We take a great interest in darts coaching here at DartsMad.com, and would be interested to hear from any of our readers who have received dedicated darts coaching. Did it improve your game? Feel free to drop us a line and let us know! support@dartsmad.com

We have previously featured information on the coaching sessions offered by former World Champion Bob Anderson, and now Bob has extended his service to allow entire darts teams to benefit from his wealth of experience. All the details are listed below; but if you prefer your darts coaching on a one to one basis click here.

If you and your team mates are interested in receiving coaching from Bob, who has now been appointed as a World Champion Senior Coaching Professional, then this will take place over one session of three hours, either during an afternoon or an evening.

Bob will asses you …all, including your current standard of play, and then discuss with you your goals, strengths and weaknesses, and your current practice routines. He will then watch you all play, paying particular attention to your stance, posture, position, and delivery of the dart.

If he identifies any flaws, then these will be addressed, and you will get to play some practice games with Bob at that point, which will mark the end of the first session.

After a short break, in the second session Bob will talk to you about your mental approach, concentration and focus, stress, and the killer instinct. More practice games will follow, with a final overview and feedback.

Bob will suggest the practice games that he thinks will best suit you.

The full cost of these 3 hours of coaching is £400.

I’m sure this will prove useful to you.

How many times have you missed out on going that extra round, and missed out on winning more money, just for that little bit of something extra ~ perhaps the killer instinct is missing, or the nerves got the better of you.

Please e-mail me at bobanderson180@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested.