Arron Monk and Michael Smith took victories in the opening two events of the 2012 PDC Unicorn Youth Tour in Derby on Saturday.

PDC Youth TourSaturday’s double-header at the Moorways Centre kicked off the £60,000-plus Youth Tour (the first two of 21 tournaments to be held across seven stand-alone weekends throughout the year). A third event will be held on Sunday as the opening weekend comes to a close.

Arron Monk, the 2011 Under-21 World Champion, took the £500 first prize in Event One, defeating James Hubbard 4-0 in the final with a fine performance, which he kicked off with a 150 finish to win the first leg and also included a 14-darter in the whitewash.

He also defeated Chris Aubrey, Michael Smith, Jamie Green, Martin Heneghan, Jamie Lewis and Adam Hunt in a high-quality display.Monk went on to reach the Last 16 of Event Two later in the day, seeing off both Green and Heneghan again as well as one of last year’s Youth Tour event winners, Ricky Evans, before losing out to Daniel King-Morris.

North London’s King-Morris, though, went down 4-2 to St Helens’ emerging star Smith in the Event Two final, as the 21-year-old followed up his second PDC ProTour victory earlier this year by claiming a Youth Tour triumph, which included him hitting seven darts towards a possible nine-darter for the third time in the day.

Smith was also victorious against Hubbard and Aubrey on his way to the title, as well as defeating Daniel Wood, Ryan Herrington and John de Kruijf in the event.

Norfolk’s Hubbard, who will contest the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship final against Michael van Gerwen at The O2 in London next month, picked up £300 as the Event One runner-up and also reached the semi-finals of Event Two.

Swindon’s Aubrey, who has also picked up experience on the professional circuit alongside Monk and Smith in the past 18 months, reached a semi-final and a quarter-final on Saturday, while Brandonn Monk and Ireland’s Paddy Meaney reached the Last 16 of both events.

Sunday sees Event Three take place at the Moorways Centre, with a further £3,000 in prize money on offer.

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Event One

Preliminary Round
Samuel Head 4-0 Joe Hunt
Scott Artiss 4-2 Luke Purcell
Aaron Bateman 4-1 Derek Park
Thomas Chant 4-2 Christopher Quantock
Daniel Cooper 4-2 Ryan Hitchens
John Seagrave 4-3 Steve Haggerty
Ross Robson 4-0 Robert Raine
James Thompson 4-0 Shane Friedlander

First Round
Joe Davis 4-2 Dan Dean
Danny Slegers 4-0 Sam Hewson
Nathan Aspinall 4-0 James O’Connor
Ryan Maher 4-3 Samuel Head
Michael Smith 4-1 Dan Wheatley
Conor Mayes 4-3 Joshua Thompson
Aden Kirk 4-2 Joshua Carter
Scott Rollings 4-1 Scott Artiss
Jake Pennington 4-3 Sean Ryan
Reece Robinson 4-0 Peter Browning
Jamie Green 4-0 Dean Reynolds
Ash Khayat 4-0 Joe Thompson
George Andrew Gardner 4-2 Liam Cooper
Martin Heneghan 4-0 Lewis Venes
Jamie Lewis 4-0 Harry Lane
Arron Monk 4-3 Adam Hunt
Nick Kenny 4-3 Shaun Griffiths
Josh Payne 4-0 Martin Walker
Josh Jones 4-0 Sam Hamilton
Aaron Bateman 4-2 Lewis Oliver
Paul Lee Cooper 4-0 David James Williams
Chris Aubrey 4-0 Kevin Wensink
Jack Tweddell 4-3 Liam Lewis
Jamie Landon 4-2 Thomas Chant
Luke Humphries 4-0 Alexander Topper
Jake Jones 4-1 Jack Savage
David Pallett 4-3 Brandon Walsh
Craig Brown 4-2 Kirsty Hutchinson
Liam Stephen Showell 4-0 Kirsty Haw
Curtis Bagley 4-1 Greg Falcus
Harry Miles 4-0 Robert Marsen
Lee Budgen 4-3 Gordon Davies-Morris
Curtis Hammond 4-0 Chris Bradley
Ben Songhurst 4-0 Benjamin Sutton
Charlie Burns 4-1 Matthew Dennant
Ryan Herrington 4-0 Daniel Cooper
James Smith 4-0 Ryan Sullivan
Oliver Stell 4-3 Wouter Vaes
Adam Hart 4-0 Spencer Murphy
John Seagrave 4-0 Rees Hall
James Hubbard 4-0 Anthony West
Rainer Hofweber 4-3 Matthew Hall
Ross Dalton-Short 4-1 Mike Nissen
Matthew Dicken 4-1 Sam Hill
Nicholas Day 4-1 Hermie van Orsouw
Paddy Meaney 4-0 Joe Harrison
Damian Smith 4-0 Ryan Kershaw
Dan Read 4-3 Daniel King-Morris
Jack Hill 4-3 Co Stompe Jnr
Matt Gallett 4-0 Josh Clough
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-0 Connor Durham
Ross Robson 4-3 Tom Smith
Daniel Wood 4-2 Marc Evans
Brandonn Monk 4-2 Lee Whitworth
Sam Davidson 4-0 Jordan Vickers
James Thompson 4-2 Ricky Evans
Jordan Matthews 4-1 Ben Carver
John Esam 4-2 Shaun Frowen
Jake Patchett 4-0 Michael Blake
Adam Smith-Neale 4-3 John de Jruijf
Carl Draper 4-3 Joshua Richardson
Kirk Deruyter 4-1 Mark Stephens
George Killington 4-1 James Young
Darren Whittingham 4-2 Leon Bailey

