PHIL TAYLOR did a Players Championship double with victory over Wayne Jones in Sunday’s final – hitting a nine-darter on his way to another title.

Taylor and Dave Askew both followed Colin Lloyd in landing nine-darters in Germany, but it was Taylor who went on to take the £5,000 title for a second successive day.

Taylor had swept through the field on Saturday, and picked up his fourth tournament win of the month 24 hours later.

He landed a nine-darter in his win over Ronnie Baxter, who was one of only two players – alongside the impressive Spanish newcomer Carlos Rodriguez – to take a set from Taylor on his way to the final.

Roland Scholten hit a 170 checkout to take the opening leg of his quarter-final against Taylor, only for the Stoke legend to win six straight legs for the win and then whitewash Vincent van der Voort in the semis.

Taylor took a swift two-set lead in the final, taking the first set in legs of 13 and 11 darts and the second in 13 and 15.

Jones edged the third 2-1 and double nine put him in front in set four, only for Taylor to typically find an extra gear.

A 174 score in the next left him double 16, which he landed to level, and Taylor then took out 161 to claim the title.

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” said Taylor. “I’ve had two great days and the hard work is paying off for me.

“To hit a nine-darter was fantastic too, I’d come close a couple of times during the weekend and it was brilliant to get that.”

Jones added: “Phil didn’t miss a thing and even though my scoring wasn’t great in the final he deserved to win.”

Jones surpassed up his run to the semi-finals of the Blue Square UK Open Southern Regional Final three weeks ago by seeing off Tony Eccles in straight sets in the last four.

He had earlier overcome Adrian Lewis 3-0 in the quarters and also defeated Dave Ladley, Steve Grubb, Terry Jenkins and Mervyn King.

Eccles joined Jones in moving up the Players Championship Order of Merit – and improving his chance of a Stan James World Matchplay qualifying spot – by reaching the semi-finals and including Wayne Mardle among his victims.

Scholten was a last eight loser to Taylor for a second successive day, while Steve Maish reached his first quarter-final of the year before losing to Jones.

James Wade was blown out 3-0 by van der Voort in the quarters, after holding off a fightback from Denis Ovens in the last 16.

Van der Voort defied a 160 finish to see off Andy Hamilton in the last 16, while Maish produced a ten-darter in the deciding leg of his clash with Raymond van Barneveld, Saturday’s runner-up.

Van Barneveld had earlier won a deciding leg thriller, hitting an 11-darter to see off Jelle Klaasen, who had earlier missed darts for a 3-0 victory.

Dave Askew followed Colin Lloyd’s nine darter on Saturday by achieving the perfect leg himself, in a defeat to Wade.

The feat was matched by Taylor in the last 16, with the sharing the £400 nine-dart bonus, after Lloyd scooped the rolling £12,400 prize 24 hours earlier. Players Championship (Sunday)
Preliminary Round
Tony Littleton Bye (Swen Rausch)
Erwin Extercatte 3-0 Hans Pfaff
Steve Evans Bye (Sven Buchner)
Dave Honey 3-0 Huseyin Zengin
Marko Puls 3-0 Wilhelm Zvunka
Kieran Leal 3-0 Karsten Kornath
Stephan Schneider 3-0 Heiko Gallinat
Colin Monk 3-0 Manfred Hausler
Anton Pein 3-0 Jurgen Gallinat
Matt Clark 3-0 Detlef Bietz
Holger Rettig 3-0 Sladan Nedic
Michael Rosenauer 3-0 Thorsten Welfers
Marek Brommelhaus 3-2 Thomas Eisgruber
Stefan Mindum 3-1 Thomas Obstfelder
Carlos Rodriguez 3-0 Jurgen Lechtken
Bernard Kraus 3-0 Shane Passey
Roland Schmidt 3-1 Marco Salmen
Stephan Wusch 3-2 Christophe Laveau
Detlev Haut 3-1 Wolfgang Ruhl
Ben Burton 3-0 Raimond Mierswa
Chris Kotal 3-1 Marcus Schulte
Mario Hermann 3-2 Kevin McDine
Robert Watson-Lang 3-0 Franz Paulus
Karsten Koch 3-1 Ian Eames
Andi Waldenmaier 3-0 Andreas Muller
Alexander Albert 3-0 Jurgen Demler
Jonathan Overton 3-2 Herbert Schulze
Miloslav Navratil Bye (Daniel Smerecinsky)
Jon Archer Bye (Axel Krauss)
Danny Pinhorne 3-0 Alexander Hamacher
Frank Mast 3-0 Norbert Grimm

