-1 Steve Taylor

Chris Jones 3-2 Steve Ritchie

Stephen Cake 1-3 Ewan Hyslop

Martyn Freeman 3-1 Duncan Hastings

BDO British Internationals Teams

ENGLAND MEN: Martin Adams, Capt (Cambs); Tony O’Shea, Vice-Captain (Cheshire); Martin Atkins (Yorks); Glen Durrant (Cleveland); Robbie Green (Merseyside); Mark McGeeney (Warks); Scott Mitchell (Dorset); David Palett (Cheshire); Jamie Robinson (Essex); Garry Thompson (Yorks); Scott Waites (Yorks); John Walton (Yorks); James Wilson (Yorks).

ENGLAND WOMEN:Trina Gulliver, Capt (Warks); Deta Hedman (Oxfords); Lisa Ashton (Lancs); Claire Ball (Cambs); Merryl Dennis (Devon); Lorraine Farlam (Yorks); Clare Bywaters (London).

WALES MEN: Martin Phillips (Gwynedd) Captain; Mark Layton (Breconshire); Kevin Thomas (Glamorgan); Wayne Warren (Glamorgan); Stephen Cake (Gwent); Martyn Freeman (Gwent); Chris Jones (Gwent); Jonny Clayton (Pembrokeshire); Tony Bradley (Glamorgan); David Smith-Hayes (Derbyshire); Carwyn Moss Jones (Gwynedd); Dafydd Edwards (Montgomery & Radnor); Wayne Davies (Glamorgan).

WALES WOMEN Julie Gore (Pembrokeshire) Captain; Rhian Edwards (Glamorgan); Michelle Webber (Glamorgan); Chris Savvery (Gwent); Gaynor Williams (Gwynedd); Rhian Griffiths (Pembrokeshire); Glad Davies (Clwyd).

SCOTLAND MEN: Ross Montgomery (East Renfrewshire) Captain; Craig Baxter (East Stirlingshire); Ernest Brown (Lanarkshire); Euan Callander (Highland); Colin Feeley (Fife); Duncan Hastings (East Stirlingshire); Ewan Hyslop (Borders); Stewart Rattray (Fife); Steve Ritchie (Shropshire); Gary Stone (East Renfrewshire); Alan Soutar (Angus); Steve Taylor (Grampian); Harry Todman (Lothian).

SCOTLAND WOMEN: Moira Murray (Fife) Non-Playing Captain; Lynn Cowan (East Renfrewshire); Louise Hepburn (Renfrewshire); Anne Kirk (Ayrshire); Frances Lawson (Lothian); Kate Smith (Tay Valley); Jenni Tully (Central); Susanna Young (East Renfrewshire).