ENGLAND and South Africa both won sudden-death legs to win through to the quarter-finals of the Cash Converters World Cup of Darts on Saturday afternoon at Hamburg’s Alsterdorfer Stadthalle.

The English pair of Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis made amends for their defeats to Ken MacNeil and John Part respectively in Friday night’s Singles games with a 5-3 win over Canada in their Doubles contest.

That meant the tie was drawn 2-2 to force a sudden-death leg, which Lewis won on double four to put England into the last eight.

“It was a difficult game and we’re relieved to be through after what happened on Friday night,” admitted Lewis. “I probably felt a bit more pressure putting the England shirt on but I’m loving it!”

Taylor admitted: “Last night was disappointing but we’re trying our socks off and really want to win this title, as do everyone else in the last eight.

“People wouldn’t have expected South Africa to beat Scotland but this shows what it means to the players representing their country. Adrian and I can feel the pressure and it’s nerve-wracking, but great fun.”

The South African pairing of Devon Petersen and Shawn Hogan performed brilliantly to overturn a 2-0 deficit in their tie with Scotland and a 3-1 scoreline during the Doubles contest with Gary Anderson and Peter Wright.

Inspired by three 180s and a 101 finish from Petersen, the South Africans won four successive legs to take a 5-3 win in the Doubles game before winning the sudden-death leg, in which Anderson hit a 180 but missed two match darts before Hogan landed double six for a famous triumph.

Netherlands, the reigning champions, took a 5-2 win over Austria in their decisive Doubles game as Raymond van Barneveld and Vincent van der Voort progressed to play Northern Ireland in the quarter-finals.

The Northern Irish pair of Brendan Dolan and Michael Mansell went all the way to a deciding leg in their Doubles game with Denmark before left-hander Mansell landed double ten to put them through.

Australia will play Belgium in another tasty quarter-final after they enjoyed success in the Doubles games.

Australia’s Simon Whitlock and Paul Nicholson defeated Irish pair Mick McGowan and William O’Connor 5-2 to take a 4-0 whitewash from their tie, while Belgium’s Kim Huybrechts and Kurt Van De Rijck defeated Sweden’s Magnus Caris and Dennis Nilsson 5-2 to take a 3-1 victory.

The quarter-final is given added spice as the Singles games will feature Nicholson playing Huybrechts, who knocked him out of the World Championship five weeks ago.

“It will be a good game but it’s not about me this weekend, it’s about doing the best I can to represent Australia and the DPA [DartPlayers Australia organisation],” said Nicholson.

“We’re playing against two great players and it should be a great spectacle because I’m gelling well with Simon and we’re enjoying it.”

Wales also impressed as the pairing of Mark Webster and Richie Burnett came from 1-0 down to defeat Croatia 5-1, claiming the tie 4-0.

“It’s nice for me to represent Wales at the moment and it’s an honour to play with Mark,” said Burnett. “I’ve got a second chance in my career and I’m taking it, so to become World Cup winner on Sunday would be fantastic.”

There was disappointment on Saturday afternoon, though, for hosts Germany, who lost their decisive Doubles game with the USA (pictured) 5-4 in a dramatic finale.

The German duo of Bernd Roith and an inspired Jyhan Artut, the Germans took a 4-3 lead only for Artut to miss two darts for the match in leg eight and to then fail to give himself a dart at a double when needing 64 in the decider, and Darin Young powered in a 106 checkout to give the USA a clash with England.

“The USA played really well and it was a great game,” said Artut. “I’m really disappointed and I wish that I’d had the dart at a double to win – we were so close.

“It’s been a great event for us. The sport is getting bigger and bigger in Germany and the crowd were brilliant.”

The quarter-finals on Saturday evening sees the top-ranked player face his opposing nation’s second-ranked player in Singles matches before a Doubles game decides the contest, with all games the best of seven legs.

Cash Converters World Cup of Darts
Second Round Doubles Results
Northern Ireland 5-4 Denmark (Northern Ireland win tie 3-1)
Belgium 5-2 Sweden (Sweden win tie 3-1)
Australia 5-2 Republic of Ireland (Australia win tie 4-0)
Wales 5-1 Croatia (Wales win tie 4-0)
Germany 4-5 USA (USA win the tie 3-1)
Scotland 3-5 South Africa (Tie drawn 2-2, South Africa win sudden-death leg)
England 2-2 Canada (Tie drawn 2-2, England win sudden-death leg)
Netherlands 5-2 Austria (Netherlands win the tie 3-1)
Best of nine legs, 501 Doubles, loser throws first.
Two points awarded for each match winner. In the event of this resulting in a 2-2 tie between countries, a sudden death doubles leg will take place with the team who threw first in the doubles match throwing first for the bull in the sudden death leg.

