Monk Completes Crawley Youth Tour Double

Arron Monk ended the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour season by completing a double of wins on the final weekend at the K2 Centre in Crawley on Sunday night.

Arron MonkThe former World Youth Champion had ensured that he will top the 2012 Order of Merit with victory in Saturday’s £3,000 event against Chris Aubrey, but defeated Matthew Dennant in the final 24 hours later to add gloss to the success with his sixth win of the year.

Monk overcame Jack Morris and Aden Kirk before whitewashing his rival at the top of the Order of Merit, Michael Smith, to reach the quarter-finals, where he also failed to drop a leg against Brighton’s Joe Davis.

Monk then edged out Dutch youngster Wouter Vaes 4-3 to reach the final, where he defeated Dennant 4-0, sealing the victory with a 112 checkout.

Walsall-based student Dennant, 21, overcame Shaun Griffiths 4-2 in the semi-finals to reach his first final on the Youth Tour, having been a quarter-finalist three times previously this year.

Griffiths and Vaes took home £200 each for reaching the semis, while Lewis Venes, Curtis Bagley and Brandonn Monk joined Davis in reaching the quarter-finals of the event.

Monk ends the year with £4,900 on the Youth Tour Order of Merit, with St Helens ace Smith second on £3,925, current World Youth Champion James Hubbard third on £2,850, Wales’ Jamie Lewis fourth with £2,125 and Swindon’s Chris Aubrey in fifth with £1,675 prize money won.

The top 32 players from the final 2012 PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Order of Merit will now qualify to compete next spring in the Last 64 of the World Youth Championship alongside a series of qualifiers from the UK and overseas.

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Event 20

Preliminary Round
Oliver Stell 4-1 Josh Pinder
Chris Aubrey 4-2 Ryan Maher
Michael Blake 4-0 Robert Marsden
Curtis Bagley 4-1 Ryan De Vreede
Arron Fairweather 4-0 Joshua Richardson
Aden Kirk 4-1 Kevin Wensink
Josh Jones 4-3 Sam Davidson
Jack Hill 4-2 Ryan Harrington
John Seagrave 4-1 Nicholas Day

First Round
Sam Hill 4-0 Lewis Oliver
Oliver Stell 4-0 Jamie Lewis
Matthew Dennant 4-2 John De Kruijf
Chris Aubrey 4-0 Ryan Sullivan
Lewis Venes 4-0 Rainer Hofweber
Michael Blake 4-2 Sean Ryan
Curtis Hammond 4-2 Peter Browning
Cain Unwin 4-1 Brandon Walsh
Kurt Parry 4-2 Jake Patchett
Curtis Bagley 4-0 James Young
Reece Robinson 4-2 Kristian Wharton
Adam Hunt 4-1 Arron Fairweather
Daniel Goldsmith 4-1 Adam Hart
Gino Vos 4-2 Andrew Clark
Jake Jones 4-0 Paddy Meaney
Shaun Griffiths 4-0 Martin Walker
Arron Monk 4-0 Jack Morris
Aden Kirk 4-3 Liam Showell
Ricky Evans 4-1 Lee Whitworth
Michael Smith 4-2 Josh Jones
Adam Smith-Neale 4-3 Aaron Bateman
George Killington 4-0 Jack Tweddell
Jamie Landon 4-0 Shane Friedlander
Joe Davis 4-0 Gavin Howard
James O’Connor 4-3 Samuel Head
Jack Hill 4-3 Ben Songhurst
Wouter Vaes 4-2 Dean Read
John Seagrave 4-0 Kirsty Haw
Darren Whittingham 4-1 Ricky De Vos
Brandonn Monk 4-1 Martin Heneghan
Steve Haggerty 4-3 Matthew Dicken
Josh McCarthy 4-3 Samuel Poland

Second Round
Oliver Stell 4-3 Sam Hill
Matthew Dennant 4-3 Chris Aubrey
Lewis Venes 4-1 Michael Blake
Curtis Hammond 4-1 Cain Unwin
Curtis Bagley 4-2 Kurt Parry
Adam Hunt 4-0 Reece Robinson
Gino Vos 4-0 Daniel Goldsmith
Shaun Griffiths 4-1 Jake Jones
Arron Monk 4-3 Aden Kirk
Michael Smith 4-0 Ricky Evans
George Killington 4-2 Adam Smith-Neale
Joe Davis 4-0 Jamie Landon
Jack Hill 4-2 James O’Connor
Wouter Vaes 4-3 John Seagrave
Brandonn Monk 4-1 Darren Whittingham
Josh McCarthy 4-1 Steve Haggerty
Losers £50

Third Round
Matthew Dennant 4-2 Oliver Stell
Lewis Venes 4-1 Curtis Hammond
Curtis Bagley 4-3 Adam Hunt
Shaun Griffiths 4-1 Gino Vos
Arron Monk 4-0 Michael Smith
Joe Davis 4-3 George Killington
Wouter Vaes 4-0 Jack Hill
Brandonn Monk 4-2 Josh McCarthy
Losers £75

Matthew Dennant 4-2 Lewis Venes
Shaun Griffiths 4-0 Curtis Bagley
Arron Monk 4-0 Joe Davis
Wouter Vaes 4-0 Brandonn Monk
Losers £100

Matthew Dennant 4-2 Shaun Griffiths
Arron Monk 4-3 Wouter Vaes
Losers £200

Arron Monk 4-0 Matthew Dennant
Winner £500
Runner-Up £300

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