Fantasy League Darts

The 2013 Fantasy League Darts competition has been in-play for over two months now, which means we have our second set of Managers of the Month (MoM) to reveal.

Who leads the 2013 Fantasy League Table?

For the second month in a row our own DartsMad Lee occupies the top spot, although as previously stated he’s a guest and plays for nothing more than bragging rights. He’s closely followed by Euan McGregor and Aimee/Jenna in second and third.

2010 winner and Fantasy League veteran Dave Sheppard sits in fourth and young Ricky Evans is doing admirably cementing his place within the top 5.

Notwithstanding Lee’s occupation of the top spot – Wez Newton is our highest placed guest player in 18th place.

Last year’s winner John Scott has now broken into the top 100 but has a lot of work to do if he is to become the first man to successfully defend the Fantasy League Darts title. Still it’s early days and perhaps John is getting to grips with the new points scoring system.

Player Points

No surprises here – Michael van Gerwen leads the player points  following the purpliest of purple patches which has seen him win five successive events and amass 232 Fantasy League points.

His nearest rivals Jamie Caven and Steve Bunting are tied in second – each bagging 83 points to date. Followed by the Belgian pairing of Kim Huybrechts and Gert de Vos in 3rd and 4th respectively with 79 and 72 points.

May Manager of The Month Awards (MoM)

1st Prize – Aimee/Jenna – £50 free bet with

2nd Prize – Dave Sheppard – Pro Darts Practice Rings

Remember, the manager of the month prizes apply to the best performing team, i.e. the most points achieved in that particular month. And will not necessarily be the top two placed teams as the tournament progresses.

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The table below show the current top 30 teams only, FLD participants can login to the main Fantasy League Darts page to see the full results.

Bodugi Fantasy League Darts Top 30 Teams (as of 3rd June 2013)


Position Name Team Name Points
1 DartsMad Lee DartsMad Lee 587
2 Euan McGovern Macs Maestros 577
3 Aimee/Jenna Troubleagainagain 573
4 Dave Sheppard No 10 570
5 Ricky Evans Swampys Superstars 566
6 Dave Sheppard No 9 566
7 Dave Sheppard No 6 559
8 rob okeefe red hot 534
9 Darren Lethem Look At What I Couldve Won 533
10 robert topdog 529
11 Brodie Bennett Bubba Boom! 524
12 Myskithe Bull MyskitheBull 522
13 david boardman better than last 522
14 Tony Dainty The Cockblockers 520
15 billy brooks McGraths Ultras 519
16 Dave Sheppard No 4 512
17 Dave Sheppard No 1 511
18 Wez Newton Warriors Avit! 511
19 Kevin Naylor BWAHney Army 510
20 ANT MOSS TWEET THIS! at 1APMoss 507
22 Gary Stevens Atherton Wizards 503
23 Sam Peters SAMs team 503
24 Eoin O Shea Behans of tolerton 501
25 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 6 500
26 shummi the postmen 498
27 Alex Clyburn The Devonshire dumplings 498
28 andy agars andys aces arrows 497
29 Think – Talk – Play Darts 494
30 John Whalen Henriks Tongue 493

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