John Part won the inaugural PDC North American Tour event on Sunday evening, defeating Darin Young in the final in Chicago.

The Canadian three-time World Champion claimed the $2,200 first prize in the $10,000 event to make a fine start to the year’s NAPT series, with a further two events to be played in 2012.

Part began his challenge in Chicago with a narrow 6-5 defeat of Ken MacNeil, but whitewashed John Kuczynski before defeating American pair Scotty Burnett and Gary Mawson – the former UK Open runner-up – with 6-3 scorelines.

Part then overcame Ross Snook 6-1 in the semis before repeating the scoreline against top American left-hander Darin Young in the final.

Young booked his place in the decider with a tight 6-5 semi-final defeat of Jeff Smith – the Canadian who won a PDC Tour Card in January – and also overcame George Timpone, Chris White, Joe Chaney and Ryan Barnette in the event, which featured over 100 players.

Further events will be held in London, Ontario on August 26 and in Atlantic City on September 9, with the NAPT Order of Merit winner then being invited to play in the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship.

PDC North American ProTour Event One
Hyatt Regency O’Hare, July 22 2012

Last 32
Jeff Smith 6-1 David Flowers
Dan Olson 6-0 Bryce Book
Howard Meyers 6-2 Jason Naert
Ray Carver 6-4 Joe Mateja
Brandon Rogers 6-4 Larry Butler
Ryan Barnette 6-5 Jim Widmayer
Darin Young 6-2 Chris White
Joe Chaney 6-2 John LaGamba
Ross Snook 6-5 Bob Sinnaeve
Danny Delfino Bye (Stacy Bromberg withdrew)
Gordon Dixon 6-4 Nick Linberg
Terry Hayhurst 6-3 Chris Locke
Chuck Pankow 6-3 Gary Broomhead
Gary Mawson 6-1 Anthony DeArmas
John Part 6-0 John Kuczynski
Scotty Burnett 6-4 Richard Queener
Losers $100

Last 16
Jeff Smith 6-5 Dan Olson
Ray Carver 6-1 Howard Meyers
Ryan Barnette 6-4 Brandon Rogers
Darin Young 6-5 Joe Chaney
Ross Snook 6-5 Danny Delfino
Terry Hayhurst 6-5 Gordon Dixon
Gary Mawson 6-5 Chuck Pankow
John Part 6-3 Scotty Burnett
Losers $200

Jeff Smith 6-4 Ray Carver
Darin Young 6-2 Ryan Barnette
Ross Snook 6-1 Terry Hayhurst
John Part 6-3 Gary Mawson
Losers $400

Darin Young 6-5 Jeff Smith
John Part 6-1 Ross Snook
Losers $800

John Part 6-1 Darin Young
Winner $2,200
Runner-Up $1,400

Source – PDC Website

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