Matt Clark and Ian Moss claimed the final two places in the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship at today’s PDPA Qualifier in Barnsley.


Matt Clark & Ian Moss PDC

The pair won through a field of 116 players at the Barnsley Metrodome to earn their spots at Alexandra Palace next month, seeing off the likes of former World Champion Dennis Priestley, 2004 UK Open champion Roland Scholten and former World Championship finalists Peter Manley and Kirk Shepherd.

Moss, a 50-year-old from Oxfordshire, will be making his World Championship debut after picking up wins over Mark Jones, Martyn Turner, John Bowles, Finland’s Jani Haavisto, Colin Osborne and Kevin Thomas.

“It’s a dream come true and it means the world to me,” said Moss. “I’ve put a lot of work in and I’ve had a lot of help along the way, particularly from Dennis Smith, who along with my family has believed in me.

“I’ve never given up and today I’ve finally got here. It’s a big donkey off my back! Matt played well and beat me fair and square in the final, but I can’t wait to be at Alexandra Palace.”

Clark, meanwhile, ends a three-year absence from the Alexandra Palace stage after overcoming Andy Jenkins 5-3 to win their semi-final and earn a 14th World Championship appearance.

The 45-year-old former World Matchplay quarter-finalist defeated Dave Honey, Alan Derrett, Johnny Haines and top young prospect Josh Payne before taking victory in his semi-final with Jenkins.

Clark then whitewashed Moss in the PDPA Qualifier final, ensuring that he enters the World Championship in the first round and his opponent will come into the £1 million event in the preliminary round next month.

“It’s great to be back,” said Clark. “Ian’s had a great season, he’s picked up some good results and he deserves this too, but I’ve had two years by the wayside and this is brilliant for me.

“I still remember the buzz I got when I first played at Alexandra Palace and had a walk-on, and it’s always special there. You can’t imagine how it feels and I’m looking forward to being back there so much.”

Experienced Portsmouth thrower Jenkins, a former World Championship semi-finalist, had defeated Michael Barnard, Canada’s Jeff Smith, Steve West and Stoke’s Mark Frost before falling one game short of qualifying.

Welsh ace Thomas, who hit a nine-darter earlier this year, picked up wins against David Copley, William O’Connor, Daniel Day, Michael Mansell – where he came from 4-3 down to win 5-4 with a 114 finish and an 11-darter in the deciding leg – and Nigel Birch, before losing out to Moss.

Osborne, who dropped out of the world’s top 32 last weekend and was outside of the ProTour Order of Merit qualifying places, battled bravely to win an Alexandra Palace return, coming from behind in wins over Sam Hill and Dave Ladley and also defeating Paul Rowley only to see Moss end his hopes.

Veteran star Priestley, the PDC’s first World Champion 20 years ago, was a second round loser to Payne as the 63-year-old saw his hopes of gracing the Alexandra Palace stage once again ended.

Denis Ovens, who has returned to action less than a month after undergoing carpal tunnel surgery in his throwing arm, was a third round loser to David Pallett, while Kirk Shepherd lost in the second round to end his hopes of repeating his incredible run to the final as a qualifier in 2008.

Colchester’s Jamie Robinson – whose run to the final of Sunday’s Players Championship was not enough to see him qualify through the ProTour Order of Merit – hit a nine-dart finish during his third round game with Steve West, only to eventually lose 5-4!

West, though, was defeated by Jenkins in the last 16, while his brother Tony also missed out on winning a World Championship spot with a second round defeat to James Hubbbard, who also reached the fourth round.

Former UK Open champion Roland Scholten was edged out in the second round by Daniel Day, 1996 World Matchplay winner Peter Evison lost to Johnny Haines in round one, and he was joined by experienced stars Peter Manley, Steve Hine and Alex Roy in falling at the first hurdle.

Monday’s PDPA Qualifier completes the 72-player field for the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship, which will be held at London’s Alexandra Palace from December 13-January 1.

The preliminary round draw will be made this weekend during the Cash Converters Players Championship Finals in Minehead, with the eagerly-awaited first round draw to be made on Monday December 2 live on Sky Sports News around 11.30am.

