It was Ladies Quarter Finals Day and the second round in the mens event. The line up today included Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams, Lakeside Finalist Alan Norris, 3 times Ladies World Champion Anastasia Dobromyslova and the current World No 1 Deta Hedman.

 2014 BDO World Trophy Darts Results

Ross Montgomory - TIptoppics.comDeta Hedman 5 v 3 Irina Armstrong

Alan Norris 7 v 3Jim Williams

Gary Robson 7 v 1 Jim Widmayer

Anastasia Dobromyslova 5 v 4 Sharon Prins

Remco Van Eijden 4 v 7 Ross Montgomary

Martin Adams 7 v 4 Jan Dekker

Fallon Sherrock 5 v 4 Aileen De Graaf

Karel Sedlacek 2 v 7 Paul Jennings

Scott Mitchell 7 v 2 Darryl Fitton

Lisa Ashton 5 v 1 Dee Bateman

Jeffrey De Graaf 7 v 6 Dave Prins

Rick Hofstra 6 v 7 James Wilson

‘Wolfie’ hushed the crowd as he was one dart away from the Holy Grail – a nine dart finish. After 8 perfect darts Martin missed double 12 to take the £20,000 prize for a nine dart finish. This didn’t stop him going on to beat the young Dutchman Jan Dekker 7 legs to 5.

Earlier the crowd were entertained by Alan Norris and Jim Williams, and after Norris romped into a comfortable lead, the North Walean tried to stem the tide before eventually succumbing 7-3. Gary Robson and Ross Montgomery won their games against Jim Widmayer and Remco Van Eijden.

The ladies game saw defeats for Deta Hedman and Sharon Prins. The World No 1 could only watch on as the Russian Irina Armstrong took advantage and won the game 5 legs to 3. Sharon Prins fought hard during her game against Anastasia, having initially found herself 3-0 down. However, she won 3 consecutive legs to get back into the game but the former Lakeside Champion was too strong in the end and took the game by 5 legs to 4.

19 year old Fallon Sherrock was in action against Aileen de Graaf. The game was pushed to a deciding leg after Aileen levelled at 4-4 courtesy of a 12 dart-finish to win the 8th leg. In the ninth, Sherrock held her nerve to seal her place in the semis.

The final half of this days play saw Karel Sedlacek play Paul Jennings. The Czech could not produce the finishing game he had last night when he put out the World Championship semi finalist Robbie Green, and ‘Jenno’ took advantage to win comfortably 7-2. This was followed by an all English affair when Scott Mitchell took on ‘The Dazzler’ Darryl Fitton. Scott raced into a 4-1 lead but Darryl in the 6th leg took out a spectacular 12-dart leg with scores of 58, 140, 171, and a 132 finish with bull, bull, double 16. However, Mitchell provided a 100+ average to secure the match.

The final ladies match of the evening saw the current World Champion Lisa Ashton see off the Yorkshire lady Dee Bateman by 5 legs to 1 to set up a meeting with Fallon Sherrock in the semi-finals.

The evening was rounded off with games between young Dutchman Jeffrey De Graaf and Dave Prins, and Rick Hofstra v James Wilson. After wiring the bull for a 170 finish yesterday, De Graaf went one step further this time by pinning the bull for the maximum finish, before snatching a thriller 7 legs to 6, after Prins had missed 3 darts to progress himself.

Rick was relentless from the off in the final game of the day and was soon 4-0 in front. But a strong comeback from James Wilson brought the game to a tense deciding leg which James took with double top.

BDO World Trophy BDO Match Reports

Rick Hofstra v James Wilson

1.0. Rick takes out 60 when James misses bull for a 170 outshot.
2.0 Rick breaks James and takes out double 6 to go 2.0 up
3.0 Rick keeps the pressure on by taking 3rd leg with a 2 dart 48 finish.
4.0 Rick checks out 72.
4.1 James takes the 5th leg to get on the board.
4.2 James takes the 6th leg in 15 darts with a 72 outshot.
4.3 both players hit 180 but it James who takes the leg after Rick misses darts at doubles.
4.4 James levels the match hitting 44 in 2 darts when Rick missed the bull.
5.4 Rick regains the lead by hitting double 2
5.5 James levels the match by hitting double 4 after Rick burst 61
6.5 Rick moves 1 leg away from victory by hitting double top
6.6 James levels again with double16
7.6. James finally crosses the winning line with a 2 dart 60 outshot.

