Darts commentators Sid Waddell & John Gwynne with Freddie FlintoffI’ve just come off the phone to Sky commentator John Gwynne who tells me he’s calling it quits in the commentary box after the World Matchplay in July.

It seems the 67-year old feels the time is right to hand the reins to the younger guys after two decades of service in which he has witnessed first hand the Phil Taylor era and the rise of the PDC. There’s a book promised about all he has experienced.

John has published a statement in the latest Darts World magazine and has sent us some words over to explain his reasons and what his future plans are.

We will be sorry to see John go. He is the last of the Holy Trinity and it will be strange to no longer hear the unique tones of Messrs Waddell, Gwynne & Lanning as the tungsten thuds into the sisal.

As Pyke, Studd, Mardle & Pearson pick up the cudgel, Gwynne begins his wander into the sunset with the forthcoming Premier League but won’t be in our ears this weekend at the World Cup of Darts – one of the factors in his decision it appears.

Here’s the man himself…

“I have decided to end my near-20 year association with Sky Sports as a darts commentator at the end of the World Matchplay in July.”

“As well as being left off the team for the World Cup of Darts in Hamburg, I was used only for the first four days of the week-long World Grand Prix in Dublin, the first time in 19 years that I was not involved in the final stages of a major event.”

“Rightly or wrongly, I believed that, in the wake of Dave Lanning’s retirement and the illness and sad death of Sid Waddell, my stock would rise.”

“If anything, it has diminished and, rather than carry on in such circumstances, I believe it is time for me to move on.”

“I have agreed with head producer, Rory Hopkins, to finish in Blackpool on July 28. I will have done 20 World Championships and 20 World Matchplays.”

“I have no alternative [darts] plans at this time. Indeed, I hope to continue my long association with Sky Sports as a football and rugby reporter.”

“I am greatly indebted to Sky for giving me two decades of bliss; I feel privileged to have been a part of one of it’s greatest successes.”

“I will walk away with no regrets, with an abundance of happy memories and having made many, many friends”.

Friends that include DartsMad.com and I’ve already offered John a writing job for us..!

3 Responses

    • poo

      Sad to see such a great man and commentator leave the game, whats wrong with the PDC, this man is a legend and everyone loves him, he should be commentating on every match, i am let down by this, also whats up with the newest guy who calls the 180’s like hes a fairy from Peter Pan, hope the PDC doesnt continue these mistakes as the awesome callers and announcers are a big part of what makes the PDC so great, honestly in my opinion loosing John brings the PDC’s value down somewhat, bet if u ask any real dart fan theyd say the same. I hate to say it but really theres 4 dart players in the pdc head and shoulders above the rest of the world and theres the awesome callers and announcers, take that away and you have the BDO, well not quite that bad, lol, but u know what I mean. :(

  1. ashfaque sayed

    A wonderfull time ahead to you my friend ..our wishes all the way from India ..cheers Ash Indian darts