Second Round
Joe Davis 4-0 Danny Slegers
Ryan Maher 4-0 Nathan Aspinall
Michael Smith 4-2 Conor Mayes
Aden Kirk 4-0 Scott Rollings
Reece Robinson 4-2 Jake Pennington
Jamie Green 4-3 Ash Khayat
Martin Heneghan 4-1 George Andrew Gardner
Arron Monk 4-3 Jamie Lewis
Josh Payne 4-1 Nick Kenny
Aaron Bateman 4-1 Josh Jones
Chris Aubrey 4-2 Paul Lee Cooper
Jamie Landon 4-1 Jack Tweddell
Jake Jones 4-0 Luke Humphries
David Pallett 4-3 Craig Brown
Curtis Bagley 4-1 Luke Stephen Showell
Harry Miles 4-1 Lee Budgen
Curtis Hammond 4-0 Ben Songhurst
Ryan Herrington 4-1 Charlie Burns
Oliver Stell 4-1 James Smith
John Seagrave 4-2 Adam Hart
James Hubbard 4-0 Rainer Hofweber
Matthew Dicken 4-1 Ross Dalton-Short
Paddy Meaney 4-0 Nicholas Day
Dan Read 4-1 Damian Smith
Jack Hill 4-3 Matt Gallett
Ross Robson 4-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Brandonn Monk 4-3 Daniel Wood
Sam Davidson 4-3 James Thompson
John Esam 4-1 Jordan Matthews
Jake Patchett 4-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Carl Draper 4-2 Kirk Deruyter
Darren Whittngham 4-2 George Killington

Third Round
Ryan Maher 4-1 Joe Davis
Michael Smith 4-2 Aden Kirk
Jamie Green 4-1 Reece Robinson
Arron Monk 4-1 Martin Heneghan
Josh Payne 4-2 Aaron Bateman
Chris Aubrey 4-1 Jamie Landon
Jake Jones 4-3 David Pallett
Curtis Bagley 4-3 Harry Miles
Ryan Herrington 4-1 Curtis Hammond
John Seagrave 4-0 Oliver Stell
James Hubbard 4-1 Matthew Dicken
Paddy Meaney 4-2 Dan Read
Jack Hill 4-0 Ross Robson
Brandonn Monk 4-2 Sam Davidson
Jake Patchett 4-1 John Esam
Darren Whittngham 4-0 Carl Draper
Losers £50

Fourth Round
Michael Smith 4-1 Ryan Maher
Arron Monk 4-3 Jamie Green
Chris Aubrey 4-2 Josh Payne
Jake Jones 4-1 Curtis Bagley
Ryan Herrington 4-0 John Seagrave
James Hubbard 4-1 Paddy Meaney
Jack Hill 4-2 Brandonn Monk
Jake Patchett 4-3 Darren Whittngham
Losers £75

Arron Monk 4-3 Michael Smith
Chris Aubrey 4-3 Jake Jones
James Hubbard 4-2 Ryan Herrington
Jake Patchett 4-2 Jack Hill
Losers £100

Arron Monk 4-3 Chris Aubrey
James Hubbard 4-1 Jake Patchett
Losers £200

Arron Monk 4-0 James Hubbard
Winner £500
Runner-Up £300

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Event Two

Preliminary Round
Jamie Green 4-0 Co Stompe Jnr
James Smith 4-1 Ben Carver
Anthony West 4-3 Hermie van Orsouw
Conor Mayes 4-2 Ross Dalton-Short
John Seagrave 4-0 David James Williams
Ryan Sullivan 4-3 Mark Stephens
Curtis Bagley 4-0 Joe Harrison
Kevin Wensink 4-3 Luke Purcell
Ross Robson 4-1 Kirsty Hutchinson
Brandonn Monk 4-1 Matt Gallett
Matthew Dicken 4-0 Rees Hall

