OckeysRus Portable Home Oche

You can now buy the OckeysrUs portable home oche direct from DartsMad.com. Read our review to see why you need one!

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OckeysrUs portable home oche

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“It’s really good and it doesnt move like the rubber mat does.”- Andy “The Pieman” Smith

“I love it.”- Zoe “The Pink Panther” Jones.

“I would not hesitate to recommend the portable home oche to any player serious about their darts and wanting home practise that closely replicates competition oche conditions.” – DartsMad.com

For the serious dart player, a decent home setup is essential to facilitate effective practise. Made from stylish matt black 10mm board with bright bold graphics, the portable home oche has a unique foldaway hinge system which allows it to fold away to a storage friendly 80x40x5cm size.

It provides a stepped edge for your leading foot, which ensures you your foot does not stray over the regulation distance and is braced against something solid to aid stability when throwing.

It also means you are not diverting your eyes before the throw to check your foot is behind the line, as you ‘feel’ the oche with your foot. Put another way, you don’t lose focus on the board from approach until after releasing the last dart.


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