Burton’s Jamie Gemmill won the inaugural “Mile High” Trophy beating Robert Lightfoot 6-3 to claim the “Find A Pro” title and sponsorship package for 2013.

Mile High TrophyThe event held at The Jubilee Club in Stoke on Trent was a great success, as PDC World No. 34 Mark Hylton offered darts players the same type opportunity he himself received in 2010.

Jamie from Newhall nr Burton on Trent was delighted with his chance to live life on the oche with the very best ” It was a tremendous day. I have not played Superleague or County darts for over a year so to play as well as I did all day was a huge boost” ….. “I cant wait to get to Q School and then sample everything the PDC has to offer”.

Gemmill a former Nottinghamshire County Player also commented ” I have promised all the other players here that I will give it my very best shot, and try to make the most of an opportunity that every player in the field tried so hard to earn”.

Mark Hylton will be supporting and assisting Jamie wherever possible and plans are already afoot for practice sessions; Gemmill’s prize also consists of entry fees and assistance and other elements of professional darts, all provided by Team Hylton, Mark’s sponsors and supporters.

It was a tremendous effort from all involved and is certain to become part of the darting calendar for many years to come.

Hylton was delighted to see a member of a league he plays in succeed “I have played in the Trent Valley League and have always believed it to be very strong indeed, the way Jamie finished today shows what playing in such an environment can do for your game”.

A special pairs event was held as a warm up with Mark’s PDC colleague and friend Ian ‘Diamond’ White also on hand to advise the players and provide entertainment. The ‘Diamond’s Doubles’ was won also by Jamie Gemmill and partner Rob Frisbee.

Jamie & Mark wished to thanks all those who contributed to the prize and the day, clothes4cash.co.uk, BK Promotions, Darters Life, ATC Designs, Double16.com, dartsmad.com, Red Dragon Darts, Let’s Play Knockout Darts and especially Team Hylton for pulling it all together and MC & host John Fowler who kept the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable throughout.

We look forward to helping Jamie and following his progress through 2013 before handing the mantle to a new “Mile High” Trophy winner in December 2013.