Ladbrokes World Darts Championship PDPA Qualifier

Barnsley Metrodome, Monday November 25
First Round
Colin Osborne Bye
Sam Hill 5-4 Pete Dyos
Daryl Gurney 5-2 Bernd Roith
Dave Ladley 5-2 Stephen Hardy
Mark Hylton 5-2 Jimmy Chojnowski
Paul Rowley 5-2 Mick Todd
Nick Fullwell 5-2 Joey Palfreyman
Dan Russell 5-3 Steve Hine
John Bowles Bye
Prakash Jiwa 5-0 Andy Pearson
Ian Moss 5-4 Mark Jones (Worcs)
Martyn Turner 5-3 Jason Marriott
Magnus Caris Bye
Mark Wilson 5-4 Par Riihonen
Jani Haavisto 5-1 Chris Aubrey
Mark Jones 5-2 Jim Walker
James Hubbard Bye
Tony West 5-1 Joe Bata
Darren Johnson 5-0 Mark Ashby
Ian Walters 5-0 Paul Anthony
Peter Hudson Bye
Brandon Walsh 5-2 Darren Whittingham
Kirk Shepherd 5-2 Anthony Wort
Nigel Birch 5-1 Neville Roberts
Michael Mansell Bye
Colin Fowler 5-1 Keegan Brown
Keith Rooney 5-0 Matthew Dennant
John Scott 5-3 Steve O’Callaghan
Roland Scholten 5-4 Mark Cox
Daniel Day 5-0 Arron Wike
William O’Connor 5-3 Mark Lawrence
Kevin Thomas 5-2 David Copley
Scott Rand Bye
Alan Derrett 5-1 Andrew Gilding
Matt Clark Bye (Vernon Sheppard timed out)
Dave Honey 5-3 Jake Patchett
Nigel Heydon 5-3 Alex Roy
Matthew Edgar 5-2 Paul Amos
Ryan Harrington 5-2 Jon Farmer
Johnny Haines 5-2 Peter Evison
James Richardson Bye
Matt Padgett 5-1 Gaz Cousins
Joe Murnan 5-1 Lee Palfreyman
Adam Hunt 5-0 Lee Moffat
Dennis Priestley Bye
Josh Payne 5-1 Gareth Thomas
Michael Blake 5-2 Steven Pearson
Ryan De Vreede 5-4 Ricky Sudale
Alan Tabern Bye
Jamie Robinson 5-4 Adrian Gray
Steve West 5-4 Steve Grubb
Barrie Bates 5-4 Kevin Dowling
Andy Jenkins Bye
Michael Barnard 5-4 Andy Pearce
Jeff Smith 5-3 Brett Claydon
Mark Pritchard 5-4 Matthew Dicken
Denis Ovens Bye
Matt Elsey 5-1 Paul Hodkin
Terry Temple 5-1 Peter Manley
David Pallett 5-2 Keith Stephen
Steve Farmer 5-1 Nathan Richards
Mark Frost 5-2 Samuel Poland
Darron Brown 5-1 Marc Dewsbury
Reece Robinson 5-3 Steve Maish

Second Round
Colin Osborne 5-3 Sam Hill
Dave Ladley 5-1 Daryl Gurney
Paul Rowley 5-3 Mark Hylton
Dan Russell 5-4 Nick Fullwell
John Bowles 5-2 Prakash Jiwa
Ian Moss 5-4 Martyn Turner
Magnus Caris 5-2 Mark Wilson
Jani Haavisto 5-3 Mark Jones
James Hubbard 5-4 Tony West
Darren Johnson 5-1 Ian Walters
Peter Hudson 5-4 Brandon Walsh
Nigel Birch 5-0 Kirk Shepherd
Michael Mansell 5-3 Colin Fowler
John Scott 5-0 Keith Rooney
Daniel Day 5-4 Roland Scholten
Kevin Thomas 5-3 William O’Connor
Alan Derrett 5-4 Scott Rand
Matt Clark 5-1 Dave Honey
Matthew Edgar 5-3 Nigel Heydon
Johnny Haines 5-3 Ryan Harrington
Matt Padgett 5-3 James Richardson
Adam Hunt 5-3 Joe Murnan
Josh Payne 5-3 Dennis Priestley
Michael Blake 5-1 Ryan De Vreede
Jamie Robinson 5-0 Alan Tabern
Steve West 5-2 Barrie Bates
Andy Jenkins 5-1 Michael Barnard
Jeff Smith 5-0 Mark Pritchard
Denis Ovens 5-0 Matt Elsey
David Pallett 5-2 Terry Temple
Mark Frost 5-4 Steve Farmer
Darron Brown 5-1 Reece Robinson

Third Round
Colin Osborne 5-3 Dave Ladley
Paul Rowley 5-2 Dan Russelll
Ian Moss 5-2 John Bowles
Jani Haavisto 5-1 Magnus Caris
James Hubbard 5-1 Darren Johnson
Nigel Birch 5-1 Peter Hudson
Michael Mansell 5-4 John Scott
Kevin Thomas 5-2 Daniel Day
Matt Clark 5-3 Alan Derrett
Johnny Haines 5-4 Matthew Edgar
Adam Hunt 5-0 Matt Padgett
Josh Payne 5-0 Michael Blake
Steve West 5-4 Jamie Robinson – Jamie Robinson hits nine-dart finish
Andy Jenkins 5-3 Jeff Smith
David Pallett 5-0 Denis Ovens
Mark Frost 5-3 Darron Brown

Fourth Round
Colin Osborne 5-2 Paul Rowley
Ian Moss 5-2 Jani Haavisto
Nigel Birch 5-2 James Hubbard
Kevin Thomas 5-4 Michael Mansell
Matt Clark 5-3 Johnny Haines
Josh Payne 5-4 Adam Hunt
Andy Jenkins 5-1 Steve West
Mark Frost 5-2 David Pallett

Ian Moss 5-2 Colin Osborne
Kevin Thomas 5-2 Nigel Birch
Matt Clark 5-4 Josh Payne
Andy Jenkins 5-0 Mark Frost

Ian Moss 5-2 Kevin Thomas
Matt Clark 5-3 Andy Jenkins

Matt Clark 5-0 Ian Moss
Winner – Wins place in Ladbrokes World Darts Championship First Round
Runner-Up – Wins place in Ladbrokes World Darts Championship Preliminary Round

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