Saturday 18 June saw the final of the Harrows Darts UK Doubles Tournament at Rileys Bolton, and it was a team from Edinburgh who came away champions, winning £2,500 and the title of best amateur darts doubles team in the UK.

Darren Tiffney and Ryan Murray, qualifiers from Rileys Edinburgh, beat Alan Edwards and Mall Joplin in the final on Saturday.  The event was refereed by Russ ‘The Voice’ Bray, considered by many to be the best darts referee in the world.

The Harrows UK Darts Doubles event is one of the biggest amateur darts tournaments in the country, with a total prize fund of £10,000 up for grabs. Over 1,000 pairs entered the tournament, playing in heats across the UK in the 48 Rileys Dartzones during April.

32 doubles teams made it through to the final from their qualifying heats, securing themselves a minimum of £100.  Each doubles team had 5 matches to play in their bid to win the title and the £2,500 prize money.

Maurice Kelly, CEO of Rileys said: “This is one of the biggest amateur darts tournaments in the country, no other doubles competition offers a prize fund this big.  It was great to have Russ Bray refereeing, he is the best there is and he made the final an extra special event for all involved.”

The runners up, Alan Edwards and Mally Joplin, were qualifiers from Rileys Sunderland and they won £1,250.

There are plans for more amateur team darts competitions for 2011. Check for details.

Rileys Sportsbars have 47 Darts Zones across the UK, with plans to increase this to 100 in 2011.  Each has six or eight throwing lanes, championship quality Harrows boards and electronic scoring.

Breakdown of prize fund for Harrows UK Doubles tournament:

Winner:        £2,500
Runner Up:        £1,250
Semi-finalists        £625
Quarter finalists    £350
Last 16        £250
Last 32        £100

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