MICHAEL VAN GERWEN won his third PDC Unicorn Youth Tour title at the Moorways Centre, defeating Michael Smith 4-1 in the final.

The Dutch ace followed up victories in Wigan and Crawley earlier this year by taking the £600 first prize in Derby, courtesy of a brilliant showing in Event 11.

He whitewashed fellow countryman Jimmy Hendricks as well as Wales’ Marc Evans in the early stages, and dropped only one leg against Leon Bailey and Ricky Evans in reaching the semis.

There, he overcame fellow countryman Rick Veugelers 4-1 and produced the same scoreline to win the final in style.

After Smith missed the bull for a 170 finish in the opening leg, van Gerwen took out double 16 to lead before opening the second with a 177.

Smith hit two 180s in reply, but the Dutchman denied him a dart at double 13 by finishing tops for an 11-dart leg to double his advantage.

The pair traded maximums in the fourth leg, which Smith won with a 90 finish, but tops gave van Gerwen a 3-1 lead before he repeated the double to secure victory.

Smith’s display included victories over Welsh youngster Jamie Lewis, Holland’s Mike Zuidwijk and former Youth Tour winner Paul Barham as well as whitewashes of Sam Davidson and Darren Whittingham.

The St Helens ace picked up £400 as runner-up, as he lost in the final for the second time this year after being in the decider in Event Two back in February, when he had also hit a nine-darter.

Lewis celebrated his third appearance on the Youth Tour by reaching the last four, where he was joined by Dutch youngster Veugelers – who had overcome compatriot Dirk van Duijvenbode in the last eight.

The next PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event will be held in Nuland on Saturday September 24, with entry available via the PDC Head Office on 08712 501 180 or via www.pdc-europe.net for non-UK & Ireland players.

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Event 11
Preliminary Round
Steven Kirby 3-2 Brandonn Monk
Ryan Harrington 3-1 Bryan Flew
Adam Smith-Neale 3-2 Aden Kirk
Jamie Green 3-0 Joe Thompson
Rick Veugelers 3-1 Daniel Cooper
Reece Robinson 3-1 Daniel King-Morris
Scott Taylor 3-2 Joe Davis
Graeme Hoggarth 3-0 Robert Raine
Jimmy Hendricks 3-0 Conner Durham
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Peter Browning
Marc Evans 3-0 Jamie Grinhaff
Adam Hunt 3-1 James Hayer
Greg Falcus 3-0 Kieran Dodd
Jack Tweddell 3-0 Ryan Iceton
Shaun Griffiths 3-1 Anthony West
Dan Dean 3-0 Daniel Firth
James Smith Bye (Jack Barwick timed out)
Sam Davidson 3-2 Sam Hamilton
Simon Hicks 3-0 Jack Hill
Darren Whittingham 3-2 Gareth Thomas
Mike Zuidwijk 3-1 John De Kruijf
Lee Whitworth 3-2 Curtis Hammond
Ryan Hoggarth 3-0 Kirsty Haw

First Round
Joe Cullen 3-0 Josh McCarthy
Dirk van Duijvenbode 3-1 Steven Kirby
Co Stompe Jnr 3-1 Aaron Holdstock
Adam Smith-Neale 3-0 Ryan Harrington
Jake Jones 3-2 Curtis Bagley
Scott Pearson 3-2 Jamie Green
Liam Lewis 3-1 Christian Pimblett
Rick Veugelers 3-1 Kristen Bircher
Ricky Evans 3-0 Luke Humphries
Reece Robinson 3-1 Scott Taylor
Matthew Dicken 3-0 Chris Aubrey
Steve Haggerty 3-0 Graeme Hoggarth
Leon Bailey 3-1 James Young
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Jimmy Hendricks
David Everley 3-2 Dan Read
Marc Evans 3-0 David Galaska
David Coyne 3-1 Patrick Meaney
Adam Hunt 3-0 Greg Falcus
Wouter Vaes 3-1 Ryan De Vreede
Jack Tweddell 3-1 Kacey Jones
Jamie Landon 3-0 John Bryan
Lewis Venes 3-1 Shaun Griffiths
Jamie Lewis 3-0 Matthew Dennant
James Smith 3-2 Dan Dean
Paul Barham 3-0 Alex Nunez
Michael Smith 3-0 Sam Davidson
Ryan Herrington 3-1 Jeffrey De Zwaan
Darren Whittingham 3-1 Simon Hicks
Sam Hill 3-0 Dean Reynolds
Mike Zuidwijk 3-2 Tim Vandenhoek
Matt Gallett 3-0 Jelle Muller
Lee Whitworth 3-0 Ryan Hoggarth

Second Round
Dirk van Duijvenbode 3-1 Joe Cullen
Co Stompe Jnr 3-2 Adam Smith-Neale
Scott Pearson 3-2 Jake Jones
Rick Veugelers 3-1 Liam Lewis
Ricky Evans 3-1 Reece Robinson
Matthew Dicken 3-2 Steve Haggerty
Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Leon Bailey
Marc Evans 3-2 David Everley
David Coyne 3-1 Adam Hunt
Jack Tweddell 3-1 Wouter Vaes
Lewis Venes 3-1 Jamie Landon
Jamie Lewis 3-0 James Smith
Michael Smith 3-1 Paul Barham
Darren Whittingham 3-0 Ryan Herrington
Mike Zuidwijk 3-1 Sam Hill
Matt Gallett 3-1 Lee Whitworth

Third Round
Dirk van Duijvenbode 3-0 Co Stompe Jnr
Rick Veugelers 3-0 Scott Pearson
Ricky Evans 3-0 Matthew Dicken
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Marc Evans
Jack Tweddell 3-0 David Coyne
Jamie Lewis 3-1 Lewis Venes
Michael Smith 3-0 Darren Whittingham
Mike Zuidwijk 3-2 Matt Gallett
Losers £25

Rick Veugelers 3-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Ricky Evans
Jamie Lewis 3-0 Jack Tweddell
Michael Smith 3-1 Mike Zuidwijk
Losers £100

Michael van Gerwen 4-1 Rick Veugelers
Michael Smith 4-3 Jamie Lewis
Losers £200

Michael van Gerwen 4-1 Michael Smith
Winner £600
Runner-Up £400

Source – PDC

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