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On July 11th, Mark and Jamie took part in an exhibition in Rhyl, North Wales to raise funds for Paige Williams. The story of Paige’s Disney Dream speaks  for itself:

Mile High Club (Marks personal sponsor club) member and our friend – Mark Cooper had managed to ask Jabba to pop along and try to help the local community raise funds. As we were in touch with Mark, it seemed natural to offer our services and Mile High’s attendance on the night.

We were all, very pleased and proud to be involved with such a superb event and worthy cause, as echoed by the subsequent comments & photographs on social media and darts forums.

A quality exhibition involving much hilarity, including Mark repeatedly hitting 69 in different ways for the marker to call out. Jabba, as always was highly entertaining and kept things moving along well. Both proved a hit on the mic as well. Well, fifteen years as a cabin crew member & manger should have taught Mile High a thing or two.

Other than that, all I can say is that most importantly, £1000+ was raised on the night and together with other superb efforts from the local community, plans for a dream trip to Disneyland Paris are now in place. All of us wish the family the very best in the time they are given.

Mark drove himself to Rhyl yesterday, delaying an important sponsorship meeting today. However, we are pleased to say that Mark’s sponsors shared the fuel costs and a nearby hotel/resort provided rooms for players and organisers

The photos in the gallery below are from the event itself, for you to get an impression of the evening, there is even a star turn from Paige herself – pulling Mark’s nose! (main image). For more photos please visit the facebook page.

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