Big Names Dumped Out in BDO Trophy First Round

The first day of this inaugural World Trophy tournament at the iconic Tower Ballroom in Blackpool saw 12 matches in total from both the men and ladies events. The enthusiastic crowd were able to enjoy games from the qualifiers, seeded and experienced players as well as the new and upcoming players of the British Darts Organisation.

BDO World Trophy

The World Trophy Stage –

BDO World Trophy First Round Results

Deta Hedman 4 v 0 Casey Gallagher

Jim Williams 6 v 5 Scott Waites  

Gary Robson 6 v 1 Jeroen Geerdink

Irina Armstrong 4 v 1 Sue Gulliver

Tony O’Shea 4 v 6 Jim Widmayer

Alan Norris 6 v 2 Andy Fordham

Rachel Brooks 3 v 4 Sharon Prins

Ross Montgomery 6 v 1 Mike Day

Remco Van Eidjen 6 v 5 Wesley Harms

Anastasia Dobromyslova 4 v 3  Lorraine Winstanley

Paul Jennings 6 v 4  Aiba Katsuya

Jan Dekker 6 v 5 Lee Williams

Waites Out –

There were early exits for former Lakeside Champion Scott Waites and Tony O’Shea whilst the Ladies World No 1 Deta Hedman met the young Oxfordshire star and current Winmau World Masters Youth Champion Casey Gallagher. Deta’s experience shone through and despite some great darts from young Casey, Deta moved on to the next round.

Scott came up against an in form Jim Williams from Wales with the game going to an exciting deciding leg which Jim took in 12 darts. It was another Jim – Jim Widmayer from the USA who defeated Tony O’Shea. Jim from New York hit an 82 average to take the game 6 legs to 4.

There were wins for Gary Robson and Irina Armstrong before the crowd were treated to the return to the oche of Andy ‘The Viking’ Fordham who took on the Lakeside Runner Up Alan Norris.

This proved to be a very high scoring game with 36 ton plus scores between the two players. However Alan proved too powerful for ‘The Viking’ winning the game in 15 darts.

Sharon Prins progressed to the next round after beating Rachel Brooks and Ross Montgomery beat the New Zealand qualifier Mike Day despite Mike breaking the throw in the first leg.

BDO World Trophy

The Viking –

There was an all Dutch affair in the game between Remco Van Eidjen and Wesley Harms. Wesley appeared to have the upper hand but Remco won 6 legs on the bounce to win the game 6-5.

The last ladies match of the night saw pair’s partners Anastasia Dobromyslova and Lorraine Winstanley pitch against each other. This was a tight game and another one that went all the way with Anastasia just coming out on top.

At the end of the night the diehard darting fans saw an exceptional display from the Japanese qualifier who took the number 14 seed Paul Jennings all the way.

Aiba Katsuya from Zushi-shi, Kanagawa Japan took legs in 14, 15 and 16 darts before Paul broke the throw in the last leg to win 6-5. They also saw Jan Dekker take on qualifier Lee Williams and yet another game went to the final leg with Jan coming out 6-5.

BDO World Trophy First Round BDO Match Reports

Paul Jennings v Aiba Katsuya

The penultimate game of the night saw the number 14 seed against the qualifier from Japan.

1-0 Paul keeps his throw in this opening leg hitting 3 ton + scores
1-1 100, 136 from Aiba helped him with the second leg and game went with throw
2-1 Match went with throw again but there was high scoring from both players
2-2 Aiba hits 140, 100 and 177 in this leg to finish in 15 darts to again level the match
3-2 Paul keeps advantage
3-3 Aiba is htting high scores and this match is still with throw
4-3 Paul holds his throw again – there was nothing between the two players in this match
4-4 Aiba goes off in this leg at a pace with 100, 140 and holds his throw – this match was very even
5-4 Another game went with throw
6-4 Paul pulls this game out of the bag with 2 140s and 64 out

