Practise makes perfect – and darts is no exception to the rule, to this end we have a page dedicated to darts practice routines used by pro Players. Click this link to navigate straight to that page or continue reading to discover more about our darts shop.

What about actual training aids? The good news is this side of our sport seems to be growing and a number of new/interesting products have come to the market over the last couple of years.

The DartsMad darts shop has a full range of training aids available to purchase starting at a measly 20 pence, through to specialised training boards and sophisticated electronic darts scorers at the dearer end of the scale.

Here we take a look at a few items that we think are worth investing your hard-earned in with a view to raising your game.

The Definitive Darts Coaching Manual by David Kirby

Darts ShopBooks – David Kirby - The Definitive Darts Coaching Manual – Your Pathway To Success

£5.00 (Ex VAT)
£5.00 (Inc VAT)

DartsMad says: Great book from David Kirby that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. We use them as prizes in our Beat The Tipster Competitions. See the DartsMad review here.

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Darts Practice Rings

darts shopDarts Training Aid - Practice Rings – Innovative Design Rings - Pro Games Pack – Large Edition

£16.63 (Ex VAT)
£19.95 (Inc VAT)

DartsMad says: Endorsed by Eric Bristow and allocated as prizes to our Fantasy League Darts Managers of The Month.

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Darts Practice Rings 2

Product DetailsDarts Training Aid - Practice Rings – Innovative Design Rings - Pro Target Pack – Standard Edition

£8.29 (Ex VAT)
£9.95 (Inc VAT)

DartsMad says: Scaled down version of the above, worth trying if you are on a budget.

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Darts Checkout Table

Darts ShopX0503 Unicorn Checkout Table Budget

£0.17 (Ex VAT)
£0.20 (Inc VAT)

DartsMad says: If you have the memory of a goldfish this can be useful to have kicking around in your practice room or left in your darts case. We don’t agree with some of the suggested outshots but what expect for 20p?!

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Digital Outshot Coach

Darts ShopDarts Accessories – Bulls Digital Outshot Coach

£5.83 (Ex VAT)
£6.99 (Inc VAT)

DartsMad says: Handy little calculator designed and patented by Raymond van Barneveld, offers alternative routes of checking out, can be used to help memorise checkouts. Take it out and about with you use on the train to work, whenever you get 5 minutes etc.

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Electronic Darts scorer

darts shopScoreboards – Dart Scorer - League Approved – Professional Darts Scoring System - Dartsmate Match- includes vs computer feature

£249.99 (Ex VAT)
£299.99 (Inc VAT)

DartsMad says: High end league approved electronic darts scorer with Play Against the Computer mode - 8 Different Skill Levels!! One for the serious thrower or persuade your local to buy one.

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Winmau Champions Choice II

Darts ShopDartboards – Winmau – Thinner Trebles and Doubles - Champions Choice II Dartboard

£22.49 (Ex VAT)
£26.99 (Inc VAT)

DartsMad says: Half size trebles and doubles and a mini bull!. Have an hour on this then chuck on a standard board and the doubles will seem massive and easier to hit. It’s a confidence booster in our mind and worth trying out.

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One80 Dot Trainer Dartboard

Darts ShopDartboards – One80 – Patented – Improve Your Accuracy - Dot Trainer Dartboard

£24.99 (Ex VAT)
£29.99 (Inc VAT)

DartsMad says: The new kid on the practice board block, improving your concentration points with focus on the main areas of the board, helps you to aim specifically at the middle of the bed.

The DartsMad darts shop stocks most dart products and equipment from the following darts suppliers: Nodor, Winmau, Unicorn, Harrows Darts, Bulls, Target Darts, Designa Dart Products, Cosmo Darts, One80 Darts, Bottelsen, American Dart Lines, Datadart International, Datadart UK, G Force, Master Darts, Shot! Darts, BW Darts

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