DARIN YOUNG claimed the biggest title of his career with an 8-7 win over Brad Wethington in the final of the inaugural North American Darts Championship.

Young edged a final leg thriller to pick up the $15,000 first prize at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, with Wethington missing two darts for victory before the Pennsylvania star took the decider in 13 darts.

He had also produced a 13-darter to defeat Dave Brocksmith in a deciding leg in the quarter-finals and a 14-darter in the final leg of his 4-3 win over Larry Butler earlier in the event, and was a 7-5 winner over Bill Davis in the semis.

The final saw Young and Wethington trade legs, with the lead changing hands five times in total.

Wethington took a 3-2 lead early on, only for three straight legs to put Young 5-3 up.

Wethington won four of the next five – including a 94 finish on the bullseye – to push himself back into the ascendancy, and gave himself a shot for the title in leg 14.

However, his misses at double top and double ten allowed Young to rescue himself before landing three 140 scores to pull clear in the decider and take out double top for a 13-dart winning leg.

“I’m overcome by the emotion of winning,” admitted Young. “It’s the biggest win of my career and a big momentum boost for me to kick on now.

“I was playing one of my best buddies and it was a picture perfect match – I had to fight, claw back and get the job done.

“It was a cracking game and fantastic to be a part of.”

Wethington claimed $5,000 as runner-up, and admitted: “It’s the biggest pay-day of my career and I’m pleased to have reached the final.

“It wasn’t my best display of the event but I gave myself a chance to win it – the dart at double top just flicked below the wire and I honestly thought the double ten was going in when it left my hand, but it wasn’t to be.

“Being in the final will be great for me and superb experience.

“The PDC has raised the level in America. People have a shot at the World Championship and other major events and playing against the top players in the world helps any player.”

Wethington had earlier come from 4-0 down to defeat California’s Chris White 7-6 in the semi-finals.

World Champion John Part was knocked out in the third round of the tournament, losing 4-3 to Buddy Lessig, while number two seed Gerry Convery was eliminated in the second round, going down 4-1 to Paul Lim.

