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The darts silly season is upon us as we head towards the end of the year and the World Championships; the frequency of tournaments starts to pick up. With 11 Fantasy League darts ranking tournaments played in the month of October it’s one of the busiest months and there were plenty of FLD points on offer.

Who leads the 2013 Fantasy League Table?

Trevor Carey has a stranglehold on the top of the table - Clever Trevor! With 5 of his ‘Conquerors’ teams basking inside the top ten he currently occupies first and second place,  in third position is Tony Dainty with his Cockblockers.

Perhaps then it doesn’t come as too much of a suprise to learn that Trevor (Carey) has also cleaned up in the October Manager of The Month (MoM) prizes.

Ricky Evans’s Swampy’s Superstars are down one place in sixth and top Tipster Elliot Supra has made it into the tenth spot, meanwhile 2010 Champion Dave Shepherd has slipped back to number twelve.

Our highest placed guest player is still – make sure you visit their superb darts forum.

Player Points

Phil Taylor obviously tops the table here and is over 130 points clear over PDC rival Michael van Gerwen who retains his second placing and Stephen Bunting in third is the only BDO in the top ten player points table.

October Manager of The Month Awards (MoM)

1st Prize – Careys Conquerors 2 – £50 free bet with

2nd Prize – Careys Conquerors 4 – Pro Darts Practice Rings

Remember, the manager of the month prizes apply to the best performing team, i.e. the most points achieved in that particular month. And will not necessarily be the top two placed teams as the tournament progresses.

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The table below show the current top 30 teams only, FLD participants can login to the main Fantasy League Darts page to see the full results.

Bodugi Fantasy League Darts Top 30 Teams (as of 24th November 2013)

Player Value Points
1 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 6 2590
2 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 4 2549
3 Tony Dainty The Cockblockers 2514
4 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 3 2476
5 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 2 2461
6 Ricky Evans Swampys Superstars 2442
7 Phillip Whittaker Nine dart 501s 2407
8 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 7 2407
9 john mcmillan Ellielovesdarts180 2378
10 Elliot Supria Machete 2357
11 Dan Perkins Dans Destroyers 2355
12 Dave Sheppard No 8 2352
13 DartsMad Lee DartsMad Lee 2346
14 Team Nutty 2329
15 Craig Parnell Slight of Hand – MAGIC 2319
17 Tony Dainty The Vintage Rock Bar Vixens 2318
18 Dave Sheppard No 4 2317
19 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 5 2304
20 Peter Allen Big Poppa Jobecompwollis 2303
21 Dave Sheppard No 9 2301
22 Simon Shaw Bad Use of the Lie 2297
23 Vaughan Fairclough The Libertines 2267
24 Chris Wright Wrightys Tungsten Chuckers 2263
25 paul heaton penzils picks 2249
26 Garry Flannigan Bent Arrows 2249
27 Dee Dee 2245
28 Craig Parnell Kwaggle 142 2237
29 Krispy Brown Krispy All-stars 2227
30 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 1 2206


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