The second day in Blackpool saw another 24 players take to the oche all hoping to become the first ever winner of the BDO Daily Mirror World Trophy. There were early exits for 9 times World Champion Trina Gulliver MBE and Richie George who lost to the Winmau World Masters runner-up James Wilson.

BDO World Trophy

Fallon Sherrock –

BDO World Trophy First Round Results

Friday 7th February 2-14

Fallon Sherrock 4 v 2 Paula Jacklin Match Stats

Rick Hofstra 6 v 3 Madars Razma Match Stats

Jeffrey De Graaf 6 v 4 Michael Haynes Match Stats

Aileen De Graaf 4 v 2 Rachna David Match Stats

Glen Durrant 5 v 6 Dave Prins Match Stats

James Wilson 6 v 3 Richie George Match Stats

Trina Gulliver 3 v 4 Dee Bateman Match Stats

Scott Mitchell 6 v 0 David Cameron Match Stats

Darryl Fitton 6 v 5 Harley Kemp Match Stats

Julie Gore 0 v 4 Lisa Ashton Match Stats

Martin Adams 6 v 2 Robert Rickwood Match Stats

Robbie Green 1 v 6 Karel Sedlacek Match Stats


BDO World Trophy

Ladies Darts –

The day started with the young talent that is Fallon Sherrock take on Paula Jacklin. An impressive performance saw Fallon win 4 legs to 2 and showed why she is one of the up and coming stars of the ladies game.

The ladies continued to shine with Rachna David missing the bull for a 167 finish. She could not capitalise and eventually lost to Aileen de Graaf.

There was an early exit for 9 times World Champion Trina Gulliver MBE and Richie George who lost to the runner up Winmau World Master James Wilson.

Jeffrey De Graaf against Mick Haynes and Glen Durrant against Dave Prins gave the Blackpool crowd exceptional games with some very high scoring. Jeffrey and Mick between them hit 38 ton + scores whilst Glen and Dave hit 47.

Glen and Dave also impressed with 106 and 116 consecutive out shots which thrilled the crowd.

Dave Cameron and Scott Mitchell opened up the second half of the evening with Scott giving a very impressive performance beating the Canadian 6-0 with an end average of 96.

The evening was wrapped up for the ladies by Julie Gore and the current BDO Ladies World Champion Lisa Ashton who won the game with an impressive bull finish.

Another young player 19 year old Harley Kmep put in an impressive performance against the Dazzler Darryl Fitton. Darryl was the eventual winner 6-5 but Harley played very well and bult on his recent Lakeside performance.

BDO World Trophy

James Wilson –

Martin Adams took to the stage to play Lancashire Lad and qualifier Robert Rickwood. Both players scored well and took the game with double 12.

The evening was rounded off with the match between the number 3 seed Robbie Green and Karel Sedlacek from the Czech Republic. Green started the game as the bookies favourite to win but Karel had different ideas and went into a 4-0 lead.

Robbie scored well but had double trouble. This was a remarkable game to round off the early stages of the tournament. Robbie averaged 91.61 and Karel 93.81 with the final scoreline being 6-1 to the Czech.

BDO World Trophy Saturday 8th February Schedule of Play

13.30 Deta Hedman v Irina Armstrong

14.00 Alan Norris v Jim Williams

14.40 Gary Robson v Jim Widmayer

15.20 Anastasia Dobromyslova v Sharon Prins

15.50 Remco Van Eijden v Ross Montgomary

16.30 Martin Adams v Jan Dekker

17.10 Fallon Sherrock v Aileen De Graaf

17.40 Karel Sedlacek v Paul Jennings

18.20 Scott Mitchell v Darryl Fitton

19.00 Lisa Ashton v Dee Bateman

19.30 Jeffrey De Graaf v Dave Prins

20.10 Rick Hofstra v James Wilson

BDO World Trophy First Round BDO Match Reports

Robbie Green v Karel Sedlacek

Last game of the day saw No 3 seed Robbie Green take on Karel Sedlacek from the Czech Republic

0-1 Robbie hits 177 in this first leg to take advantage against the throw but Sedlacek wires Shanghai but takes tops to hold his throw
0-2 First 180 to Karel in the 2nd leg, who went on to hit a 2nd and takes the game with double 4 to break the throw
0-3 High scoring leg again from both players and Karel takes it with one dart at double 12
0-4 Both players hit high scores and pressurised each others shots. karel hits double 16 for a 4-0 lead
0-5 Steady start in this leg from both players and Green got to a finish first but Karel hit double 19 for another leg
1-5 Robbie holds his throw to get a leg on the board – averages at this stage for both players are 99 and 100
1-6 56 out gives Karel the game.

Julie Gore v Lisa Ashton

The last ladies game of the night saw The Icecube, Julie Gore take .on the current BDO World Champion Lisa Ashton
0-1 Impressive darts from both ladies started this game with Lisa hitting double 7 for an early break of throw
0-2 Again high scoring from both players but Lisa takes the advantage
0-3 The score line does not reflect the game these ladies played – Julie had hit 100, 100 and 132 but Lisa took the double
0-4 Lisa took the game with a bull finish

Lisa will now play Dee Bateman in the 1/4 final

Darryl Fitton v Harley Kemp

Another 19 year old took to the stage in Blackpool to take on the No. 6 seed Darryl Fitton