North American Darts Championship
First Round
Stowe Buntz 4-2 Sean Smyth
Neil Lanterman 4-1 Adrian W Lewis
Buddy Lessig 4-1 Victor de Wild
Patrick Condon Bye
Doug Stacey 4-2 Ron Colvard
Sean Lodge Bye (Don Fox)
Brian Blankenhorn 4-2 Richie Sieferheld
Roger Carter 4-1 Michael Brewer
Fred Bigelowe 4-2 Cornelius McLaughlin
Shawn Brenneman 4-0 Jason Roker
Pat Breithaupt 4-1 Avery Barry
Chris Franklin 4-0 Brad Page
Daniel Thibadeau 4-0 Peter Plecinoga
James Drury 4-0 Yvonne Martin-Cowig
Dave Brocksmith 4-0 Joseph Doolan
Scott Henning 4-1 Henry Helie
Kevin Liebkemann 4-3 Cameron Paine
Tom Sawyer 4-0 Scott Wollaston
Robert Miske 4-0 Matthew Courtney
David Hascup 4-0 Timothy Madore
Mat Malone 4-0 Nancy Huntoon
Richard Espinosa 4-0 Dayton Strawbridge
Robert Heckman 4-0 John Diorio
Alexander MacDougall 4-2 Jason Demers
Larry Butler 4-0 J Dwayne Heinrichs
Michael Burns 4-3 Bill James
Neil Dickson 4-3 Michael Parks
Mike MaGuire 4-2 Kevin Lagos
Burt van Wie 4-1 Phino Loyola
Kory Nichols 4-0 John Davis
Jason Hill 4-2 Thomas Watson
David Fatum 4-3 Riley Stockman
Luben Izov 4-0 Ronald Hall
Paul Bolduc Bye (Donald Suiter)
George Timpone 4-3 Marilyn Popp
Jerry van Loan 4-0 Anthony Eugenia
Dave Kelly 4-3 Anthoni Romna
Timothy S Groves 4-3 Carol Rawson
Steve Brown 4-0 Thomas J Bunnenberg
Martin Tremblay 4-0 Kenneth Powchak
Joseph Swick 4-1 David Minasian
Dan Lauby 4-3 Stacy Stevens
Jason Naert 4-1 Lor Thao
Robert Metaxotos 4-3 Jeff Marks
Jim Newman 4-1 Tom Waterman
Scott Pressey 4-1 Danny Pike
Donny Joe 4-3 David Saba
Garrett French Bye (Irene Mangan)
Tom Curtin 4-2 Robert MacWilliams
Craig Akin 4-1 Tim Lemieux
Phil Sroka 4-0 Owen Shea
Kurt Tyson 4-1 Michael Garramone
Michael Minero Jnr 4-1 Camilla Bunnell
Greg Tong 4-3 Charles Healy
David Walsh 4-2 Jeffrey Burland
Davis Snider 4-0 Frank LeRue
Bill Butler 4-3 Bruce Graham
Paul Lim 4-2 John Finnegan
Dave Watson 4-1 Damien McKenna
Tim Grossman 4-0 Jason Benjamin
Daniel Beauregard 4-1 John McGowan
Kevin Joyce 4-0 Robert Tafuri
Frank Smith 4-0 Kevin Czipo
Donnie Murray 4-2 TJ Jackowski
Isen Veljic 4-1 Raymond Knispel
Chester MacKenzie 4-2 Michael Rountree
Jerry Hall Bye (Rick Wadlow)
Chris White 4-3 Mark Prutchick
Thomas Healy 4-0 Adam Sherlock
Ross Snook 4-0 John Rice
Tim O’Gorman 4-1 John Ramsay
John Jacko 4-1 Bruce Robbins
Robert St ONge 4-2 William Penn
Niki Carey 4-2 Rob Petelin
Gerard Guilkowski 4-3 Pete Riehl
Richard Hammond 4-3 Robert Baechler
Paul Cockings 4-0 Christopher Eberley
Janel Pelletier 4-2 William Bauson
Robert Gargan 4-2 Roy Chad
Joel Beal 4-0 Trish Gizesik
Dave Cameron 4-1 Jason Smith
Stephen Panuncialman 4-0 Lawrence Gallagher
Ron Linstruth 4-1 Stephen Lore
Joselito Moses 4-0 Patrick Bennan
Robert Race 4-1 Jeffrey Stewart
Wayne Budgen 4-0 Robert Hale
Mark Neilsen 4-1 Timmy Nicoll
Jeffrey Steinberg 4-3 Chris Linkous
Scott Cummings 4-1 Joe DaVanti
William Frankin 4-2 Vasilios Gavrielatos
Darren Starr 4-1 Peter S Gyome
Michael Mitchell 4-3 Andrew Sleeth
Joe Chaney 4-3 Keith Connor
John Piepora 4-3 Jayson Barlow
Terry Hayhurst 4-3 James Horan
Gordon Dixon 4-2 Robert Given
Dieter Schutsch 4-0 Robert Peterson
Rory Orvis 4-0 Jared Gurman
Mark Schlesinger 4-3 Sebastian Gagnon
David Marienthal 4-1 Kenneth Johnson
Richard Corless 4-2 Sean Moran
James Snook 4-0 Russell Baker
Roger Taylor 4-2 Daniel Pattee
Denis Sayre Jnr 4-0 James Diminno
Garrett Hammond 4-2 Sean Downs
Donnie Strode 4-3 Scott Kirchner
Chris Leslie 4-0 Tom Cocker
Jason Watt 4-1 Tony Thompson
Bill Anderson 4-0 Bob Coggeshall
Thomas Pagliuca 4-1 Daniel Fennell
Barry Todd 4-0 James Love
James Jordan 4-1 Christopher Russano
William de Witt 4-3 Lorne Heinrichs
Ron Parent 4-1 Tim Murray

Second Round
John Part 4-0 Stowe Buntz
Buddy Lessig 4-1 Neil Lanterman
Doug Stacey 4-2 Patrick Condon
Brian Blankenhorn 4-1 Sean Lodge
Roger Carter 4-2 Fred Bigelowe
Shawn Brenneman 4-1 Pat Breithaupt
Daniel Thibaudeau 4-3 Chris Franklin
Dave Brocksmith 4-0 James Drury
Darin Young 4-2 Scott Henning
Tom Sawyer 4-1 Kevin Liebkemann
Robert Miske 4-0 David Hascup
Richard Espinosa 4-1 Mat Malone
Brian Cyr 4-3 Robert Heckman
Larry Butler 4-3 Alexander MacDougall
Michael Burns 4-3 Neil Dickson
Burt van Wie 4-3 Mike MaGuire
Bill Davis 4-1 Kory Nichols
David Fatum 4-1 Jason Hill
Paul Bolduc 4-0 Luben Izov
George Timpone 4-1 Jerry van Loan
Dave Kelly 4-3 Frederick Krueger
Steve Brown 4-0 Timothy S Groves
Joseph Swick 4-2 Martin Tremblay
Dan Lauby 4-1 Jason Naert
John Kuczynski 4-0 Robert Metaxotos
Jim Newman 4-1 Scott Pressey
Donny Joe 4-0 Garrett French
Tom Curtin 4-0 Craig Akin
Brian Blake 4-0 Phil Sroka
Kurt Tyson 4-3 Michael Minero Jnr
David Walsh 4-1 Greg Tong
Davis Snider 4-0 Bill Butler
Paul Lim 4-1 Gerry Convery
Tim Grossman 4-0 Dave Watson
Daniel Beauregard 4-0 Kevin Joyce
Frank Smith 4-1 Donnie Murray
Isen Veljic 4-1 Chester MacKenzie
Chris White 4-1 Jerry Hall
Ross Snook 4-2 Thomas Healy
Tim O’Gorman 4-0 John Jacko
Dan Olson 4-0 Robert St Onge
Gerard Zuilkowski 4-0 Niki Carey
Paul Cockings 4-1 Richard Hammond
Robert Gargan 4-1 Janel Pelletier
Jim Widmayer 4-2 Joel Beal
Dave Cameron 4-3 Stephen Panuncialman
Joselito Moises 4-1 Ron Linstruth
Wayne Budgen 4-0 Robert Race
Gary Mawson 4-0 Mark Neilsen
Scott Cummings 4-1 Jeffrey Steinberg
William Franklin 4-3 Darren Starr
Joe Chaney 4-0 Michael Mitchell
Ron Miller 4-1 John Piepora
Gordon Dixon 4-2 Terry Hayhurst
Rory Orvis 4-2 Dieter Schutsch
David Marienthal 4-1 Mark Schlesinger
Ray Carver 4-0 Richard Corless
James Snook 4-0 Roger Taylor
Denis Sayre Jnr 4-3 Garrett Hammond
Donnie Strode 4-2 Chris Leslie
Brad Wethington 4-0 Jason Watt
Bill Anderson 4-0 Thomas Pagliuca
James Jordan 4-2 Barry Todd
Ron Parent 4-3 William de Witt