First Round
Kirk Shepherd 3-0 Michael Wolfe
Tony Littleton 3-0 Olaf Tupuschis
Denis Ovens 3-0 Alexander Glatthorn
Pavel Jinkal 3-1 Erwin Extercatte
Dave Askew 3-0 Lee White
Steve Evans 3-1 Marcel Hausotter
James Wade 3-0 Stephan Schwalb
Dave Honey 3-0 Dietmar Burger
Vincent van der Voort 3-1 Kevin Harris
Sean Palfrey 3-1 Marko Puls
Barrie Bates Bye (Richard Plowman)
Dennis Smith 3-0 Kieran Leal
Mark Walsh 3-1 Andre Welge
Mario Masurka 3-0 Stephan Schneider
Andy Hamilton 3-0 Tomas Seyler
Colin Monk 3-2 Alex Kohler
Wes Newton 3-1 Markus Hinfurtner
Anton Pein 3-0 Martin van Bijlefeld
Steve Smith 3-2 Peter Manley
Matt Clark 3-0 Nick Fulwell
Steve Beaton 3-0 Darren Latham
Mensur Suljovic 3-0 Holger Rettig
Roland Scholten 3-0 Colin Rice
Michael Rosenauer 3-0 Alexander Berger
Mark Dudbridge 3-1 Owen Caffrey
Marek Brommelhaus 3-1 Carlo Welte
Ronnie Baxter 3-0 Steve Cusick
Stefan Mindum 3-1 Alex Kufer
Alan Warriner-Little Bye (Gary Welding)
Carlos Rodriguez 3-2 Bernd Roith
Phil Taylor 3-0 Maik Langendorf
Bernard Kraus 3-0 Mike Herold
Mervyn King 3-1 Jan van der Rassel
John MaGowan 3-0 Roland Schmidt
Kevin Painter 3-1 Jason Barry
Stephan Wusch 3-0 Yves Cottenge
Wayne Jones 3-0 Dave Ladley
Steve Grubb 3-1 Detlev Haut
Terry Jenkins 3-1 John Lokken
Ben Burton 3-0 Daniel Taube
Kai Nithammer 3-2 Andy Smith
Chris Kotal 3-1 Markus Scheck
Alan Tabern Bye (Alan Green)
Mario Hermann 3-2 Olaf Schmethusen
Adrian Gray 3-0 Martin Burchell
Robert Watson-Lang 3-0 Marc Krickhahn
Adrian Lewis 3-1 Leroy Kwadijk
Karsten Koch 3-1 Haci Halim Senses
Alex Roy Bye (Gerhard Kremer)
Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Andi Waldenmaier
Colin Lloyd 3-0 Matheus Ziolkowski
Tom Wilson 3-1 Alexander Albert
Tony Eccles 3-2 Mick McGowan
Hannes Schnier 3-0 Jonathan Overton
Wayne Mardle 3-0 Ali Avci
Miloslav Navratil 3-2 Tobias Hontsch
Chris Mason 3-1 Christian Kruger
Jon Archer Bye (Gunther Ulrich)
Jamie Caven 3-2 Colin Osborne
Danny Pinhorne 3-2 Ricky Williams
Steve Maish 3-0 Rico Vonck
Frank Mast 3-1 Alan Caves
Raymond van Barneveld 3-0 Thomas Gerock
Jelle Klaasen 3-0 Alexander Haack

Second Round
Tony Littleton 3-0 Kirk Shepherd
Denis Ovens 3-0 Pavel Jimkal
Dave Askew 3-2 Steve Evans
James Wade 3-0 Dave Honey
Vincent van der Voort 3-0 Sean Palfrey
Dennis Smith 3-2 Barrie Bates
Mark Walsh 3-0 Mario Masurka
Andy Hamilton 3-1 Colin Monk
Wes Newton 3-2 Anton Pein
Matt Clark 3-0 Steve Smith
Steve Beaton 3-1 Mensur Suljovic
Roland Scholten 3-0 Michael Rosenauer
Mark Dudbridge 3-0 Marek Brommelhaus
Ronnie Baxter 3-0 Stefan Mindum
Carlos Rodriguez 3-0 Alan Warriner-Little
Phil Taylor 3-0 Bernard Kraus
Mervyn King 3-2 John MaGowan
Kevin Painter 3-0 Stephan Wusch
Wayne Jones 3-0 Steve Grubb
Terry Jenkins 3-0 Ben Burton
Kai Nithammer 3-2 Chris Kotal
Alan Tabern 3-1 Mario Hermann
Robert Watson-Lang 3-2 Adrian Gray
Adrian Lewis 3-0 Karsten Koch
Michael van Gerwen 3-2 Alex Roy
Tom Wilson 3-2 Colin Lloyd
Tony Eccles 3-0 Hannes Schnier
Wayne Mardle 3-2 Miloslav Navratil
Chris Mason 3-0 Jon Archer
Jamie Caven 3-0 Danny Pinhorne
Steve Maish 3-1 Frank Mast
Raymond van Barneveld 3-2 Jelle Klaasen
Losers £75

Third Round
Denis Ovens 3-1 Tony Littleton
James Wade 3-1 Dave Askew ** Dave Askew hits nine-darter
Vincent van der Voort 3-0 Dennis Smith
Andy Hamilton 3-0 Mark Walsh
Matt Clark 3-0 Wes Newton
Roland Scholten 3-2 Steve Beaton
Ronnie Baxter 3-1 Mark Dudbridge
Phil Taylor 3-1 Carlos Rodriguez
Mervyn King 3-2 Kevin Painter
Wayne Jones 3-1 Terry Jenkins
Alan Tabern 3-0 Kai Nithammer
Adrian Lewis 3-0 Robert Watson-Lang
Tom Wilson 3-2 Michael van Gerwen
Tony Eccles 3-1 Wayne Mardle
Jamie Caven 3-0 Chris Mason
Steve Maish 3-2 Raymond van Barneveld
Losers £150

Fourth Round
James Wade 3-2 Denis Ovens
Vincent van der Voort 3-2 Andy Hamilton
Roland Scholten 3-0 Matt Clark
Phil Taylor 3-1 Ronnie Baxter ** Phil Taylor hits nine-darter
Wayne Jones 3-2 Mervyn King
Adrian Lewis 3-2 Alan Tabern
Tony Eccles 3-1 Tom Wilson
Steve Maish 3-0 Jamie Caven
Losers £300

Vincent van der Voort 3-0 James Wade
Phil Taylor 3-0 Roland Scholten
Wayne Jones 3-0 Adrian Lewis
Tony Eccles 3-1 Steve Maish
Losers £600

Phil Taylor 3-0 Vincent van der Voort (2-0, 2-0, 2-0)
Wayne Jones 3-0 Tony Eccles (2-1, 2-1, 2-1)
Losers £1,250

Phil Taylor 3-1 Wayne Jones (2-0, 2-0, 1-2, 2-1)
Winner £5,000
Runner-Up £2,500

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