Jeffrey de Graf v Dave Prins

1.0 Dave wins the first leg comfortably with a 2 dart 60 outshot
1.1 Jeffrey takes 2nd leg with a 16 outshot
2.1 dave wins another comfortable leg hitting double 8
2.2 all legs going with throw as Jeffrey takes out double 16
3.2 Dave hits double top with 2nd dart
3.3 Jeffrey takes out the maximum outshot of 170 to level the match
4.3 Dave takes out double top to edge ahead
4.4 all legs still going with the darts as Jeffrey levels again with double top
5.4 Dave once again holds throw to take the 9th leg by hitting double top
5.5 Jeffrey hits 56 with 2 darts
6.5 Dave takes out 90 with 3 darts
6.6 two back to back 180’s helped Jeffrey win this leg 7.6 both players had darts to win but it’s Jeffrey who finally breaks Dave by hitting double top with an 88.47 average. Jeffrey now plays James or Rick

Lisa Ashton v Dee Bateman

1.0 Lisa takes first leg after a bit of double trouble
2.0 Lisa takes 2nd leg comfortably taking out double top
3.0 Lisa hits 180 to leave 36 which she hits with 1 dart.
3.1 Dee gets her first shot at a double and takes out double top with first attempt.
4.1 Lisa takes out 5 to secure the 5th leg
5.1 Lisa takes out 32 for a very comfortable win for the reigning world champion. Lisa now plays Fallon Sherrock in the semi finals.

Scott Mitchell v Darryl Fitton

1.0 it’s first leg to Scotty with a 2 dart outshot for 76 after Darryl missed double 10 to take 80 out.
2.0 Scott takes the second leg after once again Darryl misses doubles
3.0 scott takes the 3rd leg hitting double 9.
3.1 Darryl gets on the score sheet hitting double top.
4.1 80 outshot sees Scott increase his lead
4.2 Darryl takes the leg with a fabulous 171 followed by bull,bull double 16
5.2 Scott hits double 11 to take the leg.
6.2 double 16 gives Scott the 8th leg.
7.2 scott finishes the game with a 72 outshot with a 90.99 averages.

Scott plays Paul Jennings in the next round

Karel Sedlacek v Paul Jennings

1.0 Paul takes the opening leg
2.0 paul takes the second leg with a 2 dart 61 outshot
3.0 Paul takes 3rd leg after Karel missed 6 chances at doubles.
4.0 paul hits double 9 to take 4th leg which in which he also hit a 180
4.1 Karel hits double top to get on the score sheet.
5.1 Paul hits double 16 to take 6th leg.
5.2 Karel takes out 48 in 2 darts
6.2 Paul eventually hits double 8 after both players have several shots at doubles.
7.2 Paul takes out 70 to win the match with an 85.40 ave.

Paul now plays winner of Scott v Darryl

Fallon Sherrock v Aileen De Graaf

1.0 Fallon takes the opening leg with a Double 16.
1.1 Aileen levels the game taking out 48 in 2 darts.
2.1 Fallon takes the 3rd leg with 2 dart 95 outshot.
3.1 Fallon breaks Aileen by hitting double 4. 3.2 Aileen takes out 40 to pull a leg back after Fallon missed double top for a 120 outshot. 4.2 Fallon moves to within a leg of victory as she takes the 6th leg 4.3 Aileen takes out 76 to keep the match alive 4.4 Aileen hits a 12 dart leg taking out 81 to level the match. 5.4 Fallon takes out 23 to win. Fallon will now play the winner of Lisa Ashton v Dee Bateman

