The darts world of twitter endured some good tungsten-banter over the last two days, but the first round has concluded and we’re down to 16 people in the battle for the Red Dragon darts.  Well done to all the winners, commiserations to the losers.


180RobLFC (Mervyn King) 6-1 PitchfArk (Co Stompe)

shancalfe (Alan Tabern) 4-6 jayandrewswba (Colin Lloyd)

matthastwell (John Part) 5-6 martyboy180 (Peter Wright)

lizforster9 (Justin Pipe) 3-6 a180w (Paul Nicholson)

valkie180 (Simon Whitlock) 6-2 Sashalou26 (Mensur Suljovic)

BrianRedfern (Phil Taylor) 6-3 Joet16 (John Michael)

Kicking__King (Mark Webster) 4-6 clarabel73 (Terry Jenkins)

Gorilla9Darts (Gary Anderson) 6-3 grayslinkey (Jamie Caven)

themysterylady (Wane Jones) 5-6 hankdeplank (Mark Walsh)

jamiedoswell (Jelle Klaasen) 4-6 KeithCase_wCd (Dave Chisnall)

DartsBeersCheers (Ronnie Baxter) 6-4 ScottJamesBurr (Michael van Gerwen)

TheWack72 (Kim Huybrechts) 6-2 Big_G_aroo (Antonio Alcinas)

DSAnderton (James Wade) 6-1 danlfc1982 (Magnus Caris)

craigcartmell (Adrian Lewis) 6-4 mad4darts50 (Vincent van der Voort)

dinkyrach (Wes Newton) 6-2 bdopdcmc (Andy Smith)

crispy180 (Raymond van Barneveld) 6-4 dartsfanatic (Andy Hamilton)


The second round begins today over 2 sessions, 1pm and 7pm British time.


Afternoon Session (2pm local time, 1pm BST)

valkie180 (Simon Whitlock) v jayandrewswba (Colin Lloyd)
clarabel73 (Terry Jenkins) v a180w (Paul Nicholson)
BrianRedfearn (Phil Taylor) v 180RobLFC (Mervyn King)
Gorilla9Darts (Gary Anderson) v martyboy180 (Peter Wright)


Evening Session (8pm local time, 7pm BST)

dinkyrach (Wes Newton) v TheWack72 (Kim Huybrechts)
craigcartmell (Adrian Lewis) v KeithCase_wCd (Dave Chisnall)
DSAnderton (James Wade) v DartsBeersCheer (Ronnie Baxter)
crispy180 (Raymond van Barneveld) v hankdeplank (Mark Walsh)

All games are the best of 19 legs.

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