The below announcement has today been posted on the BDO website, whilst we wouldn’t care to speculate on the legalities of the alleged contravention and subsequent fine, we would hazard a guess that The Count himself will shrug it off.

Dig a bit deeper into the statement and it suggests that Hankey has less than 12 months left to serve on the suspension, and the fine (and costs) are only applicable should he return to the BDO to ply his trade.

Cast an eye over the PDC Order of Merit and you will see that Hankey currently sits in 85th position with £4200 to his name, I doubt he will be found tomorrow morning at BDO HQ cheque in his hand. Ted has bigger fish to fry, he needs to perform on the floor climb the OoM and get himself back on TV.

The Count has stated on Twitter that he will make an official announcement, so watch this space!

It does come across as sour grapes from the BDO, even nonsensical to suspend an individual who no longer plays in their organisation. That said,there may well be a time when their paths once again cross. The question is, who needs who the most?

Ted has only just made the switch and despite a slow start, has the opportunity in the PDC to earn good money from the game, and a return to the BDO will not feature in his thoughts at all. The BDO on the other hand, have lost one of their ‘big names’ and a true character of the sport of darts.

Statement Taken From BDO Website

On 6 August 2012, a disciplinary committee convened under BDO Code of Practice No.3 – Disciplinary Proceedings (Code) met to consider a disciplinary complaint brought by the BDO’s Disciplinary Officer, Jamie Herbert, against Ted Hankey in relation to alleged breaches of clauses 2.2.1 and 2.2.4 of the Code, committed in connection with the 2012 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship (2012 Championship).

The alleged breaches were that Mr Hankey failed, without satisfactory explanation, to honour the commitment he made in the participation agreement that he signed prior to competing in the 2012 Championship that, if he reached the semi-final of that event, he would participate in the 2013 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship and/or that he disrupted the 2012 Championship and/or that he acted contrary to the interests of the BDO in his conduct at the 2012 Championship.

Following the hearing, which was attended by Mr Herbert but not by Mr Hankey, despite him being notified of the disciplinary complaint and the hearing in accordance with the Code, the disciplinary committee found all of the charges alleged against Mr Hankey proven.

After hearing submissions on the appropriate sanction by Mr Herbert, the disciplinary committee suspended Mr Hankey from membership of the BDO for eighteen months (with such suspension back-dated to commence on 15 January 2012, concluding on 14 July 2013), fined him £1,000 and ordered that he pay the costs of the BDO in relation to the proceedings (with such fine and costs to be paid in full before any re-application to membership of the BDO following the expiration of his suspension would be considered).

Both the BDO Disciplinary Officer and Mr Hankey have the right to appeal the decision.


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