Week 12 premier league predictions from (Sometimes Psychic) Cleggy:

Two fat ladies for Lowebo

The great John Lowe advised me that Phil Taylor provided him with two fat ladies last week – and it only took Lowebo the time for Taylor to win his match against Whitlock to ‘Phil’ his boots. Now, that must have been something special…

Winning £88 on one match…now that’s something to get excited about…what did you think I was talking about?

If you’re willing to put on a fillet ‘stake’, punters, the rewards are obvious…as are the risks. Personally, I can only afford a bit of rump so here go the predictions:

Booze in Scotland?

It’s the Rocket against the Machine up in Aberdeen and the Scots will be in for a trick (as opposed to a treat) as one of the men they love to boo (great English player), James Wade, will continue his excellent form. The Scots do tend to dislike many of the English, don’t they? Their disdain will remain for James tonight as he puts Ronnie to bed. I love Ronnie but he missed the launch last week and it will be goodnight from him as he might begin waving goodbye to the coveted top 4 spot. Get on Wade @ 2/5.

More booze? Of course, and English King is here!

Now, I wouldn’t advise old ‘stone face’ to pile in on Taylor this week as he’s up against the King of England. Now, Kings of England always triumph in Scotland, don’t they? And I’ve got a funny feeling that Merv will be on his ‘A’ game and will swerve the Scottish bullets up in Aberdeen to give the power a taste of his own medicine. King responded like a true English monarch last week as he demolished Adie Lewis and no-one could have predicted that (including me!) and I think he will take his sharpened, more accurate arrers up to bonny Scotland. He might need some ear muffs too (to drown out the accents, I mean boos!). King is around 6/1 on Skybet.

More pain for Raymond?

It’s Barney Jenkins in a basement battle as Barney attempts to turn his season around as the Bully just might have done last week. OK, it might be too late for both of them in the premier league but both will want to impress after languishing near the foot of the table for the whole season. Pompey fans can empathise. Terry Bullied Baxter last week whereas Barney was on the end of James Wade’s ass kicking. This one will be close, I feel, but it will be Jenks who administers more pain for the Raym’n. 11/8 about Jenks.

Draw your swords

The last match tonight is between the Jackpot and the Wizard. On current form, I can’t see past the wizard and on current size I can’t see past Adie. He’s a big player but often succumbs to the big occasions. This one’s a big’un as nothing else but a win will do for Lewis; alas I think Whitlock’s magic will prevent a Lewis victory. 7-7 for me and 7/2 is a niiiiiice priiiiiice: I liiiiiiiike!!!

Trebles for show

Get on King/Wade/Jenkins all to win for at least a 16/1 pay out. £80 for a fiver.

Doubles for Dough

King to beat Taylor and Lewis/Whitlock draw: well over £250 for your tenner

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