Wins For Dekker & Hedman 

Claire Stainsby and Glen Durrant

9 Dart Stars

Jan Dekker beat Scott Waites 6-3 to take the 2013 BDO International Open mens singles title and defending champion Deta Hedman retained her title by overcoming Trina Gulliver 5-2 in the ladies singles competition

Darts history was made when Claire Stainsby and Glen Durrant recorded the first ever 9-Dart 501 in a mixed pairs competition.

They went on to be eventual runners-up to Garry Thompson and Deta Hedman who won the 2013 Mixed Pairs title.

To complete a memorable weekend at Pontin’s Brean Sands Holiday Park in Somerset, Claire and Glen won the Mixed Triples with Tony Eccles.

AM Darts youth players Joe Davis and Cassey Gallagher both featured in the semi-finals of the youth singles competition.

Casey went on to reach the final where she eventually lost out 3-1 to Jordan Singh.


2013 BDO International Open Results Sheets





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