ADAM HUNT won the inaugural PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event, overcoming Josh Jones 4-2 in the final at Derby’s Moorways Leisure Centre.

Chester-le-Street’s Hunt, 18, picked up the £600 first prize after winning through a 120-player field in the first of 15 events to be held this year for players aged from 14-21.

The youngster had competed earlier on Saturday in the Players Championship in Derby, overcoming experienced professional Andy Smith 6-5 in the first round before losing out to Chris Aubrey.

However, he fared even better in the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event, whitewashing Sean White and Marc Evans before then defeating Josh McCarthy 3-1 and Jamie Green 3-2 to reach the last eight.

He then overcame Birmingham’s Matt Gallett 3-0 in the quarter-finals and defeated Kettering’s Ricky Evans 4-1 in the semis.

Hunt shared the first four legs of the final with Jones, but punished missed doubles from the 20-year-old from Rugby in the next two to secure victory.

Jones, who turns 21 on Sunday, was denied the perfect birthday present but still pocketed £400 for reaching the final.

He had defeated Tunstall’s Jamie Landon 4-1 in the semi-finals, whitewashed Sunbury-on-Thames’ Brandon Monk in the quarters and also knocked out Chris Aubrey and Dutch talent Jimmy Hendriks in the event.

Adam Smith-Neale, who won a PDC ProTour Card this year and has already competed three times on the professional circuit, reached the last eight before losing to Landon, while Newbury’s Jonathan Mulley was the other quarter-finalist.

PDC Unicorn Under-21 World Champion Arron Monk lost in the last 32 to Darren Whittingham, while Co Stompe Jnr – the son of the Dutch ace – was defeated in round one by Tom Murray.

The second PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event will be held at the Barnsley Metrodome next Saturday, with 110 players already entered for the £2,000 tournament.

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Event One
First Round
Josh McCarthy 3-0 Karl Brooks
David Everley 3-0 Anthony Caswell
Marc Evans 3-2 Gareth Thomas
Adam Hunt 3-0 Sean White
Sam Rickhuss Bye
Jamie Green 3-1 Mark Stephens
Steve Haggerty 3-0 Jordan Matthews
Greg Upton 3-0 Chris Masi
Aden Kirk Bye
Joe Cullen 3-0 Daniel Ladley
Chris Bent 3-0 Ross Dalton-Short
Matt Gallett 3-0 Peter Bergoyne
Anthony West 3-2 Anthony McMahon
Curtis Hammond 3-0 Jack Hegarty
Kurtis Atkins 3-0 James Webster
Tom Murray 3-0 Co Stompe Jnr
Jack Hill Bye
Damien Smith 3-0 Liam Cooper
Paul Mitchell 3-1 Daniel Stevens
Ricky Evans 3-1 Michael Bushby
Sam Hill 3-2 Ryan Harrington
Ryan Hitchens 3-0 Luke Wathen
Reece Robinson 3-0 Lee Whitworth
Lewis Venes 3-2 Carl Draper
Ryan Iceton Bye
Jonathan Mulley 3-0 Paul Cooper
Matthew Dicken 3-2 Bradley Williams
Bryan Flew 3-1 Shane Cooper
Scott Johnson 3-2 Bryan John
Michael Wood 3-2 Robert Beckett
Chris Wharton 3-2 Aaron Bans
Dan Dean 3-1 Jonathan Wigley
Shaun Griffiths 3-0 Spencer Murphy
Arron Monk 3-0 Ryan Morris
Brandon Walsh 3-2 Adam Huckvale
Darren Whittingham 3-1 Gavin Howard
Adam Smith-Neale Bye
Matthew Hall 3-1 Ross Churchill
Keiran Dodd 3-1 Shaun Frowen
Kirk De Ruyter 3-1 Greg Falcus
Jamie Landon 3-2 Rees Hall
Jordan Smith 3-0 Jack Ashton
James Young 3-0 Keiron Williams
Jack Tweddell 3-1 Callum Crutchfield
James Thompson Bye
Nick Kenny 3-1 Robert Higginson
Tommy Barton 3-0 Mark Zambra
Joshua Scales 3-2 Curtis Jones
Ben Baldwin 3-1 David Sargent
Brandon Monk 3-1 Ryan Hogarth
Sam Hamilton 3-0 David Galaska
Scott Rollings 3-1 Daniel Thorpe
Harry Lane Bye
Gary Thorne 3-2 Dean Reynolds
Adam Brunt 3-1 Connor Bevis
Ross Robson 3-2 Adam Hart
Gareth Trow 3-2 Sam Schofield
Jimmy Hendriks 3-2 Ryan Herrington
Josh Jones 3-0 Jake Smith
Dan Read 3-0 Ray Lockington
Paul Barham Bye
Lewis Oliver 3-1 Dan Elcock
Liam Saxon 3-0 Connor Bickerton
Chris Aubrey 3-1 Ash Khayat

