Just a quick and dirty FLD update for you, as like most of the darting community our attention is currently fixed on the UK Open.

Who leads the 2012 Fantasy League Table?

Aprils leading team ‘Gortons Giants’ have been knocked off the top spot by Nine Dart 501’s.


Dave Chisnall takes the honours here thanks to his recent performances on the Pro Tour.

Fantasy League Darts 2012 May Manager of the Month Awards

1st Prize – Lethal Weapons – £50 free bet with Betfred.com

2nd Prize – Missfits – £25 Rileys vouchers

Remember, the manager of the month prizes apply to paid entries only and are awarded to the best performing teams, i.e. the most points achieved in that particular month. Which may not necessarily be the top two placed teams.

The tables below show the current top 30 teams only, FLD participants can login to the main Fantasy League Darts page to see the full results.

Fantasy League Darts 2012 Top 30 Teams (as of 9th June 2012)

Player Value Points
1 Phillip Whittaker Nine dart 501s 1840
2 Joshua Gorton Gortons Giants 1803
3 Gary Greet The Beatables 1798
4 Scott Smith darting army 1773
5 Rachel Hawkins Leathal Weapons 1769
6 David Hainsworth The wedding party 1769
7 stewart hunter aries r us 1745
8 Steve Hindson Hindsons Hard Hitters 1740
9 Guy Mass Shanghai 1735
10 Aidan Fuller AFC Fuller 1732
11 DartsMad Tipster Tip Top Tipsters 1727
12 Julie Webster Webby! 1719
13 Jacques Nieuwlaat De Mannuh 1718
14 Mick Raymond ToonTeam 1713
15 Alan Warriner-Little Icemen 1705
16 jonathan kemp welshdragons 1700
17 Andy Aisthorpe Anfield Aces 1695
18 John Scott Roger Schena is a Legend 1693
19 Rod Harrington Win It In Style 1681
20 Marcus Brown Norman Corbetts Ten Of The Best 1659
21 Richard Wild Bulls 1656
22 Peter Manley One Winner! 1650
23 Steve Beaton Cannot Be Beaton 1643
24 Cathal Nolan Thatch C Team 1635
25 Tim Papworth The Guvnors 1635
26 DARRYL COLE The Bulls Eyelashes 1633
27 Stephen James Pulverise the red bit 1631
28 Kieran Walsh Walshies Warriors 1629
29 Andy Calvert Betcalv.com 1626
30 Dave Sheppard Missfits 1615




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