Below is a media release from Winmau celebrating 16 years of the Blade dartboard. I wonder if any of our readers still own one of the original Blades? Or perhaps a Blade 2? Let us know if you do!

Many players still have a fondness for the Blade 3, but time/technology  moves on and the Blade 4 is now Winmau’s flagship board. We have given several away recently in DartsMad competitions and you can purchase the Blade 4 from our online darts shop here.

The Life of a Blade – Setting The Standard in Staple-free Dartboards

Winmau Blade 4

The Winmau Blade Celebrates its 16th Anniversary

1997 saw the launch of the first ever Winmau Blade dartboard, and within a year, the Winmau Blade had taken the global market by storm.

The Blade dartboard wiring system had become smaller and all staples were removed making it the most technically advanced dartboard in the world. It had few rivals as an ultimate low bounce out dartboard, and players immediately benefitted from dramatically improved averages.

Winmau’s development team introduced Blade 2 which had a supported 25 ring that enabled the Blade wiring system to last even longer and continued to gain widespread popularity throughout the darting community as recreational and serious players saw the massive benefits of Blade technology.

By 2000, dartboards could pretty much be divided into two classes: round or triangular wire with staples or exclusive Blade dartboards made of high tensile performance machined wiring.

In 2005, Winmau increased the wire efficiency and Winmau’s Blade 3 was born. It was the first Blade dartboard with a completely seamless formed wire that further reduced the bounce out percentage, and it’s no surprise to find Blade 3 dartboards still in play today.

Commitment to continual improvement and innovation saw the introduction of Winmau’s ultimate Blade board – the Blade 4 in late 2010.

The Winmau Blade 4 pools all of Winmau’s 65 years expertise and utilises a pioneering new wiring system that dramatically reduces bounce outs and provides the opportunity for maximum scoring potential. The DSW (Dynamic Sector Wire) is over 50% thinner to even further enhance player averages and  to provide best-in-class performance.

The unique wiring system is constructed from a hi-tech, ultra strong material that is designed to deflect darts into the target area. The advanced molecular structure of the high tensile steel facilitates total accuracy right across the whole playing surface, whilst lasting even longer.

2013 is the 16th anniversary of the first ever Blade dartboard. Since 1997, the Winmau Blade has been used at major darts events worldwide, including The Lakeside World Championships & Winmau World Masters. Designed by experts, the choice of champions and used by millions of dart players worldwide, The Blade 4 is the pinnacle of staple-free dartboard technology.

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