1-0 Darryl won the bull and had the throw in the first leg which he took with 43 out
2-0 Big scores again from both players but Darryl took the double first to go 2 legs up
2-1 19 year old takes a leg back, again with both hitting exceptional darts
2-2 Level game at this point. Darryl hit 180 but Harley took out double 16 with one dart
3-2 Darryl held his throw and took the leg in 16 darts
3-3 Even game at this point
4-3 Darryl just edged ahead in this leg
5-3 2 x 140 for Darryl gave him the 8th leg and moved within one leg of the match
5-4 But Harley hit back starting off with 180 and hitting 115 for a 15 dart leg
5-5 100 finish for Harley took the game into a final and deciding leg
6-5 Darryl hit some big scores in this leg to take the game in 14 darts

Fantastic game from both players and another young players put in a very impressive performance. Darryl will play Scott Mitchell in the next round

Scott Mitchell v David Cameron

Scott Mitchell and Dave Cameron was our next game up

1-0 Scott Mitchell takes 16 darts to take the first leg
2-0 Despite Dave hitting 135 in the second leg Scott only needed 16 darts for the 2nd leg
3-0 Scott was really in the zone in the 3rd leg
4-0 140, 100, 180 from Scott gives him this leg in 11 darts
5-0 More high scores from both players in this 5th leg put Scott within 1 leg of the game
6-0 Scott finished the game in 18 darts to move on to the 2nd Round

Scott hit a 97 average in this game and will meet either Darryl Fitton in the next round

Trina Gulliver v Dee Bateman

Trina Gulliver met Dee Bateman in the 3rd ladies match of the game.

1-0 Trina took an early lead despite some very high scoring from Dee
1-1 Dee holds her throw to level the score
2-1 The 9 times world champion took out 105 to take the third leg
2-2 Both ladies miss doubles and Dee took the advantage
2-3 Dee gained the momentum in this leg and went ahead for the first time in the game
2-4 Dee takes the game taking out double top

Dee will meet the winner of the last ladies match this evening – Julie Gore or Lisa Ashton

James Wilson v Richie George 

Half way through the evening and England’s James Wilson and Richie George take to the stage.

1-0 James had the throw in the opening leg and takes out 52 for the win
2-0 3 140s in this leg and James takes out 47 to extend his lead
2-1 100s and 140s from both players in this leg with Richie taking the leg in 15 darts
3-1 James extended his lead in 13 darts this time
3-2 Both players hit 180s in this leg alongside 100 and 140s with Richie only needing 11 darts to complete the leg
4-2 Double 16 gives James the 6th leg
4-3 Richie pulls one back with impressive scoring
5-3 9 double 8 and James took another leg. He its 140, 140 and 102 on the way. Both players at this point averaging over 90
6-3 Game, shot and the match to James Wilson who finished with a 99 averageJames will now meet Rick Hofstra in the 2nd round

Aileen De Graaf v Rachna David

The 2nd ladies game of the night went to the Dutch Lady Aileen De Graaf 4 -2

1-0 Aileen hit 100 and 132 in this first leg to keep her throw
2-0 Aileen opened the 2nd leg with 180 and went on to score 140 on the way to winning the 2nd leg
2-1 Rachna pulls one back hitting 2 ton+ scores
3-1 High scoring from Aileen helps her restore her two leg lead
3-2 Despite high score from Aileen Rachna takes this leg
4-2 100 scores again from the Dutch Lady saw her take the game.Aileen goes on to play the youngster Fallon Sherrock in the quarter finals tomorrow
Jeffrey De Graaf v Michael Haynes

The 2nd men’s match of the evening got underway with Jeffrey De Graaf meeting qualifier Mick Haynes

0-1 Mick Haynes storms ahead with a 14 dart leg against the throw
1-1 Jeffrey hit straight back starting with 137, 134 despite Mick hitting 140, 140
1-2 Another break of throw and 14 darts for Mick in this really high scoring leg
1-3 Mick on fire again with the first 180 of the match and both players hitting big scores
2-3 Jeffrey hits a 14 dart leg to hold his throw
2-4 Mick goes further ahead to gain a two leg lead again
3-4 Big scoring again in this leg and the gap is lessened by Jeffrey
4-4 180, 105, 145 from the Dutchman helps him to level the game
5-4 And he carried on with the ton+ scores to take the lead for the first time
6-4 His 2nd 180 of the game from Jeffrey helps him win the game.A fantastic game of darts and some magnificent scoring from the qualifier Mick Haynes.

Jeffrey will not meet the winner of Glen Durrant and Dave Prins

Rick Hofstra v Madars Razmar

The second game of the evening saw our first men’s match of the night between the Dutchman Rick Hofstra and Madars Razma from Latvia.

1-0 Rick takes the first leg with 114 out
2-0 He continues the high scoring starting the 2nd leg with 140 and although Madars hits 2 x 100 Rick moved 2-0 in front
2-1 The first 180 of the match came in this leg from Rick. Madras hits 100,140 and 137 with 24 out to pull one back
3-1 15 darts from Rick saw him put back a 2 leg gap
4-1 Tidy darts from Rick moved him further ahead
4-3 Another win from Madars
5-3 Madars hit 2 100 and 2 ton+ scores in this leg but Rick’s deadly finishing moved him to one leg of the win
6-3 Rick wins in 13 dartsRick moves one to the next round where he will play either James Wilson or Richie George

Fallon Sherrock v Paula Jacklin

The second day of the BDO Daily Mirror World Trophy got underway with 19 year old Fallon Sherrock playing Paula Jacklin.

1-0 Fallon took the first leg with double top
1-1 Both ladies opened the leg with big scores – Fallon hitting 100, 101, 100 before Paula held her throw
2-1 Fallon held her throw under pressure from Paula
3-1 A break of throw from Fallon with sharp shooting doubles and she moves within one leg of the win
3-2 Fallon hits the first 180 of the match to pressure the Jacklin throw but Paula took out the leg with double 9
4-2 17 darts gave Fallon the win in this opening game of the night


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