Steven Warnock

Two Canadian darters made North American history at the Quebec Open in January, hitting the first ever nine dart 501 leg in a men’s NDFC doubles match*.

* is this correct? Do you know of this feat being achieved before? We can’t find any record of it being done before in North America but it has been achieved in Europe, see footnote.

Darting history was made last July when Glen Durrant and Claire Stainsby hit the first ever 9-Dart 501 in mixed doubles at the 2013 BDO International Open and the record books have been rewritten once again with the rare achievement of Steven Warnock and Ross Snook.

The Ontario pair, 6th and 4th at the Canadian Championships, were playing together for the first time and were only into their second leg of the day when the unthinkable happened.

“We were called to our first match of the day and we won the first leg in 15 darts.” Steve recalls. “In the second leg I opened with a 180 and Ross answered back with another maximum”.

Ross Snook – David Holmes/NAPDA

Even then the perfect finish was not on their minds.

“I knew I had the shot for a 9-darter of course, but I was just telling myself to leave Ross a finish.”


“I threw the first dart and it went in. So did the second.”

Now it was on their minds…

“Without thinking too much or second guessing myself I just threw at double twelve and, yup, it went in! I was in shock that we had done it.”

They went on to lose in the last 16 to the eventual winners, Nova Scotia’s Dave Cameron & Kiley Edmunds, but their name is now etched in Canadian darting lore and one assumes it won’t be the only time they play together.

Both players fared better in the singles event – Steve finishing joint 3rd and Ross joint 5th – to cap a good weekend and make the seven and a half hour drive back to Ontario pass that bit quicker.

Footnote: our investigations have only turned up two other instances of this feat being achieved before, both in Berlin coincidentally. In November 2007 Karsten Koch and Marko Puls fired in a perfect leg in a German DDV tournament. Then a year later, in September of 2008, Kevin Münch and Sven Flüch hit one together in the DDV Spree Cup doubles final. 


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