11 March 2011 – Isle of Man International Darts Festival

Its super Ted and deadly Deta in the Isle of Man
Double world champ Ted Hankey lifted the prestige 2011 Isle of Man International Darts Festival title and £5000 prize after flooring flying Dutchman Ron Meulemkamp 4-1.
It ended a long wait for Hankey who in the past has struggled with the short used by the competition. The introduction this year of a seven leg final appeared to find favour with “The Count” after he had systematically buried his opponents in the qualifying rounds, taking his good form to the stage.
And while Hankey was adding his name to the glittering array of previous men’s winners, Deta Hedman was also re-writing the record books.

She clinched her fifth women’s singles title after a remarkable 13 years since her last victory on the island.
Hankey emerged from a 527-strong entry in the men’s singles, reaching the final after defeating Darryl Fitton.
The opening legs saw both struggling to find consistency, two 100s and a 125 score steering Dazzler ahead in the third but he then missed seven doubles, handing a get-out-of-jail-free card to The Count who buried double five.
The Telford ace left 89 after nine darts in the next but then he suffered double-trouble missing six match-winning efforts as Fitton stepped in to punish The Count. A ton or more in each of his four visits to the oche saw Hankey leave himself 96, a  late rallying 140 from the Stockport sharpshooter leaving him 76 but the former world champ needed just two darts to win through.

Two more promising stars of the Dutch darts scene – Ron Meulemkamp and Wesley Harms – served up an absorbing second semi final, the opening legs going with the throw Harms taking the third in 12 darts with a brilliant 161 finish.
He then had three darts for the match in the next, Meulemkamp levelling and then punishing his fellow countryman with double tops after Harms agonised over a further two costly match-winning doubles.
Despite having the throwing advantage in the final, Hankey missed three double attempts to gift the opening leg to the bubbly Dutchman.

Hankey responded with a maximum in the second which he won with double four against the throw, holding his advantage in the next to move 2-1 ahead. Back-to-back 180s gave him the perfect start in the fourth leg, missing the crucial seventh 60 which could have set him up for the perfect game but recovering to take the leg with double tops.
Scores of 100 and 125 steered The Count into the commanding position in the fifth leg, clinching victory with a two-dart 84 checkout, completed on double 12.
Welsh skipper Julie Gore’s remarkable four year unbeaten run at the Villa Marina came to a dramatic end when she crashed to former four times winner Deta Hedman in a thrilling five-leg clash.
Hedman drew first blood with the throwing advantage, Gore levelling and finishing the third leg with a  a 15-dart checkout, finished on 120. The former world number one levelled and then left 36 after just 12 darts , hitting 125, 100, 100 and 140 scores, clinching the match on her return to the oche with her second attempt for double 18.
Former world champ Anastasia Dobromyslova hit a brace of 100s and a 140 to take the opening leg her semi final clash with Lisa Ashton, the Lancashire player hitting a 180 as she levelled with a 66 finish. The Russian missed three darts for double two in the next leg, Ashton who notched her second maximum, nipping in for double 10 to take a 2-1 lead.

Scores were matched in the deciding fourth leg, Dobromyslova squandering three darts for double 16 to save her title hopes, as merciless Ashton powered in a match-winning double 10.
The final was somewhat of an anti climax after Hedman stormed into a commanding 3-0 lead, Ashton having missed crucial doubles for 120 and 153 finishes, which would have turned the match around.
It was Hedman’s turn to miss a double in the next as she wired bull for a match-winning 135 checkout, Ashton sneaking out on double two. Both players blazed in a volley of tons and over in the fifth leg, Hedman coolly clinching the title and £3000 prize on double 10.

Mixed Pairs

1 J Lewis/J Gore £500; 2 M Atkins/L Carroll £250; 3= S Coote/D Shaw, J Bannister/S Witton  £125; 5-8 A Urmston-Toft/M Reynolds, M Veitch/F Lawson, S Cook/L Capstick, T Woods/C Woods £60; 9-16 G Hooper/A Ward, S Hand/K Ormrod, I Bradley/S Her1

Women’s Pairs
T Gulliver/ L Ashton £500; 2 A Dobromyslova/I Armstrong  £250; 3= L Farnam/R Faith-Brooks, D Hedman/K Lawman  £125; 5-8 D Shaw/O Byamkama, M Riggs/S Reading, L Hepburn/L Carroll, S Gulliver/Lyndsey Ashton £60; 9-16 F Bell/V Tansey, J Lynch/ S McDaid, T Hughes/T Cuningham, L Tyrer/ C Qualtrough, V Kelly/D Kelly, R Bussard/F Jolly, C Caldow/J Thomson, A Waslin/S Smart £40bert, G France/K Yates, S Waites/R Brooks, T Wreczorek, M Oversby/L Akister, P Kelly/M Kelly £40

Mens Pairs
1 T Hankey/ D Prins £500; 2 M Adams/R Montgomery £250; 3= D Johnston/ J Murnham, A Cornwall/D Place £125; 5-8  T Greebe/J Wallenberg, M Nixon/D Calvert, E Hayward/R Knight, J Watson/A Lynn £60; 9-16 D Winstanley/B Dawson, P Boughey/R Arrowsmith, W Harms/B Hoog, T West/J Hendricks/S Holden/L Williams, M v d Horst/R Meulenkamp, G Dobey/A Dobey, M Cairney/S Kellett £40

Ladies Singles
1 D Hedman £3000; 2 L Ashton £1000; 3=  J Gore, A Dobromyslova £400; 5-8  L Farlam, Z Jones, R Faith-Brooks, T Gulliver £100; 9-16 L Hepburn, S Gulliver, O Byamukama, S Smart, J Clements, F Lawson, D Shaw, L Green £50; 17-32 A Howard, B Martin, P Hind, M Smith, G Bowen, D Harris, L Akister, S Govindasamy, F Bell, I Armstrong, J Marshall, J Thompson, S Smee, L Ashton S Witten, L Carroll £20 33-64 A Underwood, R Salisbury, S Reading, J Davis, M Webber, P Brown, G Jones, V Cannan, J Kirk, L Capstick, C Podmore-Nappin, J Broxton, J Lambert, M Kelly, A Edgar, C Woods, T Hughes, R Bussard, K Conway, C Caldron, W McCall, W Turton, K Lawman, H Lodge, A Smith, A Waslin, M Lauder, F Jolly, S Thornbury, M Ott, E Spencer £10

Mens Singles
1 T Hankey £5000; 2 R Meulemkamp £1000; 3= D Fitton, W Harms £500; 5-8  M Adams, J Walton, R Winder, E Hyslop £125; 9-16 M Phillips, M Atkins, S Mitchell, P Mitchell, G Hendricks, F Roosenbrand, W v d Wiel, S Douglas £50; 17-32  G Hooper, T Swindells, A Norris, Jurnan, D Johnston, S Coote, T O’Shea, V Kamphuis, G Dobey, M Carvill, D Place, A Cornwall, R Lauder, C Buzzard, T West, D winstanley £20; W Roberts, A Newsholme, B Williams, M Jones, G Vos, S Kellett, V Shepherd £30; 33-64 W Roberts, A Newsholme,B Williams, M Jones, G Vos, S Kellett, V Shepherd, A Lynn, D Prins, F Carter, J Watson, A Beardsmore, M v d Hurst, A Toft, J Young, M Evans, S Waites, S Bunting, R Smith, J Roberts, P Roberts, C Barden, M Barilli, C Rawlinson, T Greebe, A Mathews, B Ward, D Halbert, T Woods, J lvin, T Hill, J Harris £20




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