Second Round Doubles Match Information
Northern Ireland v Denmark

Brendan Dolan & Michael Mansell v Per Laursen & Jann Hoffmann
0-1 – Laursen misses the bull for a 119 finish, but Hoffmann hits double eight to give Denmark the lead.
1-1 – Northern Ireland level in style, hitting three successive 140s before Dolan hits double eight for a 14-darter.
2-1 – Laursen misses double eight to steal the leg and Dolan hits double ten to give his side the advantage.
2-2 – Both Dolan and Mansell are unable to land their doubles and Laursen steps in on double eight to level.
3-2 – Northern Ireland again struggle to finish off their chances, but Laursen misses tops to steal the leg and Mansell returns to hit double four.
3-3 – Laursen posts tops to level again.
4-3 – Mansell lands a 180 as Northern Ireland move a leg away from the win.
4-4 – Mansell misses tops for a 117 finish and Laursen hits tops once more to send the tie into a deciding leg.
5-4 – Dolan hits 136 to leave 40, and Mansell completes the finish on double ten to put Northern Ireland into the quarter-finals.
Northern Ireland 3-1 Denmark

Belgium v Sweden
Kim Huybrechts & Kurt Van De Rijck v Magnus Caris & Dennis Nilsson
1-0 – Huybrechts finishes double ten to get Belgium off the mark.
2-0 – Caris misses three darts at double top, and Huybrechts lands double ten for the second successive leg as Sweden break.
3-0 – Huybrechts continues his assault on the Swedish, hitting double two to win a third successive leg.
3-1 – Sweden get off the mark, with Caris hitting a 180 and Nilsson landing double top to hit back.
4-1 – Caris hits another 180 but Van De Rijck posts tops to push Belgium a leg away from the win.
4-2 – Huybrechts opens with a 180, but Caris lands double 12 to keep Sweden’s hopes alive.
5-2 – Huybrechts misses tops for a 120 finish, but Belgium have enough of an advantage for Van De Rijck to land double ten for the win.
Belgium 3-1 Sweden

Australia v Republic of Ireland
Simon Whitlock & Paul Nicholson v William O’Connor & Mick McGowan
1-0 – Australia take first blood by winning the opening leg.
2-0 – Whitlock hits a 180 to leave 16, and although Nicholson misses the bed – landing double 16 to burst the score – Australia have enough cushion to see Whitlock return and post double eight.
2-1 – McGowan posts tops to get Ireland off the mark.
3-1 – Nicholson finishes 68 on double 16 to put Australia two legs away from the win.
3-2 – McGowan takes out 102 to pull Ireland back to within touching distance.
4-2 – Whitlock finishes 76 to move Australia to the brink of victory.
5-2 – Nicholson hits a 180 and Whitlock finishes double 16 to seal the win.
Australia 4-0 Republic of Ireland

Wales v Croatia
Mark Webster & Richie Burnett v Boris Krcmar & Tonci Restovic
0-1 – Krcmar finishes 135 to take the opening leg in style on tops.
1-1 – Restovic hits a 180 but sees Krcmar miss double 12 for a 144 checkout, and Burnett holds his nerve to take out double 16 for a 48 finish.
2-1 – Burnett lands double ten to put Wales 2-1 up.
3-1 – Webster finishes 117 on tops to put Wales into a commanding position.
4-1 – Double four for Wales puts them a leg away from the win.
5-1 – Wales sweep into the quarter-finals in style with a 12-darter, with Webster hitting two 180s and Burnett completing victory on double 16.
Wales 4-0 Croatia

Germany v USA
Jyhan Artut & Bernd Roith v Darin Young & Gary Mawson
1-0 – Roith takes out 111 to win the opening leg.
1-1 – Young levels by hitting double ten.
2-1 – Both Germans hit 140s to push them to a finish first, and after Roith misses the bull for a 121 finish Artut returns to hit double 15.
2-2 – Young opens with a 180 and levels the game by hitting double 12.
2-3 – Young wins a third leg for America, hitting double ten.
3-3 – Roith levels the match and sends the home fans wild by landing double ten.
4-3 – Artut puts Germany a leg away from the quarter-finals by finishing 81 on the bullseye.
4-4 – Young misses the bull for a 123 finish, but Artut misses two darts at double eight and Mawson hits the same bed to send the game into a deciding leg – celebrating by high-fiving with Young.
4-5 – Artut opens with a 180 for Germany and the pair hit tons in their next visits, but Young replies with a 180. Artut, needing 64, fails to give himself a dart at a double, and Young steps up to take out 106 and snatch an amazing win!
Germany 1-3 USA