Third Round
Buddy Lessig 4-3 John Part
Brian Blankenhorn 4-0 Doug Stacey
Shawn Brenneman 4-3 Roger Carter
Dave Brocksmith 4-1 Daniel Thibaudeau
Darin Young 4-1 Tom Sawyer
Robert Miske 4-3 Richard Espinosa
Larry Butler 4-3 Brian Cyr
Michael Burns 4-2 Burt van Wie
Bill Davis 4-0 David Fatum
Paul Bolduc 4-3 George Timpone
Steve Brown 4-3 Dave Kelly
Dan Lauby 4-1 Joseph Swick
John Kuczynski 4-1 Jim Newman
Donny Joe 4-1 Tom Curtin
Brian Blake 4-1 Kurt Tyson
David Walsh 4-3 Davis Snider
Tim Grossman 4-3 Paul Lim
Frank Smith 4-2 Daniel Beauregard
Chris White 4-2 Isen Veljic
Tim O’Gorman 4-0 Ross Snook
Dan Olson 4-0 Gerard Zuilkowski
Robert Gargan 4-2 Paul Cockings
Dave Cameron 4-1 Jim Widmayer
Wayne Budgen 4-2 Joselito Moises
Scott Cummings 4-3 Gary Mawson
Joe Chaney 4-1 William Franklin
Gordon Dixon 4-0 Ron Miller
Rory Orvis 4-1 David Marienthal
Ray Carver 4-0 James Snook
Donnie Strode 4-1 Denis Sayre Jnr
Brad Wethington 4-1 Bill Anderson
Ron Parent 4-0 James Jordan

Fourth Round
Buddy Lessig 4-0 Brian Blankenhorn
Dave Brocksmith 4-1 Shawn Brenneman
Darin Young 4-2 Robert Miske
Larry Butler 4-0 Michael Burns
Bill Davis 4-1 Paul Bolduc
Dan Lauby 4-1 Steve Brown
John Kuczynski 4-2 Tom Curtin
Brian Blake 4-2 David Walsh
Tim Grossman 4-3 Frank Smith
Chris White 4-1 Tim O’Gorman
Dan Olson 4-3 Robert Gargan
Dave Cameron 4-1 Wayne Budgen
Joe Chaney 4-1 Scott Cummings
Gordon Dixon 4-3 Rory Orvis
Ray Carver 4-3 Donnie Strode
Brad Wethington 4-3 Ron Parent
Losers $500

Fifth Round
Dave Brocksmith 4-1 Buddy Lessig
Darin Young 4-3 Larry Butler
Bill Davis 4-1 Dan Lauby
John Kuczynski 4-1 Brian Blake
Chris White 4-2 Tim Grossman
Dave Cameron 4-0 Dan Olson
Joe Chaney 4-2 Gordon Dixon
Brad Wethington 4-3 Ray Carver
Losers $1,000

Darin Young 4-3 Dave Brocksmith
Bill Davis 4-1 John Kuczynski
Chris White 4-3 Dave Cameron
Brad Wethington 4-0 Joe Chaney
Losers $2,000

Darin Young 7-5 Bill Davis
Chris White 6-7 Brad Wethington
Losers $3,000

Darin Young 8-7 Brad Wethington
Winner $15,000
Runner-Up $5,000

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