First Round
Ricky Evans 4-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Dan Read 4-0 Martin Walker
Martin Heneghan 4-1 Benjamin Sutton
Arron Monk 4-3 Jamie Green
Charlie Burns 4-0 Liam Lewis
Lee Whitworth 4-2 Joe Hunt
Daniel King-Morris 4-1 Dean Reynolds
James Smith 4-1 Josh Jones
James O’Connor 4-1 Sam Hewson
Michael Blake 4-2 Josh Clough
Aden Kirk 4-0 Christopher Quantock
Sam Hill 4-2 Anthony West
Paddy Meaney 4-0 Jelle Muller
Jamie Lewis 4-2 Ryan Maher
Jake Patchett 4-1 Shaun Frowen
Rainer Hofweber 4-3 Ryan Harrington
Steve Haggerty 4-0 Craig Brown
Sam Davidson 4-2 Leon Bailey
Jamie Landon 4-2 Lewis Venes
Conor Mayes 4-3 Dan Dean
Joshua Carter 4-0 Jack Savage
Adam Hart 4-1 George Andrew Gardner
Reece Robinson 4-2 Spencer Murphy
John Seagrave 4-1 Jack Tweddell
Oliver Stell 4-2 Alexander Topper
Marc Evans 4-1 Sam Hamilton
David Pallett 4-0 Lewis Oliver
Jordan Matthews 4-0 Ryan Sullivan
Ben Songhurst 4-0 Jake Pennington
Damian Smith 4-3 James Thompson
Shaun Griffiths 4-3 James Young
Samuel Head 4-0 Scott Wilson
Adam Smith-Neale 4-3 Josh Payne
Darren Whittingham 4-0 Connor Durham
John de Kruijf 4-2 Danny Slegers
Curtis Bagley 4-1 Liam Stephen Showell
Michael Smith 4-1 Daniel Wood
Ryan Herrington 4-3 Carl Draper
Joe Davis 4-3 Aaron Bateman
Jack Hill 4-0 Kevin Wensink
Chris Aubrey 4-0 Gordon Davies-Morris
Liam Cooper 4-0 Joshua Thompson
Matthew Dennant 4-0 Joe Thompson
Ross Robson 4-2 Mike Nissen
Wouter Vaes 4-2 Ash Khayat
Brandon Walsh 4-0 Chris Bradley
Nicholas Day 4-1 Derek Park
Nathan Aspinall 4-1 Harry Lane
Tom Smith 4-3 Sean Ryan
Paul Lee Cooper 4-1 John Esam
Dan Wheatley 4-0 Scott Artiss
Brandonn Monk 4-3 Jake Jones
Shane Friedlander 4-1 Peter Browning
Greg Falcus 4-1 Scott Rollings
James Hubbard 4-1 Nick Kenny
Matthew Dicken 4-0 Robert Raine
Kristian Wharton 4-3 Thomas Chant
Robert Marsden 4-3 Joshua Richardson
Kirk Deruyter 4-2 George Killington
Curtis Hammond 4-0 Daniel Cooper
Harry Miles 4-1 Matthew Hall
Luke Humphries 4-0 Ryan Hitchens
Adam Hunt 4-0 Ryan Kershaw
Jordan Vickers 4-0 Sam Guest

Second Round
Ricky Evans 4-2 Dan Read
Arron Monk 4-2 Martin Heneghan
Lee Whitworth 4-3 Charlie Burns
Daniel King-Morris 4-3 James Smith
James O’Connor 4-3 Michael Blake
Aden Kirk 4-2 Sam Hill
Paddy Meaney 4-2 Jamie Lewis
Jake Patchett 4-0 Rainer Hofweber
Sam Davidson 4-1 Steve Haggerty
Conor Mayes 4-3 Jamie Landon
Adam Hart 4-0 Joshua Carter
Reece Robinson 4-2 John Seagrave
Oliver Stell 4-2 Marc Evans
David Pallett 4-0 Jordan Matthews
Ben Songhurst 4-2 Damian Smith
Samuel Head 4-2 Shaun Griffiths
Adam Smith-Neale 4-1 Darren Whittingham
John de Kruijf 4-1 Curtis Bagley
Michael Smith 4-0 Ryan Herrington
Joe Davis 4-2 Jack Hill
Chris Aubrey 4-1 Liam Cooper
Ross Robson 4-3 Matthew Dennant
Brandon Walsh 4-2 Wouter Vaes
Nathan Aspinall 4-3 Nicholas Day
Tom Smith 4-3 Paul Lee Cooper
Brandonn Monk 4-1 Dan Wheatley
Shane Friedlander 4-3 Greg Falcus
James Hubbard 4-3 Matthew Dicken
Kristian Wharton 4-3 Robert Marsden
Kirk Deruyter 4-3 Curtis Hammond
Luke Humphries 4-3 Harry Miles
Jordan Vickers 4-2 Adam Hunt

