The action is underway at The Lakeside and you can follow the drama intermittently on the BBC or in full on the internet. The TV schedule is below and we will have live results as they go.

It’s a Sly Wolf final. Dean Winstanley, who’s favourite film is Stallone’s arm wrestling classic Over The Top takes on Wolfie Martin Adams on Sunday afternoon. Winstanley is looking to become world champion on his Lakeside debut to crown a meteoric rise. Defending champion Adams is aiming to join an elite club of world title hat-trick winners.

The Over The Top analogy for Winstanley is most fitting as he is most comfortable around the 20 segment; yesterday it proved the difference as he checked out double top time and time again in beating Jan Dekker 6-2. Adams is comfortable all round the clock but had a more difficult time against Martin Phillips who bowed out in the semi finals for the second successive year.

The final will get under way around 17:45 and if Winstanley can find the range on the 20’s it could carry him to dreamland. Otherwise Wolfie’s solid game will see him rewrite the record books once again.

Trina Gulliver chalked up her ninth world championship in 11 years toppling Welsh international Rhian Edwards 2-0 in 23 minutes.

In a repeat of last year’s final Gulliver from Somerset justified her top seeding but was made hard to work for the victory by the impressive Welsh player. Remarkably Gulliver, the giant of women’s darts has appeared in every final since the women’s competition was launched in 2001.

The first men’s semi final sees the two Martins clash at 14:30 on Saturday. Top seed Adams take on Welsh binman Phillips with veteran Adams going for a record equalling third title in his 18th championship. Left hander Phillips is in the semis for the second year running and his form over the last few months could take him to the final and the title.

After which surprise package Jan Dekker will play third seed Dean Winstanley who is looking good for the title himself on his Lakeside debut. Winstanley blew Stephen Bunting away last time out as Dekker was squeezing past Garry Thompson in a tie breaker.

Order of play is as follows, results will be updated as they occur:-

Saturday 1st January
Dave Prins (16) (England) 1-3 John Walton (England)
Martin Adams (1) (England) 3-1 Tony West (England)
Willy van de Wiel (9) (Netherlands) 3-1 Alan Soutar (Scotland)
Gary Robson (13) (England) 3-0 Steve Douglas (England) * moved from Sunday
Mark Barilli (12) (Scotland) 0-3 Martin Phillips (Wales)
Ross Montgomery (7) (Scotland) 1-3 Alan Norris (England) * moved from Sunday

Sunday 2nd January
Tony O’Shea (8) (England) 1-3 Ross Smith (England) * moved from Saturday
Steve West (4) (England) 2-3 Dave Chisnall (England)
Scott Mitchell (15) (England) 0-3 Jan Dekker (Netherlands)
Stuart Kellett (2) (England) 3-0 Darryl Fitton (England)
Garry Thompson (10) (England) 3-1 Arno Merk (Germany)
Joey ten Berge (5) (Netherlands) 3-0 Shaun Griffiths (England) * moved from Saturday

Monday 3rd January
Brian Woods (11) (England) 0-3 Stephen Bunting (England)
Scott Waites (6) (England) 3-0 Ted Hankey (England)
Robbie Green (14) (England) 3-0 Andy Boulton (Scotland)
Dean Winstanley (3) (England) 3-2 Martin Atkins (England)

Last 16
John Walton 4-5 Martin Adams
Willy van de Wiel 1-4 Ross Smith
Martin Phillips 4-3 Joey ten Berge
Gary Robson 4-1 Dave Chisnall
Jan Dekker 4-1 Stuart Kellett
Garry Thompson 4-2 Alan Norris
Stephen Bunting 4-2 Scott Waites
Robbie Green 1-4 Dean Winstanley

Quarter Finals
Martin Adams 5-1 Ross Smith
Martin Phillips 5-4 Gary Robson
Jan Dekker 5-4 Garry Thompson
Stephen Bunting 1-5 Dean Winstanley

Semi Finals
Martin Adams 6-4 Martin Phillips
Jan Dekker 2-6  Dean Winstanley

Martin Adams 7-5 Dean Winstanley

Women’s Draw:

Saturday 1st January
Irina Armstrong (4) (Russia) 2-0 Lorraine Farlam (England)
Trina Gulliver (1) (England) 2-0 Wendy Reinstadtler (England)

Sunday 2nd January
Julie Gore (3) (Wales) 1-2 Rhian Edwards (Wales)
Deta Hedman (2) England 2-1 Patricia De Peuter (Belgium)

Semi Finals
Irina Armstrong 0-2 Trina Gulliver
Rhian Edwards 2-0 Deta Hedman

Trina Gulliver 2-0 Rhian Edwards

TV Schedule

Saturday 1 January

Live: 1300-2300, BBC Red Button
Live: 1800-1925, BBC2
Highlights: 0105-0355, BBC2

Sunday 2 January
Live: 1300-2300, BBC Red Button
Live: 1300-1645, BBC2
Live: 1730-1850, BBC2
Highlights: 0030-0320, BBC2

Monday 3 January
Highlights: 1300-1630, BBC2
Live: 1800-2300, BBC Red Button
Live: 1900-2000, BBC2
Highlights: 0000-0250, BBC2

Tuesday 4 January
Highlights: 1230-1500, BBC2
Live: 1730-2300, BBC Red Button
Live: 1900-2000, BBC2
Highlights: 2320-0210, BBC2