Anastasia Dobromyslova v Lorraine Winstanley

The last ladies game of the night saw Anastasia Dobromyslova play her pairs partner Lorraine Winstanley

1-0 Ana had the throw in this first leg and keeps the advantage
1-1 Lorraine hits 180 in this leg, Ana wired the bull for the finish and Lorraine pounced to level the game
2-1 Missed doubles in this leg but Ana finally keeps her throw
2-2 Game going with throw and all level
2-3 Ana just misses 117 but Lorraine hit 74 to break the throw to move to the next leg with the throw
3-3 123 from Lorraine and Ana responded with 180 and 100. Double 2 levels the match moving to a deciding leg
3-4 Big scoring from Ana gave her the game in this last 14 dart leg

Remco Van Eijden v Wesley Harms

All Dutch affair in this 9th match of the evening

0-1 Wesley takes out 135 and the first leg to break the throw
0-2 Both players hit high scores in this leg but Wesley gets the first double to take a 2-0 lead
0-3 Good finishing from Wesley gives him the 3rd leg despite some excellent darts from Remco
0-4 3 x 100 to start this 4th leg for Wesley who finishes with double 2
1-4 180 from Remco in this leg and a finish on double 5 gives Remco on the board
1-5 Wesley had the darts in the 6th leg but Remco hits 180. But Wesley hit 177 and 102 to take the leg
2-5 This leg saw tidy darts from both players. Remco misses bull to stay in the game but gets the double on his next visit to put another dart on the board
3-5 The 8th leg saw Remco hit 100, 135 and 139 on his way to winning the leg
4-5 Remco took out 65 in this leg to move a little closer to levelling the score
5-5 Van Eidjen hit some good darts in this leg to level the game
6-5 Remco continued in this leg with 180 start and after winning 5 legs in a row wins the match in two darts

Ross Montgomery v Mike Day

8th game of the night will see Ross Montgomery take on Mike Day from New Zealand

0-1 Mike Day kicked off the match taking the first leg
1-1 High scores from Ross in this second leg evens the match
2-1 Ross kicked off the 3rd leg with 140, 137 and double top for the 3rd leg
3-1 Both players hit high scores in this leg and double 3 gives Ross the leg
4-1 60 out in this 5th leg leg gives Ross the advantage
5-1 18 dart leg including 135 and 140 moves Ross to one leg of the win
6-1 Despite Mike hitting high scores Ross hit some clinical darts to win the gameRoss had an impressive 94 average in this game but both players played some excellent darts

Rachel Brooks v Sharon Prins

The third ladies game of the evening saw Yorkshire’s Rachel Brooks take on the Netherlands Sharon Prins. This was the best of 7 legs.

1-0 Rachel with the throw in the opening leg takes out double top to win
1-1 140 from Sharon with her throw sees her level the game
1-2 Steady darts from both ladies in this game saw Sharon just edge in front
1-3 Sharon in her stride saw her move further ahead in this leg with 2 x 100 shot
2-3 Rachel pulls one leg back
3-3 And another hitting 140 on the way
3-4 This deciding leg goes like a train with Rachel hitting 3 consecutive 100 scores but Sharon took advantage taking the game with double 7

Alan Norris v Andy Fordham

The Lakeside runner up Alan Norris took on Andy ‘The Viking’ Fordham at this half way stage of the evening.