Third Round
Arron Monk 4-3 Ricky Evans
Daniel King-Morris 4-1 Lee Whitworth
Aden Kirk 4-3 James O’Connor
Paddy Meaney 4-0 Jake Patchett
Conor Mayes 4-2 Sam Davidson
Adam Hart 4-3 Reece Robinson
David Pallett 4-1 Oliver Stell
Samuel Head 4-3 Ben Songhurst
John de Kruijf 4-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Michael Smith 4-1 Joe Davis
Chris Aubrey 4-3 Ross Robson
Brandon Walsh 4-2 Nathan Aspinall
Brandonn Monk 4-2 Tom Smith
James Hubbard 4-0 Shane Friedlander
Kirk Deruiyter 4-2 Kristian Wharton
Luke Humphries 4-1 Jordan Vickers
Losers £50

Fourth Round
Daniel King-Morris 4-2 Arron Monk
Aden Kirk 4-1 Paddy Meaney
Adam Hart 4-2 Conor Mayes
David Pallett 4-3 Samuel Head
Michael Smith 4-1 John de Kruijf
Chris Aubrey 4-2 Brandon Walsh
James Hubbard 4-1 Brandonn Monk
Kirk Deruyter 4-1 Luke Humphries
Losers £75

Daniel King-Morris 4-0 Aden Kirk
Adam Hart 4-1 David Pallett
Michael Smith 4-2 Chris Aubrey
James Hubbard 4-1 Kirk Deruyter
Losers £100

Daniel King-Morris 4-1 Adam Hart
Michael Smith 4-1 James Hubbard
Losers £200

Michael Smith 4-2 Daniel King-Morris
Winner £500
Runner-Up £300

PDC Youth Tour Information

Entry to each PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event costs £30 and must be made using the PDC Online Entry System.

Existing PDPA members will already have login details, while new players must first register their details by following this link.

Existing PDPA members or players who have entered previously for the Grand Slam of Darts Wildcard Qualifier through the PDC Online Entry System must check that their Date of Birth is correct in the system to be allowed to enter tournaments.

New players must complete their Date of Birth whilst registering, and must provide ID when registering at their first tournament.

The entry deadline for each tournament will be 5pm on the Friday immediately prior to each weekend (i.e, 5pm on Friday April 20 for the Derby events).

Click here to visit the PDC Online Entry Registration Page

Click here to visit the PDC Online Entry System

All players who have entered the events will be issued with a Players’ Brief via email in the coming days.

Events 1-3 Schedule
Saturday April 21
9.30am-11am – Event 1 Registration
12pm – Event 1 Begins
2pm-3pm – Event 2 Registration
Not Before 4pm – Event 2 Begins

Sunday April 22
9.30am-11am – Event 3 Registration
12pm – Event 3 Begins

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Dates:
Events 1-3

Saturday April 21 & Sunday April 22
Moorways Centre, Moor Lane, Allenton, Derby, DE24 9HY

Events 4-6
Saturday May 19 & Sunday May 20
Rivermead Centre, Richfield Avenue, Reading, RG1 8EQ

Events 7-9
Saturday June 2 & Sunday June 3
Ramada Hotel Bruehl, Romerstrasse 1, 50321 Bruehl, Germany

Ramada Hotel Bruehl Hotel Rates:
Single Room €77 including breakfast
Double Room €84 including breakfast
Contact Stefanie Loetzke on             0049 2232 204 506       or via

Events 10-12
Saturday July 14 & Sunday July 15
Barnsley Metrodome, Queens Ground, Queens Road, Barnsley, S74 1AN

Events 13-15
Saturday August 4 & Sunday August 5
Moorways Centre, Moor Lane, Allenton, Derby, DE24 9HY

Events 16-18
Saturday September 29 & Sunday September 30
Robin Park Tennis Centre, Loire Drive, Wigan, WN5 0UH

The PDC Unicorn Youth Tour weekends will be as follows:
April 21 & 22 – Moorways Centre, Derby
May 19 & 20 – Rivermead Centre, Reading
June 2 & 3 – Ramada Hote, Bruehl, Germany
July 14 & 15 – Barnsley Metrodome
August 4 & 5 – Moorways Centre, Derby
September 29 & 30 – Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan
Dates TBC for one further weekend 

The prize money breakdown for each tournament is:
Winner £500
Runner-Up £300
Semi-Finalists £200
Quarter-Finalists £100
Last 16 £75
Last 32 £50

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour events will be open to any player aged 14 or above, with an upper age limit of being 21 on January 1 2012. Players aged 21 at this time are eligible to compete in all 2012 events.

The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship will follow the 21 Youth Tour events and be held later in 2012, with details to be announced later this year but a confirmed prize fund of £30,000 on offer.

Source – PDC/Lawrence Lustig