Wednesday 5 January
Highlights: 1230-1500, BBC2
Live: 1730-2300, BBC Red Button
Live: 1900-2000, BBC2
Highlights: 2320-0210, BBC2

Thursday 6 January
Highlights: 1230-1500, BBC2
Live: 1730-2300, BBC Red Button
Live: 1900-2000, BBC2
Highlights: 2320-0210, BBC2

Friday 7 January
Highlights: 1230-1500, BBC2
Live: 1730-2300, BBC Red Button
Live: 1900-2000, BBC2
Highlights: 2305-0155, BBC2

Saturday 8 January
Live: 1430-1630, BBC1
Live: 1630-1830, BBC2
Live: 1730-2300, BBC Red Button

Sunday 9 January
Live: 1745-2000, BBC2

The draw for the first round has been made and can be seen here.

The British Darts Organisation is delighted to announce that the following players have qualified for invitation to compete in the 2011 BDO Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships, which will be televised by BBC Sport for nine consecutive days from Saturday, January 1st to Sunday, January 9th, 2011.

Men’s Seeds:

1. Martin Adams (Eng)
2. Stuart Kellett (Eng)
3. Dean Winstanley (Eng)
4. Steve West (Eng)
5. Joey tn Berge (Nl)
6. Scott Waites (Eng)
7. Ross Montgomery (Sco)
8. Tony O’Shea (Eng)
9. Willy van de Wiel (Nl)
10. Garry Thompson (Eng)
11. Brian Woods (Eng)
12. Mark Barilli (Sco)
13. Gary Robson (Eng)
14. Robbie Green (Eng)
15. Scott Mitchell (Eng)
16. Dave Prins (Eng)

Women’s Seeds:

1. Trina Gulliver (Eng)
2. Deta Hedman (Eng)
3. Julie Gore (Wal)
4. Irina Armstrong (Rus)

Men’s Qualifiers:

Martin Atkins (Eng)
Stephen Bunting (Eng)
Darryl Fitton (Eng)
Alan Norris (Eng)
John Walton (Eng)
Ross Smith (Eng)
Tony West (Eng)
Steve Douglas (Eng)
Dave Chisnall (Eng) 2010 Runner-up
Ted Hankey (Eng) 2009 World Champion
Martin Phillips (Wal) 2010 Semi-Finalist

There will be a further four qualifiers from the International Play-Offs, plus one standby player should the 2010 Winmau Men’s World Master already be qualified.

Women’s Qualifiers:

Rhian Edwards (Wal) 2010 Runner-up

There will be a further two qualifiers from the International Play-Offs, plus one standby player should the 2010 Winmau Women’s World Master already be qualified.

The 2011 Lakeside Women’s World Professional Champion will collect a record-breaking cheque for £10,000 as the total prize fund for the premier Championships in world darts increases to £329,000.
“This is the best New Year present that the Lakeside ladies could possibly wish for”, says reigning Women’s World Champion Trina Gulliver. “It has always been the No.1 title to win for the ladies, but the increase in the top prize will make competition keener than ever. It is without doubt the biggest prize and title in women’s world darts and I’m sure all the ladies will join with me in thanking Lakeside supremo Bob Potter for his ongoing support of women’s darts.” It is also appropriate that this will be the 10th year of the Lakeside Women’s World Championship, and Trina will start her defence of the title she has now won eight times (she’s been in every final) on New Year’s Day 2011.
The BDO LAKESIDE WORLD PROFESSIONAL DARTS CHAMPIONSHIPS have been played annually since 1978 and televised every year by BBC TV. The Men’s World Professional Championship was first played in 1978, and 2011 will celebrate 34 consecutive years on BBC television. The Women’s World Professional was introduced in 2001 and has been played every year since. The World Professional has been staged at Lakeside Country Club – recognised and revered as ‘the home of World Darts’, since 1986, and the Lakeside Complex has been the main title sponsor since 2004.
TELEVISION COVERAGE: BBC-1 and BBC-2: Live and recorded transmissions daily for nine consecutive days, including afternoon and evening highlight programmes. BBCi: Live transmissions daily of every dart thrown for digital viewers by pressing the red-button on remote-controls. BBC WORLDWIDE: The World Pro is sold around the globe to over 70 countries. EUROSPORT & EUROSPORT ASIA: To provide widespread coverage in European and Asian countries.  Collectively this produces the largest TV audience for darts in the world.
MEN: CHAMPION: £100,000 | Runner-up £30,000 | Semi-Finalists £11,000 | Q/Finalists £6,000 | 2nd Round £4,250 | 1st Round £3,000 | TOTAL: £258,000
WOMEN: CHAMPION: £10,000   | Runner-Up £2,000    | Semi-Finalists £1,000   | Joint 5th: £500 | TOTAL: £16,000
Highest Checkout: Men & Women: £3,000 | 9-Dart 501: Men & Women: £52,000 | PRIZE FUND GRAND TOTAL: £329,000
The 2011 BDO LAKESIDE WORLD PROFESSIONAL DARTS CHAMPIONSHIPS will be staged and promoted by the British Darts Organisation, sponsored by Lakeside Country Club and televised by BBC TV for nine consecutive days from Saturday, January 1st to Sunday, January 9th, 2011.

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