Second Round
Josh McCarthy 3-1 David Everley
Adam Hunt 3-0 Marc Evans
Jamie Green 3-0 Sam Rickhuss
Greg Upton 3-1 Steve Haggerty
Aden Kirk 3-2 Joe Cullen
Matt Gallett 3-1 Chris Bent
Curtis Hammond 3-2 Anthony West
Kurtis Atkins 3-0 Tom Murray
Damien Smith 3-1 Jack Hill
Ricky Evans 3-0 Paul Mitchell
Sam Hill 3-0 Ryan Hitchens
Reece Robinson 3-1 Lewis Venes
Jonathan Mulley 3-1 Ryan Iceton
Bryan Flew 3-1 Matthew Dicken
Michael Wood 3-1 Scott Johnson
Dan Dean 3-0 Chris Wharton
Arron Monk 3-2 Shaun Griffiths
Darren Whittingham 3-1 Brandon Walsh
Adam Smith-Neale 3-0 Matthew Hall
Kirk De Ruyter 3-2 Keiran Dodd
Jamie Landon 3-1 Jordan Smith
James Young 3-1 Jack Tweddell
James Thompson 3-0 Nick Kenny
Tommy Barton 3-0 Joshua Scales
Brandon Monk 3-1 Ben Baldwin
Scott Rollings 3-1 Sam Hamilton
Harry Lane 3-0 Gary Thorne
Ross Robson 3-0 Adam Burnt
Jimmy Hendriks 3-0 Gareth Trow
Josh Jones 3-0 Dan Read
Paul Barham 3-0 Lewis Oliver
Chris Aubrey 3-1 Liam Saxon

Third Round
Adam Hunt 3-1 Josh McCarthy
Jamie Green 3-1 Greg Upton
Matt Gallett 3-1 Aden Kirk
Kurtis Atkins 3-2 Curtis Hammond
Ricky Evans 3-2 Damian Smith
Sam Hill 3-2 Reece Robinson
Jonathan Mulley 3-1 Bryan Flew
Michael Wood 3-0 Dan Dean
Darren Whittingham 3-2 Arron Monk
Adam Smith-Neale 3-2 Kirk De Ruyter
Jamie Landon 3-2 James Young
Tommy Barton 3-1 James Thompson
Brandon Monk 3-2 Scott Rollings
Harry Lane 3-0 Ross Robson
Josh Jones 3-1 Jimmy Hendriks
Chris Aubrey 3-1 Paul Barham

Fourth Round
Adam Hunt 3-2 Jamie Green
Matt Gallett 3-2 Kurtis Atkins
Ricky Evans 3-0 Sam Hill
Jonathan Mulley 3-2 Michael Wood
Adam Smith-Neale 3-2 Darren Whittingham
Jamie Landon 3-1 Tommy Barton
Brandon Monk 3-1 Harry Lane
Josh Jones 3-1 Chris Aubrey
Losers £25

Adam Hunt 3-0 Matt Gallett
Ricky Evans 3-0 Jonathan Mulley
Jamie Landon 3-1 Adam Smith-Neale
Josh Jones 3-0 Brandon Monk
Losers £100

Adam Hunt 4-1 Ricky Evans
Josh Jones 4-1 Jamie Landon
Losers £200

Adam Hunt 4-2 Josh Jones
Winner £600
Runner-Up £400

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