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Here is a brief September update for you written between Sunday evening televised darts. Taylor has just made short work of brushing aside Dave Chisnall to take an eleventh World Grand Prix title, and the Winmau Masters is on Eurosport for another couple of hours…

Who leads the 2013 Fantasy League Table?

It’s still close between DartsMad Lee and Trevor Carey at the top of the table but Trevor is currently enjoying a 74 point advantage and takes the spoils. Former FLD Champion Simon Shaw has sneaked into the top 10 and young Ricky Evans now sits in fifth place overall.

Player Points

No surprises here with Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen still occupying first and second place respectively.

September Manager of The Month Awards (MoM)

1st Prize – No.1 (Dave Sheppard) – £50 free bet with

2nd Prize – No.2 (Dave Sheppard) – Pro Darts Practice Rings

Remember, the manager of the month prizes apply to the best performing team, i.e. the most points achieved in that particular month. And will not necessarily be the top two placed teams as the tournament progresses.

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The table below show the current top 30 teams only, FLD participants can login to the main Fantasy League Darts page to see the full results.

Bodugi Fantasy League Darts Top 30 Teams (as of 13 October 2013)


 Position Player Team Points
1 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 6 1993
2 DartsMad Lee DartsMad Lee 1919
3 Tony Dainty The Cockblockers 1913
4 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 4 1896
5 Ricky Evans Swampys Superstars 1894
6 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 3 1884
7 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 5 1883
8 Chris Wright Wrightys Tungsten Chuckers 1857
9 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 7 1855
10 Simon Shaw Bad Use of the Lie 1825
11 Craig Parnell Slight of Hand – MAGIC 1819
12 Trevor Carey Careys Conquerors 2 1803
13 Phillip Whittaker Nine dart 501s 1803
14 Elliot Supria Machete 1797
15 Craig Parnell 12 Dart Leg 1792
16 Craig Parnell Kwaggle 142 1778
17 Neil Wood NeilWood95 1769
19 Craig Parnell Flight from hand – MAGIC 1762
20 Chris Stockdale Stocky 4 Ever 1757
22 Myskithe Bull MyskitheBull 1749
23 Peter Allen Big Poppa Jobecompwollis 1749
24 Garry Flannigan Bent Arrows 1740
25 Dee Dee 1734
26 andy agars andys aces arrows 1733
27 paul heaton penzils picks 1730
28 Dave Sheppard No 4 1728
29 Erik Poliak Dart Club Perfect 1722
30 john mcmillan Ellielovesdarts180 1719

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