The DartsMate 3 & Elite are realistically priced electronic darts scorers with premium features.

There is no substitute for being able to chalk/mark a game of darts – it’s essential for competitive play where it’s customary for the loser to chalk. However, once you have learned the math skills to chalk a game – it never leaves you (a bit like riding a bike).

So when you are at home playing mates/practicing there’s no problem in having the DartsMate doing the work for you with no mess from chalk dust and more importantly it tracks your averages – something no chalkboard can.

DartsMate EliteDartsMate Elite Features 

  • A revolutionary new design concept for dart scoring.
  • Displays for scores, legs and sets.
  • Per dart and per throw averages.
  • Practice checkout mode.
  • Solo play mode.
  • Play against the computer mode with 8 Different Skill Levels.
  • Accepts all games to 1001.
  • Handicap facility
  • Recall last 40 scores.
  • Disallows invalid entries.
  • Disallows invalid checkouts.
  • Error correction of last score.

The units have a neat footprint which is smaller than a piece of A4 paper, have clear and bright LED displays, are wall mountable (fixings included) and come complete with a dc mains charger (can also be powered by 4 x AAA batteries).


The DartsMate Elite’s  inbuilt v computer is a useful addition and worth the additional premium if solo practice is more your thing. With 8 skill levels to pitch yourself  against you will never be short of an opponent to play a leg of darts against.

The DartsMate 3  and DartsMate Elite are both available to purchase in the DartsMad online shop now! Or alternatively if you are successful in our Beat the Tipster competitions the Elite features in our end of season prize lineup.

If you are feeling flush and like a game of cricket (tactics) the DartsMate Pro offers this facility and can also been found in the online darts shop.

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