1-0 Alan broke the throw in the first leg
2-0 A huge 138 check out in this leg moved Alan to a 2-0 lead
3-0 Another ton + check out from Alan moves him further ahead
3-1 Andy picks up the pace and puts a leg on the board
4-1 Good darts from both players but Alan continues to take the advantage
4-2 Alan responded with 100 and Andy hits his first 180 in the game and double 15 sees Andy needing only one dart
5-2 Alan goes off like a train with 180 but Andy still scoring high. Back to back 180s puts the pressure on with Alan missing doubles. He capitalises with Andy missing doubles and takes the leg
6-2 15 darts from Alan gives him the match

Tony O’Shea v Jim Widmayer

Fifth game of the night saw Tony ‘Silverback’ O’Shea take on the American qualifier Jim Widmayer

0-1 Jim holds his throw in this first leg with some steady scoring
0-2 Jim hits 3 x 140 leaving 81 with Tony back on 192. Jim missed doubles giving Tony a chance but Jim takes the double for the second leg
0-3 Jim taking his time in this leg and takes advantage
0-4 100 and 171 scores saw Jim taking the fourth leg
1-4 Tony hits 180 in this 5th leg and double top for a leg on the board
2-4 Tony plays steady darts to take this second leg
2-5 Jim takes out 95 for the 5th leg moving to one leg of the match
3-5 Tony hits 121 in this leg with Jim hitting 100, 105 but loose finishing gives Tony an opening with double 16
4-5 140, 135, 140, 86 – Tony now one leg from drawing level after he breaks the throw
4-6 Jim takes out 84 with treble 20 double 12 for the matchGood darts from both players with both having 82 averages.

Jim plays Gary Robson

Irina Armstrong v Sue Gulliver

The second ladies game of the night saw Irina Armstrong take on Sue Gulliver.

1-0 Ton + scores from both ladies opened the game with Irina taking the advantage
2-0 107 outshot from Irina gives her the second leg
3-0 Irina hits 121,100 and 140 during this leg with Sue hitting 100 but Irina hits double 2 to take the leg
3-1 Sue scores high and takes 32 to put a leg on the board
4-1 High scores from both ladies in this leg but 78 out from Irina gets double top for the game Irina moves on with fantastic darts with 96 average at the half way point of the game.

Gary Robson v Jeroen Geerdink

Our second game of the evening saw Gary Robson of England take on Jeroen Geerdink from Holland.
1-0 Gary opened the leg and hits 180 on his way to a taking the first leg
2-0 Mad house gives Gary the second leg
3-0 Gary moves ahead again with steady darts
3-1 Jeroen gets one back quicken his pace
4-1 High scores in this leg sees Gary move further ahead after hitting 114 and 109
5-1 Double trouble in this leg but Gary gets the leg at the third attempt
6-1 Gary started this leg with 3 ton plus scores and takes double 16 for the matchMore fantastic darts and Gary will play either Tony O’Shea or Jim Widmayer in the next round.

Jim Williams v Scott Waites

An injured Jim Williams took on Scott Waites in this first men’s match of the tournament.

0-1 Scott down to a finish first took the leg in 13 darts gives
1-1 Double top gives Jim the second leg with a 116 out
2-1 Jim takes an early break with both men hitting ton scores during the leg
3-1 Another leg for the Welshman
3-2 High scores again from both players in this leg sees Scott breaking back
3-3 Scott levels the game hitting 2 140s on the way
4-3 Jim had the early advantage in this leg hitting 140, 140 and 100 to take the leg
4-4 The first 180 of the game comes from Jim continuing his high hitting scoring but Scott battles back to level
4-5 A slow start on this leg but both men find their range and Waites goes ahead with double top
5-5 Big leg and both men kick off with 140, then both hit 100 trading blows, Jim hits 177 putting pressure on Scott who wires 25 for the match. Jim hits double 6 in the corner of the bed to move game to sudden death.
6-5 Massive last leg with massive darts and Jim gets to the finish first. This was a fantastic first game of the men’s tournament.

Deta Hedman v Casey Gallagher

1-0 Deta Hedman opens the tournament winning the first leg
2-0 Deta breaks throw for the second leg in this best of 7 leg game
3-0 Another winning double from Deta gives her the third leg having hit ton + scores
4-0 90 scored with a marvellous last dart moved Deta to d16 for the game

She does this in one dart. Casey is one for the future but many congratulations to Deta progressing to the next round.


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