Scotland v South Africa
Gary Anderson & Peter Wright v Devon Petersen & Shawn Hogan
1-0 – Anderson gives Scotland the early lead by hitting double eight.
2-0 – Hogan hits a 180 but Petersen is just off-target on the bull for a 90 finish and Anderson posts tops to double Scotland’s lead.
2-1 – Petersen hits a 180 to put South Africa first to a finish, and returns to the oche to finish 56 on double 16 to get his country off the mark.
3-1 – Anderson wins a third leg for the Scots, finishing 120 with an improvised treble 20, double top and double ten combination.
3-2 – Anderson opens with a maximum, but Petersen replies with a maximum of his own before landing double nine to cut the gap to one.
3-3 – An inspired Petersen finishes 101 on double 16 to level the game.
3-4 – Petersen opens with his third 180 of the game, and after Anderson misses tops for a 101 finish and Wright misses three more darts for the leg to allow Hogan in to hit double eight to give South Africa the lead for the first time.
3-5 – Hogan lands double 16 to give South Africa victory to square the tie and force a sudden-death leg.
Sudden Death Leg
Petersen wins the bull and South Africa throw first. Anderson hits a 180 to leave Scotland 144 after nine darts. Wright leaves 60 for Scotland, while Petersen steps up on 126 and misses double 12. Anderson misses two darts for the match and Hogan hits double six for the win.
Scotland 2-2 South Africa – South Africa win tie in sudden-death leg.

England v Canada
Phil Taylor & Adrian Lewis v John Part & Ken MacNeil
1-0 – Taylor’s 140 sets Lewis up on double four for the opening leg.
1-1 – Lewis misses double 16 for a 108 finish and Part steps in to take out 76 on tops.
2-1 – Lewis hits double 16 to edge England ahead.
3-1 – The English pair hit 140s and Taylor hits tops to move his country two legs clear.
4-1 – Lewis posts a 180 and lands double 12 to move England a leg away from a victory which will take the tie to a sudden-death leg.
4-2 – Taylor misses three darts at tops for victory and MacNeil hits the same bed to keep Canada’s hopes alive in the game.
4-3 – Part finishes 109 on double 16 to pull back to within a leg.
5-3 – Lewis hits a 180 to pull England clear, and when Taylor misses double 16 for the win the World Champion returns to force a sudden-death leg on double eight.
Sudden Death Leg
England win the bull at the third time of asking. Lewis hits a 140 to leave England 110 after 12 darts, and Taylor sets him up to return and hit double four for the win.
England 2-2 Canada – England win tie in sudden-death leg

Netherlands v Austria
Raymond van Barneveld & Vincent van der Voort v Mensur Suljovic & Dietmar Burger
1-0 – A nervy start seees the Dutch miss a host of darts to lead before double one gets them the advantage.
2-0 – The Dutch double their lead with a break of throw.
3-0 – Both Burger and Suljovic hit 180s but the Netherlands take the leg to lead 3-0.
3-1 – A 121 finish gives Austria the fourth leg.
4-1 – A 15-dart finish puts the Dutch a leg away from the victory.
4-2 – The Dutch miss the chance to take victory and Suljovic finishes 90 on the bull to keep the match alive.
5-2 – van Barneveld finishes 76 on tops to secure the reigning champions’ place in the quarter-finals.
Netherlands 3-1 Austria

Quarter-Final Order of Play
Saturday (8pm)
Australia v Belgium

Simon Whitlock v Kurt Van De Rijck
Paul Nicholson v Kim Huybrechts
Followed by Doubles

Wales v South Africa
Mark Webster v Shawn Hogan
Richie Burnett v Devon Petersen
Followed by Doubles

England v USA
Phil Taylor v Gary Mawson
Adrian Lewis v Darin Young
Followed by Doubles

Northern Ireland v Netherlands/Austria
Brendan Dolan v Vincent van der Voort
Michael Mansell v Raymond van Barneveld
Followed by Doubles

Source – PDC/Lawrence Lustig