Martin Adams v Jan Dekker

1.0 Jan takes the first leg
2.0 Jan takes 2nd leg dispute matin hitting a 180
2.1 Martin takes out 101 to get into the game.
2.2 Martin levels the match by taking the 4th leg.
3.2 Martin wins his 3rd consecutive leg, including a 180 to take the lead.
3.3 Martin misses double 18 allowing Jan to level up by hitting double 16.
4.3 Martin takes 4th leg following missed double by Jan
5.3 Martin misses double 12 for a 9 dart leg, but hits it with the 10th.
5.4 Jan takes out 56 to pull a leg back.
6.4 Martin hits double 5 to put himself 1 leg away from victory.
7.4 Martin hits double 19 with one dart to take the match with a 90.02 average. Martin now plays Ross Montgomery

Remco Van Eijden v Ross Montgomery

1.0 Remco takes first leg with a 130 outshot finishing on bull.
1.1 Ross holds his throw with a double top finish.
2.1 Remco takes 3rd leg with a 2 dart 56 outshot.
3.1 Remco breaks Ross by hitting double top to take a 2 leg lead.
3.2 Ross breaks back when Remco misses bull.
3.3 Ross levels the match after hitting a 180 and taking out double top.
4.3 a 180 for Remco gives him first shot at a double to take the 7th leg.
4.4 all even as Ross hits double 10.
5.4 Ross hits another 180 then takes out double 10 to break Remco and take the lead.
6.4 A leg of missed doubles for both players but Ross eventually hits double 5 to go within a leg of victory.
7.4 Ross hits double top to take the match with a 88.42 ave.

Ross will now play Martin Adams

Anastasia Dobromyslova v Sharon Prins

1.0 Ana takes first leg, but Sharon missed opportunity to go ahead by missing 40.
2.0 Ana hits a 180 and other high scores to get to double quickly.
3.0 Ana just misses a 101 outshot but comes back to claim the leg with a double 4.
3.1 sharon gets on the score board as Ana misses double.
3.2 sharon takes yet another leg with an impressive 14 darter.
3.3 Sharon evens the game with a 32 outshot following some impressive scoring.
4.3 Ana hits another 180 and then takes out 80 to take the lead again.
4.4 Sharon levels the match with double top following a missed game shot dart by Ana.
5.4 Ana hits double top to take the match as Sharon missed bull. Ana will now play Irena Armstrong in the semi final.

Alan Norris v Jim Williams

1.0 Jim takes the first leg by hitting a clinical double top.
1.1 Alan evens the game by taking second leg.
2.1 Alan takes the 3rd leg with a 70 outshot, treble 10, 20 double 10.
3.1 Alan takes another good out shot of 90 to move further ahead.
4.1 Alan takes another leg as Jim appears to struggle with his scoring consistency.
4.2 Jim closes the gap with a fantastic leg ending with 160 outshot. Tournament highest to date.
5.2 Alan takes out 100 with 2 darts.
6.2 Double trouble for Jim allows Alan to increase his lead.
6.3 Alan struggles to pass the finishing line and Jim takes advantage by hitting double 16.
7.3 Alan hits double 18 to win after Jim misses 3 darts at double 4. Alan goes on to play winner of Gary Robson v Jim Widmayer

Deta Hedman v Irena Armstrong

Deta Hedman v Irena Armstrong is the first of the ladies quarter finals to take to
the stage.

The format for the ladies today is first to 5 legs (Best of 9)

1.0 Deta takes first leg with some clinical finishing.
1.1 Irena eventually hits double 8 to take the second leg.
2.1 Deta takes 3 leg hitting double top with first dart.
2.2 Both ladies now consistently finding the treble, but it is Irena who gets to the
double first to make it 2 all.
3.2 Deta takes the 5th leg hitting 48 with 2 darts.
3.3 with all legs so far going against the darts Irena once again evens up the match
with a nice double top finish.
4.3 Irena is the first to hold her throw taking out double 16 to move ahead for the
first time in the match,
5.3 Irena topples no 1 seed with a 32 outshot and a 76.60 ave.
Irena now goes on to play the winner of Anastasia v Sharon Prins in the semi final.

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